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the Relief of the city is not equal


; having curtailed in a curve, with houses as if drunk the lane, you rise up, and from there in the lowland you will see red lines of roofs - the long, extending monotonously lines - red as a tile of the old cities of Europe.

the Garage world which is fiercely warmed up by the sun properchyonny a twisted mat of car owners.

Sweaty, red Savelyich in an undershirt and body stockings shouts - Wan, and Wan, with glushaky will help?

Lean Vanka is green from a hangover, chews a belomorina, answers, spitting out - Popozzhey, and?

of the Flank on a rusty chain near one of garages, and water warm, giving a rust A subsoil of any of boxes is dark, mysterious. Naked - as if angry - the bulb burns over a workbench, and it is filled up, filled up In bank from - under coffee of a nut and screws, rags are oiled, smells of gasoline, paint In a gloomy far corner unsteady pale mushrooms - a svoyerodny mold of life.

B one of garages is drunk since morning. Sit on tires, on lame stools; somebody in shorts and an undershirt on which the jumped-out cross dimly gleams, sings to the guitar something self-composed. Kingdom of the Russian alcoholics! - drops out, the short, right line jingles. Someone chews sour apple, having got it from a bowl.

Juiciness of the world compensates probably an ambiguity it to a deep essence by


- Offset on photoskill? - specified at the friend.

- Aha, - shortly that answered.

- is fine, - summed up.

Occurred at ENEA and plunged into an autumn jungle of an exhibition where ochre, gold and cadmium defined space.

the Friend - the student of the VGIK - asked to popozirovat, and here went, choosing, so to speak, nature.

- Watch - here, apparently, the suitable house.

- And that? It is possible and here.

In the house - dark-yellow, with the dim, lifeless windows edged by a red brick probably was located hoz. management. The door - a back door - is closed; the asphalt strip near it rests against the patch of a grass, and maples quietly rustle with gold wealth.

- Represent - thoughtfulness.

- Perhaps to light?

- Is not necessary so far.

the Friend clicked and clicked, asked to become so, then so, to raise a hand, then nevertheless to light.

Flew, left, disappeared young them, is fresher, is tart - joyful, sad time the Avenue conducting to a columbarium is strict and solemn


, it is a lot of old graves, the granite, shining with blackness pedestals. And in a columbarium covers cold, walls are high, and the sum of plates with photos seems a map of the country of the dead. The old, roughly hammered together ladder if burial is high, a peel of artificial flowers, a church candle under a leg -

crushed on colored red to a floor Leaves a columbarium, passes the sum of expensive plates prepared for sale, and is exemplary - without inscriptions and portraits, goes to old part of a cemetery. The relief of the soil is not equal, other columbaria last tapes, are rounded, benches low - grew into the earth. Just goes, reads inscriptions, trying to present people: and in his consciousness as if weigh the sums of others lives where there is a lot of banal, but by all means is, distinguishable, unknown to nobody or almost to nobody now. Then it goes to Donskoy Monastery - passes a long arch, by a bench church, icons Flower beds blaze brightly, but there are no wish to come into a cathedral Also he wanders between mossy sarcophagi and old gravestones, representing lieutenants and tradeswomen, the missing aristocrats and intellectuals who wrote volumes, endeavoring to imagine that life which is absent davny - long ago, and thinking - well, life, life



Since the childhood the open country of ENEA and to the adult promises a lot of good to

the Decaying imperial pavilions, power of a Stalin empire style -

as the architectural story about an empire decline; also you go, you look, you peer at details, remembering as walked with the father here as ate ice cream.

shumna Attractions - are given they as if in an aura of splashes, and the big wheel floats smoothly, in a slowed-up way, sometimes it seems - does not float at all, and stood - thin, openwork.

Once here were pavilions with animals - I peered into eyes of cows and horses, thinking that it is necessary to refuse meat - now pavilions are closed, empty; everywhere the grass is a lot of grass around because summer, summer.

Is dirty - yellow, greenish ponds glare on the sun, sometimes flashing church brocade; also there is a wish there - to the Botanical garden where pines rozovato soar up up and thickets of burdocks and a tansy are dense.

the Chapel on ENEA - a white crystal - a chapel for the sake of Basil the Great is closed on reconstruction: attach a bema; the chapel is beautifully shipped in lilac thickets, but you pass by, passing the Beekeeping pavilion, turning sideways The shashlik fumes soar, and dealers invite me: To drink, eat No, by, by By the childhood, youth, forward, forward, over the magnificent country of ENEA, now - summer, and winter suddenly you remember: with blue, white streptocide of snow, the drawing of black branches Forward over the ENEA country - through life.



of Hvasta, hvasta Cheerful name. What to do in Hvastakh? And so - it is interesting.

Here I sit in the boulevard at a bed three-storied, solemn at night - as wedding cake, I gnaw sunflower seeds, I remember nuances of a way. This boulevard - the center of youth, night life; and night smells of a sin - the companies drink beer, I drink vodka, pouring it in plastic glasses, someone nibbles sunflower seeds too. Nearby - the Recreation center tearing space tapes rhythms and syncopes of a disco, and the fountain is illuminated by pink - as if wine plays.

Is time to come back to hotel. Hotel in Hvastovichakh one - bluish, two-storeyed, and, entering it as if you come back to the Soviet empire - if not in the Soviet myth. The ladder creaks, the administratorsha yawns at the TV, but swells up right there, shows all numbers: the luxury giving party luxury, the gleaming pier glass.

B four-seater which took nearly had a window, opened the second, and birches welcomed me an easy rustle. Since morning, having got drunk to tea, went to wander. Malenky Boulevard, white from dust, with Lenin, colored a serebryanka at the beginning; I passed the boulevard through, stood in the Walk of Fame with black granite of memorial plates. The church is built opposite, and the dome shines on the earth - a huge golden bulb.

Was in museum of local lore at school - everything, as waited: the mass of faded photos, an effigy of a bear and eagles, crocks, coins, the hall of glory - the zarzhavlenny weapon, the shot soldier`s blouses. The wretchedness of an exposition is compensated by energy of the souls seeking to hold MiG of life, to catch butterflies of the moments of life.

Had dinner in cafe near hotel.

Fell down.

drank Then, sat in the boulevard at night, absorbing youth, violent, intoxicated.

left in the Morning.

I remembered already on the way that it wanted to visit a cemetery - yes did not find it