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Fanny Kaplan: a small flower in too big world? The disappointed hopes of

... Release came in February of the seventeenth. The new government under the leadership of Kerensky issued the law on amnesty katorzhan. Decade of inhuman work and humiliations ended. Fanny Kaplan became the free woman.

At once there was a question where to it to move. In Kiev nobody waited for it. Parents, brothers and sisters emigrated to America in 1911. Fanny had no communications with them. And she was not going to leave Russia. Having become under the influence of girlfriends the convinced eserka, Kaplan was eager for activity for the revolution benefit.

Therefore right after release she also did not leave Transbaikalia. Together with Maria Spiridonova they spent some time in Chita, creating the organization of Social Revolutionaries there. In Moscow Fanny Kaplan appeared in April, 1917.

The interesting fact in Kaplan`s biography. After arrival to Moscow Fanny settles at the girlfriend on penal servitude Anna Pigit, the relative of the founder and the owner “Trading house of tobacco factory “Dukat“ of Ilya Pigit, to the address Big Garden, 10. Probably, many remember that in this house of veins on command of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov unforgettable Voland with the picturesque suite. However, they lived in the apartment fifty, and Fanny and Anna located in the apartment number five.

But Fanny stayed in Moscow not for long. In May to it as to the former katorzhanka, selected the permit to the Crimea, in rest house. The provisional government of Kerensky cared for human health, passed through hell of penal servitude. In Yevpatoria the House katorzhan where Fanny Kaplan went was specially open. Fresh sea air, the hot sun, appropriate leaving and food made the business. Fanny began to be restored to life. And though with sight there were still problems, on the city it could not move independently, only with the accompanying person, but the general state it considerably improved. She could laugh, joke, make advances to men.

About it it should be noted the following fact. The atmosphere katorzhan reigned in the House the manumission. There both men, and the women who just escaped from bondage had a rest. The feeling of freedom, the amazing nature, pleasant climate disposed to emergence of the romantic relations between lodgers. Many ladies also will forgive they me that I so called revolutionaries, left pregnant women from there.

There was no Fanny Kaplan away from entertainments of this sort and. Not the simple vacationer, but Dmitry Ilyich Ulyanov became the warm-hearted elect of Fanny. Yes, yes, younger brother of the leader of the proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Those years at the request of party he was a patron of the evpatoriysky House katorzhan.

On memoirs of contemporaries, Dmitry Ilyich was the merry fellow and the boozer, liked to look after women. Something twenty-seven-year-old Fanny hooked on it, he did not move a step from her. Even about favourite Crimean wine forgot. And Fanny from his courtings blossomed, got prettier.

Not spoiled by man`s attention, she dreamed of the real happiness with lovely Mitenka. Somehow did not come to its mind that for younger Ulyanov communication with “katorzhanka“ - only a holiday romance which is forgotten at once after its termination.

Two months of rest flew by too quickly, it was time to come back home. Here only Fanny had no house. Therefore she did not want to leave unexpected darling. And no further plans concerning Fanny were available for Dmitry Ilyich. Heart demanded new adventures, in sponsored to it the House katorzhan there arrived the new party of vacationers.

It is necessary to tell that Dmitry Ilyich treated Fanny not absolutely on - boorishly. He not just expelled her, and arranged parting very decently. Convinced that it needs operation in the eyes and made recommendations to famous professor - the ophthalmologist L. L. Girshman. Fanny Kaplan understood that it is not necessary to hope for further love, and went to Kharkiv where Leopold Girshman performed a religious rite.

Operation took place in July, 1917 and took place successfully. Sight partially returned to Fanny. No, not completely. But also its partial restoration gave the chance to conduct normal life.

Here, in Kharkiv, there was one more important event in Fanny`s life. She met by chance the favourite Mika, Victor Garsky whom she did not stop loving in all eleven years.

From the moment of their last meeting Victor strongly changed. It was not the that naive nineteen-year-old boy who in fear left the girl on worry of police any more. For these years he endured much. Replaced a lovely, children`s pseudonym of Mick with more serious, became Yakov Shmidman. Arrested for the armed robbery of bank in Odessa, spent ten years in prison. In March, 1917 the revolutionary crowd released prisoners of the Odessa prison. Among them there was also a prisoner Yakov Shmidman who after release became Victor Garsky again. And not some criminal plundering banks, and the victim for good reason revolutions. When it met Fanny, Victor Garsky worked as the chairman of the joint labor union in the native Bessarabia.

Victor did not express big pleasure from a meeting with the former beloved. Everything passed, everything was forgotten for it. It and kept the anarchical views, and Fanny - the eserka did not interest him even as the companion on fight.

And Fanny could not reconcile to it. She felt that she has to meet darling alone, not in a bustling street. Then she will explain everything to him, will tell that she all life loved only it, its one. Fanny was prepared for a meeting thoroughly.

The only valuable thing it had a down shawl presented by the girlfriend on penal servitude Maria Spiridonova. Fanny did not regret this memento and on the Kharkiv market exchanged a shawl for a piece of odorous French soap. Oh, as it gathered for appointment! She knew that looks irresistibly and smells from her pleasantly. Dear Mika cannot but estimate it.

And he estimated. Whole night of love and passionate recognitions. And next morning Victor Garsky declared that it is not necessary to him at all, and he loved it at night only because from it smelled delicious. It was accident, the tragedy, the end. According to all data, more they did not seem...

To finish the story about cancelled love of Fanny Kaplan, I will tell about future of Victor Garsky. After October revolution he was appointed the commissioner of the food of the Tiraspol revolutionary group. Then joins the ranks of RCP(b) and it is appointed the commissioner of the Central management of military messages. Victor Garsky safely served to a personal pension of republican value and died in 1956.

Be continued.