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Whether the bronze tan will turn out? We define phototype of skin

If you go to sunbathe to the beach or in a sunbed, it is necessary to determine admissible norm of radiation by sunshine, depending on phototype of your skin.

The phototype of skin of the person is a classification which the doctor Fitzpatrick (Fitzpatrick) on the basis of data on individual sensitivity of people to ultraviolet rays created, their predispositions to solar burns and features of protective reaction of an organism.

As people with various type of skin differently react to a sunlight, six types of skin, four of which are inherent in the population of Europe and Russia, were allocated, and others two characterize natives of the Asian and African countries.

Distinctions in types of skin are caused by genetic and hereditary factors which do not change even if you spend much time on the sun or in a sunbed.

It is known that sunshine can be dangerous to skin of the person, leading to burns, sometimes even to a skin cancer. People with phototype 1 - 4 groups are more subject to risk, than people of 5 - 6 groups.

To minimize negative influence of ultraviolet rays and to establish the norm of stay on the open sun, it is rather correct to define the phototype. It can be made, being guided by external data.

Phototypes of skin of the person and their reaction to sunshine of are as follows:

First phototype (Celtic type). These are people with photosensitive dairy - white skin which often happens freckled, to green and blue eyes, a red or fair hair.

At people of the first type the burn arises always, even after short-term (30 minutes) stay on the sun. Suntan is never gained.

Second phototype (the white-skinned European). Otherwise is called Nordic, German. These are people with eyes of blue, gray or greenish color, owners light-a fair or nutbrown hair. Skin is light, there are no freckles or very little.

People of the second type are sensitive to sunshine. Solar burns arise often, suntan is possible, though hardly.

Third phototype (dark European, Central European). Owners of brown or gray eyes treat this type. Hair darkly - fair-haired or chestnut. Skin swarty without freckles, sunbathes well, but at long stay on the sun burns are possible.

the Fourth type (Mediterranean, or it is southern - European). These are people with dark eyes and dark hair. At them swarty, an olive shade skin without freckles. Sunbathe easily and quickly, burns as a rule do not happen. Instant suntan under the influence of sunshine is possible.

the Fifth type (Indonesian or so-so - east). Almost does not occur at indigenous people of Russia. Representatives of the Indonesian phototype have a swarty skin by nature, without freckles, eyes and hair dark. Skin under the influence of sunshine receives very fast deep suntan, seldom burns, almost never gets burns. There are no contraindications to suntan.

the Sixth type (Afro-American) is inherent in all natives from the African continent who it never gets burns at stay on the sun. At these people darkly - brown skin, black eyes and black hair. Deep tan.

Defined the phototype? Unfortunately, not any skin will allow to receive that suntan which there is a wish...