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Man`s hairdresses. What hairstyle to choose to the specific boy?

As often in the man`s hall of a hairdressing salon in response to the question “How to Tonsure?“ can be heard: “Yes as - nibud is shorter“! That is your image is assigned to the hairdresser. And it is possible to order a hairdress, optimum for itself. To know only what.

The hairdress speaks about much. The accurate clerk, the uncombed punk, “abrupt“ with the shaved head or the smoothed macho - them we distinguish at first sight. A hairdress, as well as clothes - the business card of the person.

The hairdress has to be in harmony with an interior, its lifestyle, to be pertinent at work and rest, to emphasize the dignity of the person and to conceal his shortcomings. The hairdress, correct, relevant to this society, gives self-confidence.

The choice of a hairdress - a personal record. And nevertheless there are general tendencies characteristic of the current time. For business people today in fashion short stylish hairstyles, hair well-groomed, and if colored, then only natural dyes “to match“.

The classics - is always actual and beautiful. Therefore business men seldom experiment and most often ask to execute a simple classical hairdress. Though there are also distinctions. The most strict hairdresses carry politicians. Businessmen are more free in the choice, often do a hair of “caret“ or “hedgehog“.

The short hairstyle, as a rule, creates an image of the person who is actively playing sports. It is difficult to see where - or the long-haired athlete or the swimmer. Though there are also exceptions only confirming the rule.

The simplest sports hairstyle - hair are evenly cut the electric machine. It is possible to diversify a hairdress with a long bang and an accurate fringing.

The sports hairdress strongly rejuvenates a face. Besides, such hairdress allows eternally busy young people not to bother hair dressing problems.

What hairdress to choose to emphasize courage of character? It is conventional that it is hairstyles “boxing“, “voyage“, “hat“. That is hairstyles, in which a minimum of hair on a nape and on temples, but on parietal part of the head hair rather long. And let many think that this style became outdated, but retro style rather strongly was established in modern fashion.

Such hairdresses can be executed not only in strict classical style, but also allow “to pobuntarnichat“ a little. By means of mousse or gel it is possible to raise long hair in the top part of the head up and to execute their original laying.

However to many men on temper hair of extreme length. Especially it is inherent in performers. It is possible to tell that long hair - in their some degree dress - a code. It is impossible to tell that such hairdresses in all cases give them womanly shape - some men look rather courageously and with hair below shoulders. And still, as a rule, long curls soften an image, do men romantic. And if besides long hair are carefully well-groomed, they create feeling of accuracy, health and purity that so it is pleasant to women.

Accurately tousled locks, the reared “mohawks“ painted in inconceivable colors, long asymmetric bangs, the shaved patterns on the short-haired head are only a small part of what is thought out by young rebels.

In all centuries of youth it was peculiar “to revolt“, and in it there is nothing bad. Thus new ideas are born. In due time “Beatles“ locks of hair were a call to society, and now it is, generally, an ordinary hairdress. It is only possible to be surprised, the youth in ego-tripping by means of hairdresses how is inventive. Also adults should not struggle with them, it is growth illness which will pass soon.