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How it is original to carry out repayment of the bride? Any wedding does not take place

without repayment of the bride. It is the old and loved by all tradition.

How many joyful moments this process gives to guests! How many positive emotions it is possible to receive, watching the groom who with big diligence passes all competitions and tasks offered by bridesmaids!

You, probably, already guessed that this article not for guests, and for those bridesmaids who are going to sell it effectively. How to organize repayment of the bride that both guests amused, and the groom “reached the end“?

Organizing repayment of the bride, it should be taken into account such simple councils:

1. Time

Repayment of the bride which lasted 20 minutes, will hardly be remembered for a long time. Hour repayment of the bride for certain will bother all. Therefore look for golden mean! Your scenario has to be remembered to guests and to leave pleasant memories. Ideally repayment of the bride has to continue 30-40 minutes.

2. A variety of competitions

for Everything old hackneyed competitions for repayment of the bride are known to

: the groom has to drink to bank with water at the bottom of which a key from a treasured door; to rise legs in a basin and to dance; stepping on each step, to tenderly call the bride etc. These competitions were seen not once by each of guests. Why to you these uninteresting competitions? Surprise guests, dream! Here several of ideas :

Let the groom with the witness, holding felt-tip pens in teeth, will write a name of the bride on a Whatman paper. It can be located anywhere: on a floor, on a wall, on a ceiling.

put a piece of paper with a name of the bride In balls. Throw pieces of paper with the price into other balls: 100 rubles, 500 rubles, 1000 rubles etc. (how many conscience will allow). The groom with the witness have to find a piece of paper with a name of the bride. If they burst a sphere and are mistaken, then pay a penalty which is specified on a piece of paper.

In a pocket of a jacket sews a key. The groom with the witness have to find it in a definite time. If are not in time, repayment is paid. Then they are given an extra time.

3. Scope of repayment

it is not obligatory for h2 to use standard scenarios of repayment. It is possible to think up, being guided by interests of guests or newlyweds. For example, if the most part of guests - fellow workers, choose office subject. Let`s say if the groom serves in bodies, then girlfriends of the bride can dress up in hooligans or, on the contrary, in police officers. Competitions can be based on laws, violations etc. Then the most part of guests will support the groom, and together with him will participate in repayment. Collective participation is always more cheerful.

If guests are rock fans, repayment can be in rocker style. Motorcycles, leather clothes, bandanas - the integral attributes of repayment. Competitions can be connected with various fate - groups, their creation and activity.

If guests have different interests and kinds of activity, it is possible to think up the scenario of repayment in the Japanese, Slavic, African style. Dresses, traditions, country history - at you are a unique opportunity to beat life of other countries in pass - option. Guests will be delighted!

4. Fun

Where without it at a wedding? Though many forget about cheerful mood and take a repayment ceremony too seriously. Do not depart from the scenario, “terrorize“ both the groom, and guests and if the groom does not pass a competition, persistently and persistently demand from it money.

Do not forget that it can pay off not only money, but also songs, dances, and even with a cheerful joke. Let your repayment take place on a cheerful note. Think, first of all, of guests and of good mood, but not of how more expensively to sell the bride. If newlyweds together, means they already gave each other the destiny!

Laugh more and you joke. If the groom had difficulties with passing of your tests, help it! Amuse not only yourself, but also people around!