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Fanny Kaplan: a small flower in too big world? The beginning of

you Remember a song that the old woman Shapoklyak in the well-known animated film about the Cheburashka sang:

“Who helps people,

That spends time in vain.

it is impossible to Become famous for good affairs


This song as blasphemously it sounds, always emerges at me in the head when I begin to reflect on destiny of the woman who became history under the name of Fanny Kaplan .

Who would know about it if not that “bad business“ what she made or commission of which to it is attributed? Thanks to it, it to “bad business“, even the youngest school student in not so remote times knew that Fanny Kaplan is a bad aunt which shot at the kind grandfather Lenin. During the Soviet era this fact was considered as indisputable truth, almost an axiom which all knew by heart. Wake the Soviet person in the middle of the night and ask: “Who such Fanny Kaplan?“. Ninety five percent, without reflecting, will answer: “The terrorist shooting in 1918 at Lenin“. Other five would answer the same, having thought several minutes.

So history taught us, about same told the movie “Lenin in 1918“ which display on the TV was dated nearly for each political holiday. The image of the terrible, angry, disheveled woman who is taking up the arms on the leader of the proletariat still, probably, remained in memory of people of the senior generation.

By the way, the people to such an extent trusted it that on shooting the actress playing Fanny Kaplan`s role in the movie “Lenin in 1918“, the furious crowd of supernumeraries nearly broke off. Poor woman! On it, absolutely innocent, the crowd enraged, dimmed by the Soviet promotion brought down the anger. And it was the sincere rush!

Just now, after the so many years which passed since those events when archives open and on light earlier secret materials emerge, you begin to think of truthfulness of what we were taught to. So, and about whether this woman shot at Lenin really. And who is she such, this Fanny Kaplan?

We will begin with the fact that actually it in general any not Fanny and furthermore not Kaplan. Its real name - Feyga Haimovna, the surname is definitely not established, perhaps Roydman, either Royd, or Roytblat... According to some information, though data are on this matter very inconsistent, Feyga on February 10, 1890 in Ukraine, in the Volynsk province was born. Her father, Nakhum - Nakhim - Haim Roytblat - Roytman, worked melamedy - the teacher of a heder, that is elementary Jewish school.

Except Feygi, in a family there were three more girls and four boys. A big family even by the standards of that time. The father of numerous family was severe with the children. Being a fanatical adherent of the belief, it and to children imparted the views.

It is possible to assume no that the family of the big income had. Not without reason after moving at the beginning of the century of a family to Kiev, Feyga was forced to go to training to the seamstress to receive as parents hoped, a favorable profession.

Whether it turned out at it, it is unknown. Data on youthful years of the girl are practically not available. So, only separate data. It, having become Fanny Kaplan, never spoke about the family, hoping to protect it from troubles thus. She took a way of revolutionary fight.

And everything began so interestingly. Secret apartments, secret meetings, reading political brochures, distribution of leaflets - that can concern more youthful hearts as not participation in something great. There is 1906, it sixteen. But the girl considers herself as the skilled underground worker. Even the pseudonym is available for it - Fanny Kaplan. In what way to it documents of this unknown girl got, we any more never learn about it. But so she, that which bore a name Feyga Roydman recently began to be called, under such name and became history. Well, if she so wanted, then there will be also I her so to call.

There`s nothing to be done if for underground workers nearly the most important was considered to change a name. By the way, not once. Probably, to foul the trail. So the young revolutionary of one change of a name it seemed a little, it was known under the name of Dora Kaplan.

And still Fanny met love. Sixteen years - fine age. To it is two years more, the underground worker, the companion, so to speak, on the weapon too. In revolutionary circles it is known under the nickname of Mika.

And actually - Victor Garsky, the native of the town of Gancheshta in Bessarabia, the son of the local shoemaker. Parents dreamed that Victor will continue worthy business of the father, will become the shoemaker. But it was not seduced at all by this business. In fifteen years he gets away from the house to Chisinau and goes to work of a sewing workshop as the driver. There Garsky also struck up acquaintance to underground workers.

After Victor as a part of the armed gang robbed sewing shop, it was fast winded from Chisinau to Kiev where met very young Fannechka. It is necessary to tell that revolutionary ideals did not prevent at all desire to live together.

Fanny was happy. All knowing it note that the girl never differed in special beauty. Low growth, only 158 centimeters, stocky, with darkly - a fair hair and brown eyes, it was simply proud that Mika paid attention to it. For it it was ready for everything.

Even to conduct a terrorist attack against the general - the governor Vladimir Sukhomlinov. Though if to estimate events of that of day a sober view, any act and did not prepare. And the event which turned all life, the very young seamstress - only accident. And all her life - only series of tragic accidents.

Be continued.