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For what people work?

about five Years ago a joke about the militiaman who did not follow a salary because thought: “The gun was given - and turn as you want“, caused laughter. Now from it a jimjams. “The syndrome of the major Evsyukov“ is more terrible than swine flu because the incubatory period - of generation. Already the livestock of “mobile, sociable and competitive“ individuals without honor, fear and conscience hatched.

There are no others not that, but it is not enough. And they will hardly go to militia. And will go - will not be late: will put or will kill. Because strangers. And any series about cops with human faces not to rescue image of a profession how not to force to serve honestly those who not behind it went to a profession.

And why people go to a profession? Let`s leave alone great and just worthy people who make discoveries, win victories and create works of art not for the sake of glory or money - their number will not exceed a statistical error. The question “For What You Work?“ usually takes people unawares. The most frequent answer - to earn. The purposes for the sake of which most of people works are obvious and natural - to learn children, to provide themselves and the family, to cure the loved one. Millions of people perform usual and absolutely necessary work. Need to earn money will disappear - people in the weight will cease to work, there will be transport, production will stop, schools and hospitals will be closed, phones will become silent, screens of TVs and computers will go out. Accident comparable to the Third world!

If the majority purpose - money, it is logical to assume that everyone has to grab any work and stick in three changes. So there is no it! Simple as low the purpose - money - is imposed on other purposes - to work less, to be tired less, to be responsible less for the acts. The purposes are unattainable because they contradict each other.

We will add to it “ambition“ - the favourite word of our politicians which their efforts got positive coloring. The ambition is a painful vanity, the overestimated, unrealistic claims. So far construction of the Babel tower was the most “ambitious project“ in the history of mankind. Everything ended badly, but quickly.

In our case results are delayed, but falling is inevitable. Actually, it already began, it is braked only by a lag effect of system. Everything will be over when everyone on the place - in the operating room, behind the control panel, at department, at school, at the machine, in an office - thinks not of how it is better to make the work and how to receive more smaller price. It is desirable - for nothing. And that for it nothing was.

Prerequisites to it were put decades - at the beginning of 90 - x the last century dependence of earnings on personal efforts was noted only by 7% of adult population - the others counted in the main ways to success money, communications and fraud. Wines of generation which goes for change, only that it too diligently acquires norms and values which are broadcast to them by adults.

Family values remembered the whole last year. This year was called “year of youth“. Now it is fashionable to speak about a healthy lifestyle. In total in a hurry, for the report on the mastered means. We never had a distinct state ideology directed to education of the Citizen - there were hypocritical declarations. In an attack of nostalgia sigh: there were ideals earlier … And where they got to? At what stage lost a baton? What ideals which evaporated during lifetime of one generation are?

The great Russian philosopher N. Berdyaev wrote: “ of the Purpose of human life grew dim. The person ceased to understand for what he lives, and has no time to think of meaning of life. Human life is filled with means of living which became end in itself “. Health and mind - means, but not the purpose, sense of all life.

At the heart of crisis of modern society - crisis of the morality which is forced out by the “new values“ reduced to culturally - to biological existence. M. Heidegger characterized the atmosphere of life in Europe as “a mousetrap in which there was a full loss of sense of life“.

Today the system of values forming special type of the personality which E. Fromm called “market“ is spread. “The market personality“ perceives herself and others as goods which can be sold favourably. The main thing in life of people of this type - career and money. Their distinctive features - ambition, penetrative abilities, ability to get on with the necessary people., It seems, anything terrible. But all these qualities have nothing in common with the concept “effective personality“ which is most used in recent years.

We will consider signs of the effective personality .

In - the first, the moral personality is effective . It works, leaning on a set of ideal motives among which there is a love to work, interest in its process and results, need for professional and personal growth.

The person working only for money - is inefficient. Whether it is possible to win sport and war, to create great works of art or to make discoveries if the purpose - prizes, trophies, the fees, awards? It hardly...

In - the second, the developing personality is effective . A basis of development of the person - his self-development and self-education. Forms are not essential, the main thing - the vector directed forward and up against “public wind“ contrary to own inertia.

In - the third, independently clever person , that is socially autonomous, severe in relation to the inconsistent purposes and values of society is effective .

From Socrates and Platon there is a tradition of education of four cardinal virtues: wisdom, justice, courage, moderation. Let`s cultivate in our children at least these qualities - not only we will help them to choose correctly a profession, but also we will lay the foundation of the solution of a set of economic and social problems of our society.

Tactics is funds, a form, methods, approaches which are allocated for education at children and teenagers of qualities, cardinally other than those which it is free or are involuntarily transferred to young people today.

Whether is though some hope for success in this noble and almost fruitless task, or a bifurcation point when process becomes irreversible, it is already passed? I do not know. But if to do nothing today, in twenty years of “children of the major Evsyukov“ there will be nobody to arrest.