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Steklomagniyevy sheet (SML).

In the market of construction materials the increasing potreblyaemost are won by the steklomagnezitovy sheet (SML) which can be used both for internal, and for external finishing of buildings and constructions.

Abroad this material practically forced out gypsum cardboard, however the Russian builders still watchfully treat it.

SML pluses.

Advantages of SML are such qualities as flexibility, durability, incombustibility and moisture resistance. It is the environmentally friendly material which is not emitting toxic substances. The bischofite which is its part widely is used in medicine and also sedative is applied as anti-inflammatory, regenerating. Material possesses antiseptic properties: prevents emergence of a mold and fungal educations that is actual for rooms with the increased humidity. It is alternative to such materials as TsSP, OSB, gypsum cardboard, GVL. SML possesses high adhesive properties and therefore paints, plaster are perfectly applied on a surface of the sheet SML, wall-paper is pasted. The technology of installation of a steklomagnezitovy leaf is similar to fastening of gypsum cardboard and GVL: it can be mounted on a wooden framework, to drive in nails, to saw, mill, cut.

Steklomagnezitovy the leaf can be applied both for internal, and to external works, to installation of false ceilings, interroom partitions, at the device of the combined basis of a floor as a basis under a laminate, a parquet, linoleum, at installation of communication mines, fire escapes, roofing systems, the ventilated facades and a sandwich - panels and so on. It is also actual as a fixed timbering in buildings under foam concrete, besides, is used for reinforcing and facing of foam-concrete blocks.

SML minuses.

At all the positive characteristics of SML has also a number of shortcomings. First of all, if to compare SML with plasterboard, then it is the price - it about one and a half times higher. Also, in connection with novelty of material, a neotrabotann system of installation. Practically all SML is produced in the People`s Republic of China where 20 his production plants are registered Bol, but there is also a large number of plants where SML is made in the handicraft and semi-handicraft way that is reflected in its quality.

“There are two main classes of a steklomagnezitovy leaf. The class “Standard“ is used for internal works and the class “Premium“ - for internal and external works. But it should be taken into account that external walls demand painting as they should not absorb moisture.


The success of new material in the construction market is connected with overcoming of already developed traditions. Builders are people inert, they are pushed away by lack of experience of application of a novelty, for example, there are no data on long storage, a long guarantee. At advance of new material it is necessary to convince all participants of construction - the designer, the customer, the builder, and often and the consumer. For example, the technology of monolithic housing construction at the beginning of 2000 - x years was practically not used for construction of housing. It was connected with expensive purchase of a timbering for concrete filling. However in 2005 the share of monolithic housing construction became the greatest. If the steklomagnezitovy leaf is capable to provide the same durability and reliability of a surface as at traditional materials, construction companies will think of its application.