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Fanny Kaplan: a small flower in too big world? Series of accidents

So what occurred that ill-fated evening on December 22, 1906?

Some days before it, and it is concrete on December 18, two new lodgers lodged in merchant hotel on Voloshskaya Street in Kiev. In their documents it appeared: Fanny Haimovna Kaplan, the milliner, the Minsk bourgeois who arrived from Odessa and the citizen of Romania Zelman Thomas who actually was also Victor Garsky.

About seven o`clock in the evening on December 22 the message came to gendarme office that in one of rooms in Merchant hotel on Voloshskaya Street, 29 there was an explosion as a result of which the partition of the next number is destroyed, plaster fell off, the frame fell out and the hole in a floor was formed. On a crime scene the wounded woman is detained.

It there was also Fanny Kaplan. At a search in number occupied by her the browning, the completed passport addressed to Kaplan and some more blank forms are found. It is necessary to tell that her cohabitant according to number was not found. Her favourite Mika - Victor Garsky ran, having left the girl herself to disentangle an event. And not just the girl, and the wounded girl. As a result of explosion of a bomb, most likely, of casual explosion, missile wounds had it in the right hand, the right buttock and the left shin. Besides Fanny received a contusion from a blast wave.

On interrogation Fanny Kaplan denied everything: a pier, I do not know anything, did not keep a bomb in number and from where it appeared - it is not aware. She constantly held the ground that explosion happened unexpectedly for it when entered the room. Refused to give the accomplice. The name of Victor Garsky was not even involved in case.

His participation became known much later. Said that in several years on one of interrogations he admitted that Fanny was not guilty of that explosion, it occurred through his fault. Even corresponding wrote paper that in fear ran away from hotel, having thrown the girl the gun. But that document it did not remain, got lost among papers. So, maybe, all this only rumors, and about Victor was told to somebody by Fanny. Yes unless has this value now?

More important the fact that voyenno - the field court pronounced on January 8 a sentence to Fanny Kaplan`s “bombistka“ - execution. From execution of this sentence the girl was rescued that she was a minor. Execution was replaced with termless penal servitude.

Also sent Fanny Kaplan from the Kiev provincial prison where she was to court, in manual and foot shackles to the far Nerchinsk District of Transbaikalia. Such strict measures were applied to the girl from - for additions in business: “Rebel. It is inclined to escape“. Good characteristic for concluded. Inserted this addition only from - that did not give evidences in court, was silent. Though about what escapes it was possible to speak if both legs are shot.

Defined Fanny in Maltsevsky unbearable prison in the beginning. But there it stayed not for long. And Akatuysky penal servitude, the most terrible in Russia is farther.

Penal servitude broke also strong men, and here the very young girl. Of course, she knew that penal servitude - the bad vacation spot. But what so there is terrible and heavy, did not even represent. Fanny in Nerchinsk mines spent nearly ten years. From back-breaking toil and awful climate got hold of a heap of diseases, the most terrible of which - total loss of sight. Fanny suffered from temporary deteriorations in sight from the very beginning of stay on penal servitude. And on January 9, 1909 she completely went blind. The prison authorities suspected her of simulation, inventing to themselves diseases in the beginning. Then understood that she does not joke, gave some eases in work. Even wanted to send to serve sentence to some monastery. It is a pity that nearby there were only man`s. In three terrible years of darkness sight which - partially returned to Fanny that she began to see.

It had nervous breakdowns, suicide attempts. About frequent colds and pneumonias and to you it is not necessary to speak. By the end of penal servitude it so changed that was not to recognize her. Having got the blossoming girl there, in ten years looked the old woman.

On memoirs it is possible to restore that was represented by Akatuysky penal servitude. She reminded herself the ordinary rural settlement. However, this village was protected by the armed soldiers. And the lifeless and deserted surrounding district did not assume even thought of escape. To the nearest railway station with the ridiculous name of Borzya hundred versts, and to the city of Chita - six hundred. Where to run?

To countrywomen - “katorzhanka“ it was not forbidden to communicate among themselves in free time. They visited to each other, conducted long conversations, shared the secrets which remained on far will. What very young Fanny who in the short life and did not see - that anything could tell about? Unless about the short minutes of love with the handsome Mika who, we will call by all the names just betrayed it.

And the women who still are torn off from normal life carried out “political“ business there - were photographed. It was not forbidden. With letters sent photos to will, and there sold them in the form of post cards. The money gained for them went to party funds, on a great cause of revolution.

On penal servitude Fanny Kaplan replaced the political views. If it got to Akatuy the ardent anarchist, then there became the socialist - the revolutionary. The benefit of “teacher“ near by there were good. On penal servitude Fanny strong became friends with the noblewoman Maria Spiridonova who shot the provincial adviser of Luzhenkovsky. In girlfriends at it the rural teacher Anastasia Bitsenko who killed the general Sakharov and Vera Shtolterfort, the holder of “bombing“ laboratory appeared.

Be continued.