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Fanny Kaplan: a small flower in too big world? Sad end of

... Then, in August, 1917, Victor Garsky for the second time betrayed Fanny Kaplan.

Fanny comes back to the Crimea. Probably, hopes for renewal of the relations with Dmitry Ulyanov. But it does not interest him any more. Therefore nothing remains to it how to go to work. Fanny Kaplan becomes the manager of courses on training of workers of volost zemstvoes. Strange, it is necessary to tell, the place of work for the person who has educations - that per se is not present. Only house which the father and unbearable gave it. But, probably, those years other knowledge to which at school do not teach were appreciated. And so, work as work, with a salary in 150 rubles. There was enough lonely Fanny.

She heard news of Great October revolution here, in the Crimea. Fanny Kaplan waited not for such completion of revolution. She dreamed of the Constituent assembly. On November 7, 1917 fight of Social Revolutionaries did not end.

On August 30, 1918 after meeting at Michelson`s plant in the Zamoskvoretsky district of Moscow attempt at the head of the Soviet state Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was made. Fanny Kaplan`s eserka shot at it. The criminal is arrested on the place.

That`s all that, in principle, was known to simple citizens of events of that day for more than seventy years. There was victim and there was a villain who dared to raise a hand against the great person. But whether really everything is so simple and clear? Of course, no. Though from that day passed ninety years, but the secret of attempt at Lenin and remains unsolved.

Let`s try to restore series of those events that occurred in that August day, far from us. Let`s describe very briefly, adhering to those official versions which existed for many years. Why? Yes because it is possible to reflect, assume and build versions long. And I do not set this task at all. My story - not scientific historical research, and only the narration about Fanny Kaplan, is free or maybe involuntarily mixed in these events. I stop on the description only because recently this subject stopped being actual, and the younger generation practically knows nothing about it.

... On August 30, 1918 dropped out on Friday. And on Fridays in Moscow meetings were always held. Loved them during that time, visit for workers was considered as obligatory. Two performances were planned for this day at Vladimir Ilyich: one at the former Grain exchange, the second - at Michelson`s plant. On the last the beginning of meeting was appointed to seven o`clock in the evening. But from - for Lenin`s delays began a bit later.

Approximately at half past ten Lenin surrounded with crowd of workers left the building of a granite workshop where there took place meeting, and went to the car expecting it. He did not manage to get into the car, three shots sounded. Lenin fell. Panic began.

The strange woman with an umbrella and a handbag in hands was noticed in Serpukhovskoy Lane. She stood at a tree and smoked cigarettes. The woman was detained, and Fanny Kaplan was her.

Why it drew attention? We any more never learn about it. Perhaps someone identified it as shooting. Perhaps just seemed suspicious. Or perhaps just it was not pleasant running by.

It is known that that evening was arrested to many people. Someone after interrogation was released, someone was detained for an indefinite term, someone, speak, even shot on the place. It was not lucky most, as well as it was not lucky it almost always on life, Fanny Kaplan. She became that “whipping boy“ on whom shifted the blame for attempt.

I will not be and I have no right, to categorically claim that Kaplan did not make it. Anything can happen. But the facts which emerged in recent years all - deny it. And main of them, of course, the fact that Fanny Kaplan was practically blind . Though operation but about any full return of sight and the speech could not be was performed on it. She did not see further the nose - it is so possible to tell about her. Where to it to aim and shoot at someone!

Anyway, but Fanny Kaplan appeared on Lubyanka in VChK. The revolver from which shot at Lenin some documents at it it was revealed not. And its state of mind was abnormal. Avanesov who is present at the first interrogation of Kaplan accurately expressed the opinion about it: “By sight madwoman some. Or excited“.

Answers to all questions of security officers do not shine with originality: “I do not know … I do not want … I will not tell … I will not be …“. And suddenly, as shot: “I shot at belief“. Pure recognition which formed the charge basis. What it is the truth or nonsense of the sick woman? It is unknown.

The last can quite be allowed. Yakov Peters who is taking up at that time a position of the acting chairman of VChK and carrying out Kaplan`s interrogations did not deny this fact. Instead of answers to specific questions Fanny Kaplan talked just nonsense. Even complained of what it was neglected in Kharkiv by her favourite Mika.

And Kaplan for a role of the murderer quite suited security officers. As, eserka, enemy of Bolsheviks. Here already went big political cases into action. Whether it was worth paying attention to little Fanny. You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Here also Fanny Kaplan`s life departed. Dealt with it quickly. Already on September 3, 1918 the woman was shot in the Kremlin under noise of the motor of the car. For this purpose it was specially transported from Lubyanka. By the way, it was the only case of execution in the territory of the Kremlin. She was not even buried normally - burned in an iron barrel, having poured over a body gasoline. Awfully!

On it it would be possible and to finish the story about this strange woman who was just pursued by a period of failures. Not under a lucky star, probably, Fanny Kaplan was born. Terrible destiny...

But it is impossible to finish. Because the most interesting begins. Then, there come up data that Fanny Kaplan who is allegedly shot in the Kremlin in 1918 was seen by different people in many years after her execution. For example, the Solovki where it worked as the librarian are mentioned. Are called both Sverdlovsk prison, and Novosibirsk. The most interesting that all this not just rumors, and officially issued protocols. In them it is reported that the prisoner under a name of Fan Royd not who other as Fanny Kaplan. Contained in all mentioned prisons on special situation, in separate, the best, chambers...

Whether so it? Who knows. Such secrets, the level of secret of attempt at Lenin, usually have no limitation period and are not subject to disclosure. Though … Let`s hope that our grandsons and great-grandsons sometime learn the real truth about this little woman …