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Voice from God … Talents live …

of Omsk lower Priirtyshje nearby!“

(Pavel Zelitsiky) of

Yury Shikovets surely took the First step on a scene in the early childhood. This significant event took place in the ancient Siberian town Tara which became the homeland not only sets of surprising, absolutely true stories from life of its inhabitants, but also a large number of the talented, betrayed to the business people.

Founders of Stereo group, brothers Alexander and Yury Shikovtsy since the childhood together practised music. Also as well as at the father, the musician and the singer Sergey Shikovts, the most part of youth of Sasha and Yura passed on a scene. Having achieved recognition in native Tara, having saved up quite powerful baggage of professional and life experience, useful acquaintances and confidence in the forces, Sasha and Yura moved to the city of Omsk. The first the elder brother - Sasha went to conquer the capital of the Omsk region. And in two years in circles of Omsk musicians and sound technicians there was very popular a simple saying: “Do not worry, everything will be - Shikovets!!!“. Sasha persistently and diligently worked and deserved respect among colleagues. And after the brother Yura moved to Omsk. Together they created the project under the name “Stereo“.

Now Alexander Chesnakov, ex-the guitarist of legendary “Civil defense“ of the Omsk musician and the poet Egor Letov works with team. Children, certainly, are in the lead among collectives of the city and are constantly improved. Are glad to them in the best institutions of Omsk, such as “At Pushkin“, “Or the Patio“, “Bedouin“, “Grandee Letur“, “Host“ and others.

Thanks to professionalism and experience of the guitarist Alexander Chesnakov, charm and virtuosity of the director and in combination the keyboard player of collective Alexander Shikovts and, of course, charisma and to a magnificent voice of Yury Shikovts the Stereo group becomes more and more popular not only in the Omsk region, but also is far beyond its limits. At this project, actually, big future. At least, personally I sincerely trust in it and heartily I am sorry to children of good luck.

“About“ the Press - the release was prepared by Artur Bebeshev.