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Female hairdresses. What hairstyle to choose to the modest girl?

the Hairdress, especially female, are similar to architecture. And just as the house, the palace or the temple are beautiful the details, and the hairdress attracts a look with various ringlets, braids, ringlets, and also unusual coloring.

There is an incredible number of receptions and means for decoration of female hairdresses. Their choice depends, first of all, on length of hair.

One of ways to draw attention to short hair - to diversify them with various hair partings: direct, lateral, diagonal and even zigzag.

On short hair the slanting, falling on eyes bangs well look. Hairdresses with the bang beginning from the top gain the increasing popularity recently.

The pleasant impression is made by a hairstyle on short hair with edges, cut a short flight of stairs by means of thinning shears.

The hairstyle on hair of average length opens much more opportunities for its ornament. The success is made by multilevel asymmetric hairstyles, often masters thin out the ends of hair thinning shears, trying to obtain effect of fragmentary lines that gives to a hairstyle a little aggressive look. However this aggression can be smoothed significantly, having only wound hair on hair curlers.

The most essential role in creation of an image in a hairstyle on short hair, undoubtedly, is born by a bang. Therefore it is necessary to pay the main attention to it. The direct heavy bang will balance a longish face, the slanting bang will be suitable for a round or square face better. Of course, bangs will go not all, and it needs to be considered too. So, not always owners of curly hair are successful bangs.

More all opportunities for decoration of women provide hairdresses on long hair. Such hair already in itself attract looks and can be considered as a ready hairdress. It is more difficult to look after such hair, but it is worth it. However, this procedure, as a rule, gives to owners of long hair pleasure.

Curly hair always in fashion, but ringlets on long hair are especially attractive. And that is especially pleasant that to make hair curly very simply. It is necessary to apply means for a wave on hair and to wind them on hair curlers or to twist by means of the curling iron. That the wave kept longer, ringlets need to be fixed by hairspray.

Long smooth hair look very effectively too. If hair curly by nature, them it is possible to straighten, using the iron for hair and the special straightening cosmetics. It is possible to bring together them on a nape in “a horse tail“ and to record an elastic band. To hide an elastic band, it can be wound with a lock of hair.

One more most ancient way of ordering and decoration of hair - braids. Here possibilities of creation of original beautiful hairdresses are unlimited. Besides usual braids, Afro-braids became fashionable recently. Binding separate locks, it is possible to weave a grid, quite difficult on drawing, out of several braids.

Whatever were long hair, it is impossible to weave only out of them African braids. Though for etogodostatochno to have hair only 3 - 4 centimeters long. To weave an Afro-braid, it is necessary to interweave as it is possible closer to roots of hair special synthetic material - kanekalon. Usually braid from 150 to 250 braids. Term of carrying such hairdress of 3 - 6 months.

French braids too rather recent invention. Sometimes they are called “weaving on skin“. Such name came from what these braids spin closely to head skin. At the same time they form on a head surface a difficult geometrical pattern of thin braids and hair partings between them.

What is interesting, the French braids can smoothly pass into Afro-braids, it even more increases graphic opportunities of a hairdress.