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My friends are the beginning writers. What future at them? You Represent

, I have a girlfriend - the namesake who was born with me in one day. She and one more girl, Irina, write prose. Of course, I am not an expert in this area, but so it is pleasant to me all that I read at them. But whether they will become known? Whether will print something from what they write?

They do not know the answer to this question. They began to write nearly five years ago, but vital events for a long time forced them to stop. However then all of them continued. And, having written one book, began to write short stories. Then I also heard for the first time that they write.

I several times suggested them to send the works to a competition. Answered: Sent . But now write many, and competitions most often thematic. Probably, all who write, know that it is very difficult to write within some subject. They did not win in one competition yet. But Olya says that she will not give up. She told that now their creativity is uploaded to two websites: on personal which they created and on one more, intended for a vykladyvaniye of works of the beginning authors (what I do not know). There they receive very flatter comments on the creativity.

And they are not writers. Olya finished physics - mathematical faculty, Irina the student of office « now; human resource management . But I would tell that many students of philological faculty will not write it. They, of course, in perfection know features of language and and their lexicon is richer, but little girls strike with another. Soul. Their works tighten the warm-heartedness.

For example, Olya wrote the story « this year; Portrait of my soul . It just excited all. Her many relatives who with mistrust treated its creative researches lit up idea to read everything that it writes. And I understand them. In this story of feeling of the heroine just blow up your emotions. It seems as if you really observe all this. It is so realistic, though the mystical genre is chosen. And, so many told, there is a feeling that she writes about herself.

And I know it. It is another. If there is something the general between Olya and her heroine, then only details. Simply it is talent - to create the heroine so that many thought that it about. And if they so thought, then they believed in it. Readers made it real. In my life occurred little, but I could not constrain tears when read this story. What it? Single luck or talent? Only their readers can solve it.

For now they try to change the life. Irina and Olya write new and new stories. I know that in plans at them - writing of one more book, very serious and romantic. But now they have many difficulties: problems with parents force them to look for separate housing. And this purpose demands from them increase of the income. And instead of pleasing me and the readers with new works. Whether they will pass these tests?

And so not only at them. Many beginning writers give up under the pressure of problems. Decide that it is better to provide itself, than long, practically in poverty to wait until somebody estimates your talent. It is sad. But nevertheless many beginning writers become known. And, perhaps, my friends are waited by the same destiny.

I can only wish them and another same never to be given. Ourselves build the future. Also I hope that they in this future will sign autographs.... Also will not forget about friends who supported them.