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Who is he is a God?

Exist a set of theories about an origin of the person. I them respect all and I do not want to put forward a denial at all. Many people believe in God and different cultures have him the. At the moment when comes true, a so-called miracle, we sacredly believe that God heard entreaty about the help. And what if is not present?

Who this God in general? Who at least once saw it? The person sacredly believes in Him. Why then he refuses, to trust in unearthly life though too when did not face it. The people claiming that extraterrestrial beings made over them various experiments, but society meet, referring to sick imagination, rejects such people, calling them abnormal. But also the people seeing God, society tries to isolate in places known to us.

How to understand such behavior? How to call it - envy, rage or just limitation of thinking? There can be this human “ego“ - to put itself above everything in the Universe, claiming - we are one! But also in faith in God there is a certain degree of “ego“. People want to believe in its existence and just refuse to believe in successful combination of circumstances and in a so-called “human factor“. People claim - God helped them, thereby, putting himself over the others, unless it is not egoism - not to notice neither whom and nor that around? And by means of what the miracle came true can nearby, but the aspiration of the person to be better than another and moves such people. Owing to limitation of the thinking we cannot understand the developed “wonderful“ situation and we hurry to call it God`s will.

A that it - “God`s will“? Let`s return on a few years ago, by September 11, 2001 where here “God`s will“? How many people died! Tell why God needs it! The orthodox church claims, God all-seeing how he could allow it? Priests will hurry to tell - “it is so necessary for God“. But look at them, the majority of them are fat as pigs, are covered by gold, drive expensive cars and in what houses live! Why the people do not want to see all this why they sacredly trust them! Presently, to put a candle for the peace of it is necessary to pay! Unless about it it is written to Bibles?

Why people are so blind? Because, the majority of them, bezvolna, have no opinion. Because crowd - herd of sheep which needs the shepherd! The church is thought up for rubdown of money from people - almost all priests live many times better, than a commonalty! If it is so necessary to communicate good luck why it is impossible to make it houses in a silent quiet situation?

Who told that church the God`s place?! And how it is possible to understand death of children at Beslan school in 2004?! Children the most innocent creations as did not manage to sin a lot in the life. It is so written to Bibles. So why God did not rescue tens of small children where there was our God!!! How many a grief for all families how many people lost meaning of life and faith. It turns out on the party of terrorists worldwide! It likes terrorism?! And what church? What can she tell about it? To read the burial service and console, to pull to people “wool over the eyes“ about “God`s will“ and about the better life, the church can is best of all!

A various sects?! Look what they bring people to! How many people the property how many the people remained homeless offered worldwide! If to ponder, then the following situation turns out: the church is an intermediary between God and people (for money, certainly) and has as if copyright, and all small sects are piracy copies of this business (just the same situation with the firms making illegal copies from an original disk). Also I dare to notice, it is quite good business, without special expenses - it is not necessary to buy constantly the right for copying of a certain record. In the same way all sects work - without special expenses deceive people and take away their money (according to the same scheme also the church works, only it is spent for scenery).

But that the most improbable, so is logic of people!!! Many people live by the principle - I will not see and I will not touch - I will not believe! So why these people trust church? Or on Sundays the church opens communication between God and people, or God gives a press - conference? No who saw it?! In my opinion, to go to church, to listen to people in cassocks at which for the life was many wives and mistresses, means to vulgarize faith in God. Probably, that you were believed it is necessary to put on a cassock and a huge gold cross, otherwise, as Christ bequeathed to us - believe the neighbor, will not work. One, I think, will be able to agree with me, others will not want to break an order of things, and the third as were herd of sheep, so and will remain them, without wishing to remove “pink glasses“. According to the bible writing, God, created the whole world, about it I would like to talk further.

the Universe appeared after a Big Bang of a small particle and what was around it? Really emptiness, absolute emptiness? I doubt. What if there was a Wednesday approximately similar to our life around? And reasonable beings (principal reason) lived in this world? And that if our Universe is the thought-over experiment if our Gods also are those beings.

Why Earth is so ideally located in a galaxy? &ndash water; reason of emergence of life. But from where on its planet there is so much (70%)? In one of opinions of scientists, water got with asteroids and comets. Really they could move so much water to the planet?! Why on other planets there is no such amount of water as on Earth? Or only to Earth comets aimed?! But what the most interesting from where water on these space bodies undertook (moreover in such quantities)? All these questions push me on the simple conclusion - Earth can it is only the experimental ground for the highest beings.

we Will address one of the first beings of our planet - to dinosaurs. They lived long time, evolved and changed. And here, at evolutionary peak, the huge comet fell upon the planet, having changed poles Earth and having destroyed 98% of life. Not napominayetl to you deleting of the virus which bred on the computer which echoes long annoy us and incomplete destruction will lead to growth it with a new force, and in additives adapted to a survival? Look on the beings who are living on Earth, many of them, those ancestors of dinosaurs, but strongly evolving. And emergence of the person and remains for me a riddle! Look, one scientists claim, the person occurred from a monkey, others - the person occurred from “out of“ (i.e. the life brought from space).

Now I want to talk about the theory of an origin of the person from a monkey. At first sight this theory explains a lot of things: the fact of similarity to monkeys, their reason and behavior, habits are similar to human. But on numerous experiments and the made experiments it is possible to draw a simple conclusion - our so-called ancestors practically cannot independently think, they cannot live social groups and their intelligence is based on repetition of what was seen.

If my opinion is wrong, then why any species of monkeys known to us did not begin though remotely to evolve in the person? There is a familiar expression - “work made of a monkey of the person“. The fact is interesting, really the monkeys living in the nature at liberty needed to work less, than millions years ago or society works for monkeys and gets food for them? Where evolutionary shifts?

Passed thousands of years when the mankind became reasonable and, as far as I know, there are no what data on an occasion of an evolyutsionirovaniye of primacies. In my opinion only one name given by the person - the monkey, speaks about much. All of us remember the childhood when our parents spoke to us - “do not wriggle as a monkey“. Out of doubts that monkeys are similar to the person, even having feelings similar human, but by the nature they and remain animals.

suggests to All this an idea - the person to Earth was “delivered“ by alien beings for the sake of carrying out experiment. Then kidnapping can be explained easily - the analysis.