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From where the conflicts undertake?

It seems that this question is eternal, as well as uncountable recipes “to be cleverer“, “to get it together“, “to count to ten“, “to forgive the offender“, “not to get into the head“ and other pearls of popular wisdom. Sometimes these councils help. Unfortunately, less than it would be desirable - if it is valid to cut us to the quick, reasonable decisions are forgotten and we rush to fight, and then, beholding ruins, we listen reproachful pinches of “back mind“: “And who made me talk … Here is eternal I so … But next time …“ And so to the following time.

I very much would like to find the magic tablet relieving of the conflicts once and for all. Alas - so far such tablet was not. And therefore I will approach a question of the conflicts from the nontrivial party: namely - from the story about triune brain .

This triune brain was opened by the neurophysiologist Paul McLean. In the book “Evolution of Three Mentalities“ he told that the human brain includes characteristics of our ancestors - reptiles and mammals. At the same time the age of “software“ of a reptile - several billion years, a mammal - about 500 million years, and actually human - is no more than 100 thousand. From this inevitably follows that in spite of the fact that “person“ in our brain is cleverer - “reptile“ and “mammal“ are much more senior and is stronger.

As behaves this Trinity?

the Reptile orders feelings and instincts. It is blindly attached to the territory and defends it at any cost. It has four strategy, or four “f“ - food, fight, flee, fuck. In other words - if the object is edible, it needs to be eaten if it is dangerous - to fight or run away if is of sexual interest - to have. If neither that, nor another, nor the third, nor the fourth - the object is not interesting, and the ignore function joins.

The reptile reacts at the level of conditioned reflexes - almost instantly. As soon as there is a threat of the territory - there is a reaction: “To fight to death or to run away if the enemy is stronger“ (sexually - we will not concern gastronomic aspects as our subject - the conflicts).

If to observe behavior of crocodiles, mafia structures, bureaucrats or neighbors in municipal kitchen - in them it is easily possible to see similarity. The reptile can be found too if to observe the reaction when someone tries to occupy the territory which we consider as the.

Physiologically the reptile occupies a spinal cord (from here and “a tailbone I feel“, and yogichesky “Kundalini`s snake“). At all the conservatism and a rigidnost it provides us a survival and stability - it instantly turns on protective mechanisms in dangerous situations.

The mammal is arranged more difficult. Unlike a reptile, it has not only instincts, but also emotions. Exactly the mammal is responsible for mating dance, change of moods, despondency and delight, explosions of passion and fight for the status. It is important to reptile to survive - to a mammal important situation in pack. The reptile fights - the mammal accepts the menacing or fawning pose.

It is capable to test pleasure, grief, loneliness, attachment, envy, to use cunning and manipulate, arrange infinite emotional games and sometimes to bring itself and other mammals to neurosis. In something it is similar to the small child - in particular, that it has no idea of time and it does not feel a difference between what happened in the past, and what occurs now.

Location of a mammal - a midbrain.

And at last, a new brain - human. Unlike a reptile and a mammal, it is capable to think, analyze, resolve abstract issues and to create scientific and philosophical theories. He perceives councils “not to get into the head“ and “quietly to think“. If everything depended on it - the number of the conflicts in the world sharply would descend on a decrease. Unfortunately, the mammal and a reptile join earlier. When the instinct prompts that my survival or the status are threatened - programs, the sewn-up hundreds join millions and billions years ago.

In completion of everything, three of these brains are in the conflict, and everyone pulls in the party. And this internal conflict inevitably and inevitably generates external.

What to do?

it is impossible to Get rid of a reptile and a mammal - we will just die. To crush them? It is possible to try. The sickly highbrow “botanists“ reminding rather biorobots, than people and subject to various diseases are familiar to all of us. However, they are able to resolve reasonably the conflicts (generally with similar, they are afraid of aggression and avoid) - but what price?

Whether there is exit from this situation? Yes, is - but not too simple and obvious. It is in coming into contact between three brains. The person, unlike other primacies and the more so reptiles, has an ability to self-understanding and self-change.

Unfortunately, still most part of clever people directed the thoughts to change of the outside world, forgetting about internal. Fortunately, more and more people remember ancient wisdom: “Outside the same, as inside“.

For a start we will get acquainted better with the reptile, a mammal and the person. Try at least several days to observe people around and to notice when and as they behave as these three characters.

And, certainly, do not forget about yourself. You can even include imagination and draw, mold, dance these heroes. Imagine that you are the viewer watching the performance played by three actors. Already one it will help you to find over them the power. Remember one more ancient wisdom: the knowledge of a name gives the power over the one whom we call, and only what we do not realize dominates over us.

And having seen these heroes and having understood as they interact among themselves, it is possible to pass from the viewer`s position into a position of the director and to change the scenario.