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Whether it is terrible to act in horror films?

of Actors are often asked whether it was terrible to act them in any especially awful movie?

In due time there was even a popular joke explaining Arnold Schwarzenegger`s absence in the movie “Predator 2“ with the fact that the great superman was frightened of too scary scenario.

And actors support such opinion, with inspiration telling about the nightmares after chilling scenes. But let`s think and whether it can be terrible to actors on shootings actually?

Here our to the teeth armed hero enters very suspicious corridor... It slowly moves ahead, every second expecting attack of the terrible monster who already gobbled up on a plot its favourite doggie together with the wife and ten friends.

From rooms the scraped sounds are heard, music sounds everything is more shrill, the hero approaches to the last door, breakthrough plows up it - and head over heels avoids possible attack! The last sounds “áë˙ěń“, in the room there is nobody... The audience slowly departs from shock.

And now let`s take a detached view of it the hero. He absolutely precisely knows that even according to the scenario in a corridor on it nobody will rush, in the room there is nobody. The same as three walls and a ceiling of this room consisting from only one, visible chamber of a fake wall are absent. He does not hear any scraped sounds and intense music. And the scene can be quite mounted from three separate episodes between which the fearless hero has dinner, and even took a nap.

But it is lyrics. The hero goes further. Here and forest den of the harmful monster. Around dead of night to wait for the help there is nobody. But instead of throwing in this den pair of grenades from the extensive ammunition, the hero decides to look in shameless eyes of that reptile who gobbled up a favourite doggie and all the rest. Here he approaches a den, again listening to unknown sighs and howls of violins, and slowly looks out from - for a tree... On his face boundless horror, it is ready to see …

A what he sees actually? Our hero sees the camera surrounded with ten people quite ordinary in appearance, illuminants and the assistant producer chewing the hamburger. And the harmful monster in the form of the person dressed in the fitting green suit with tags for the subsequent installation in quite human language nearby discusses by divorce detail phone with the third wife. Here truly monster!

For a long time even preschool children know that the majority of night scenes is shot in the afternoon, and darkness is imitated by the dense light filter. And only the viewer on the screen expects a jump of any evil spirits from a dark corner, and the actor acting at a bright sunlight perfectly sees that in that corner there is nobody.

And in the modern cinema entirely impregnated with computer special effects, the actor often in principle cannot see the spiteful opponent. It at best “the green person“, and in the worst in a shot replaces simply blank space which it is necessary to be frightened. All horrors appear then, on the computer screen. And all gloomy surroundings can be only the computer picture, and the actor on shootings should look at the same green walls.

Impact of a concrete scene of the horror film on the viewer is defined not only acting, but also joint influence of the previous development of a plot which he watches entirely 1,5-2 hours of screen time, the correct rhythm of installation, visual and sound effects, music, and, above all - own imagination which is directed to such perception of the movie. The person comes to the horror film to be frightened, he wants it.

And in a case with the actor the film-making period can last several months that smoothes perception of a plot, scenes can be made a copy tens of times moreover not in that sequence in which they will be in the movie, and all horror will be added on the computer later. The actor during shootings does not hear yet sound effects and music which will be added to installation time, around always tens of people and the actor perceives it as work. Whether is what to be afraid?

Naturally, it does not belittle merits of film actors at all. To play in such conditions it is truthful, to show the necessary emotions, without allowing also gram of falseness, only true professionals can.

And shootings in the “computerized“ movies are difficult doubly, special effects pay off in advance, and the actor needs to get to millimeter to the space allocated for it in a shot.

Whether it is terrible to it at the same time? Very much I doubt …