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Why people forbade sex?

all progressive mankind are noted Today by the next great holiday - day of refusal of itself. And we not to sob and to lament, laughing loudly in all of Iyerikhonova of a tube, we will amuse you the story about what the doomsday usually begins with. And yes pompous astrologers, bible prophets and the Hollywood directors will forgive us for it.

There are a lot of advanced opinions on the emergence reasons on Earth of the Person Neschastny. Exists even more methods of an obolvanivaniye of the Person thanks to which he or forgets about what his Misfortune, or forgets that he needs to be fooled immediately. The most karmic method from all sounds so: only having passed through misfortune elements, bonds of sufferings and the Cordilleras of problems, you will be able to find rest, a harmonica and the bank account.

We will not challenge a universal dichotomy of the previous paragraph and we will concern (for a change) only one, but most ancient reason of decline of a human factor against the sun: the great holiday of disobedience began during that instant when people forbade sex.

At the same moment to them there was a love to amusing and permanent game of reason under the name “what would be if there was so and so“. However still any editor did not write a utopia about how return of sex to the Soviet Union will solve a problem of an overpopulation and transformation of the person into the aggressive kobylka armed with nuclear teeth.

And in an award for your resourcefulness we will make it now.

So, on one of someone`s versions, all problems of the person began with the fact that he forbade himself to have sex. So what turkey-cock pecked it why and where?

A name to a turkey-cock - property, sense of his life - to share on right and left, and the place of its nasal attack - superiority over the dumb animal.

Thanks to the fact that from sex children are born, and the amount of the accumulated fruit and bludgeons could be compared to that at the younger brother, the human Male put a human female in an animal cage. In other words, sex of a female with the brother and the birth of the excess child could give fat up as a bad job ten baskets with pineapples which the Male already promised to pass after death to the children.

With the advent of society and its division into the cells nicknamed families, sex finally was forced out from the person by ten immortal sins, however remained in life as the main and integral driving force. We can perfectly observe this moment of division: reproduction in the person is put by the nature, and someone from mercenary motives imposed once a ridiculous ban on the needs of nature. Moreover, this easy rider declined all responsibility for the unpopular decision and shifted it to the highest forces which invented, having called them religious promotion.

Also matter only in reproduction would be fine! As it became clear earlier (even before the first copulation between two), sex brings to bodies unknown pleasure, opening in an orgasm a door as a hobby in the highest reality. The great man Neschastny, a dog, usurped the right for pleasure, having made the sexual partner by property, and the great man Dukhovny, a dog, made the same with the right for the gate conducting on Heaven.

… you already remembered the history?

So, the reason of our misfortune - in socially - psychological suppression of needs of nature in sex and pleasure. Everything that was a brutal consequence of this suppression, we observed throughout the pathos millennia. There are main incidents:

- address of sexual energy to aggression, anger, violence, greed;

- search of substitutes of pleasure, compromises, pornographies, prostitutions, other zatykatel of a communication channel, and also emergence of a set of diseases;

- triumph of doctor Freud;

- total disharmony in the relations between M and within a family; emergence of institute of church, college of psychology, school of homebrew mysticism, day nursery of applied esoterics;

- well and, at last, all-embracing division of people into the countries and continents, races and nationalities, beggars and kings, lesbians and homosexuals.

Tabuirovaniye of sex is an initial step of the pithecanthropus against the current lives and that first-born “sin“ which happened to us: it is not in tasting forbidden, and in forbidding tasted.

And now we will a little play the promised utopia, and we will entitle it “One more recipe of army Happiness created by means of withdrawal from a kolbes of centuries-old conditionality“.

Also we will at once notice for admirers of dissoluteness and sexual revolutions: these ridiculous perversions - also consequences of the mentioned taboo. For this reason any thought of free sex in the head of each of us at once is associated with something impartial: sample installation on the fact that love before marriage - devilish intrigues is too deep.

With falling of a sexual curtain in minds of passersby pervo - napervo the clay colossus of a prostituiruyushchy pornography will fail. You object: the mafia which is in power never it will allow type? However transformation of mind is an esoteric business, but not social. An external manipulation people perhaps only at their internal readiness for sheep breeding.

And while deputies - priests count financial losses, slowly and truly the great cause “family“ will begin to creep away on part. First, of course, people will rush to all lungs, compensating the damage caused for centuries - however the transformation declared by us such is that this rush quickly will pass because there will be simply soon simply nothing to compensate. All illusions of fidelity, all nightmares of jealousy, all kretinichesky ideas of changes and vendetta will be reduced to psychological dust. Reproduction will stop being the only free entertainment in the poor countries, and in rich states like Utah men and women will begin to live peacefully and amicably - without the perverted feminism and silly chauvinism.

Slowly and truly healthy children will begin to be born, and homosexuality slowly will disappear. The binding to a private property will also be eradicated; all social world order will begin to change, millions of people for some time will become the unemployed.

The number of the people on the planet will be lowered: people will cease to give birth from egoism and self-interest. Then, gradually, it will begin to increase: redistribution of a resource of the planet in the heads of chelovek will allow to support much more rats, than ever before.

The nature will prevail, sooner or later. Our utopia - at all not generation of the unhealthy imagination of a tolkinist. While in the world there are two extremes - technological ideals of digital reality are opposed to municipal life in the wood with grass axes. Both that, and another - consequences of initial sexual disharmony in the person when his revolting internal Yang bortut poor crushed Yin, playing highly lifted greed club.

And finally coming back to a karmichnost of this cheese: pain and sufferings will remain - do not worry, process of a rastabuirovaniye of brains will be dragged out for a long time. However over time will become pain less, and sufferings (read rejection of pain) with the same time will find coloring unprecedented hitherto: in new society the misfortune whereas now, in our turned-out world, it is still a shame to be happy will be condemned.

Whether the world without condemnation is possible, you ask.

For those who trust in a karma - no, for those who can do without it - yes. Transition from the first to the second is equivalent

to removal of a ban on sex in condoms.