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What is a mail - an art?

As I loved the song that executed the well-known ensemble “Cheerful Children“ in due time: “Write me the letter, At least two lines of all …“

Oh, with an ulterior motive I had a weakness to this song - I liked to receive letters. Now they are written absolutely seldom. Communication was replaced by the Internet yes e-mail. Time - two - and the letter already at the recipient. Envelopes, brands, campaigns on mail, expectation of the mail carrier are forgotten.

But, despite all progress, on all innovations, almost on the universal Internet, there are people who still prefer to electronic correspondence the ordinary letter in an envelope. And still letters fly to all doomsday. Some of them very much even interesting.

All this lyrical digression I made only to begin the story about such popular movement as a mail - an art , or, our way, in Russian - art of mailings .

And this movement in the fiftieth years of last century far already arose. There lived on light the American artist Ray Johnson (1927-1995). Drew pictures, created unusual collages. Also he for himself thought up fascinating entertainment - sent the creations by mail to friends, acquaintances, relatives and absolutely strangers. His pictures, sketches, sketches, collages scattered worldwide. But it dispatched them not just like that, and with a request to send also to it in reply the works. “I - you, you - me“, - as without it? So there was New - York school of correspondence.

Johnson`s idea was pleasant to artists, the movement joined also other creators. Since then it was also moved. Small works of art are transferred from one country to another in post envelopes. Sometimes even the usual envelope turns into a work of art.

After professional artists adjoined the movement a mail - an art and fans - and to show the works, and to look at others.

Now thousands of admirers of the “envelope“ art participate in this movement. There is even the International union Mail - artists (IUOMA) created in 1988. And why and not to participate? The mail - an art is very democratic, in it there are no restrictions. You want to draw - draw, you are not able - create collages, does not arrange - necks of dolls or cut a fret saw. The main thing that in an envelope your work was located.

And nobody will tell you that you are untalented. In a mail - an art everyone is talented. Let in own way, but he is talented. Each work is valuable and unique, the part of soul of the creator is enclosed in it.

But to you it is not necessary to think that in a mail - an art full permissiveness reigns. There are also rules which each participant of the movement is obliged to observe. It is a little and to remember of them absolutely simply.

In - the first, work surely has to be sent by mail what the postage stamp testifies to.

In - the second, any payment for the work it is impossible to demand.

In - the third, having received from someone a mail - an art, you are obliged to send it in reply the work.

When I for the first time learned about this movement, at once understood - yes, I want to participate. It is so remarkable - to share a part of the pleasure with other people. Creativity is also pleasure!