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You want to satisfy thirst? Orange juice without special expenses of 9 liters!

Now everywhere hot also getting thirsty always. Children generally love juice and adults, I think will not refuse a glass of cool, tasty juice, to prepare juice is not difficult, simply written much at all, and to train him not so long, but it turns out juice much. Try to make orange juice, you will not regret. Satisfies thirst, taste very gentle, it is very similar that is on sale in boxes, and it will cost to you absolutely not much. But... But in this juice there are no preservatives and anything unhealthy. So: we buy three big oranges, one lemon, since evening well we wash them, I also very hot water pour, we wipe dry. Let`s put fruit in the freezer for the night. Yes, yes, in the freezer, I think in order that there was no slightly bitter taste in a crust of fruit. Also we boil 9 liters of water. In the morning or during the lunchtime at whom when time allows, we get fruit, let will a little thaw. Then we cut, we take out stones if is and we pass on the meat grinder with a crust. We add 2 liters of the boiled, cooled since evening water to weight that passed, well we stir, then we take a colander, we will lay in it a gauze in two layers, we place in a bucket, both we filter this weight and it is wrung well out. Then that remained in a gauze we will lay in a cup (fruit) and once again we fill in already with other two liters of water and we also filter and we wring out, at us 4 liters of juice turned out, we add 1 kg. sugar (I lay down sugar less, gram 800, not really I love when it is too sweet) and one bag of lemon acid (15 g) . Carefully we stir everything, before full dissolution of sugar and lemon acid and we add the remains five liters of water, then we spill on bottles, we close and we put on the sun for three days, then we clean in the refrigerator. Juice is ready, drink on health. We have the real orange boom now, all prepare such juice and yet not to time did not hear that this juice is not pleasant to someone. And that weight that remained, I did not begin to throw out, added approximately sugar, it is possible to add absolutely slightly lemon acid, it is a little water and to boil thoroughly for about one hour where that, it turns out like jam, I baked pies with it and so tasty to drink tea with this jam. There was also waste-free production of juice and plus also jam tasty will weld. Of course, who always has money, probably with such juice will not begin to potter, but I think this juice it is worth preparing, not that money is or not, will just know itself that you drink juice without any additives and it was prepared. I still wanted to try to add greyfnut to all these components, but I am afraid, suddenly will strongly taste bitter. Now we have no pineapples, but as there will be I want to add still pineapple to this juice, I think it will turn out tasty. Options still probably will be that it is possible to add to this juice, it is possible probably to try to add strawberry. but she should be wrung out or hit separately in the blender with sugar and to try to dovavit a little for example in a glass with juice and to try. what from this to turn out.

Of course to whom I gave this recipe and poured juice to try, it was pleasant to all, but not all began to prepare, probably considered that long to train him, but it not so, I assure you, juice turns out much and for a long time will last. To in total you kind.