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How to make the market of a contextual advertizing honest? Whether

the simple consumer Can take and change rules in the market? To make them more honest and optimum? Can. And without leaving the house and without coming off the favourite computer. It is enough to cease to click... according to contextual announcements. As it works, now I will try to explain.

A contextual advertizing - a popular and cheap way to reach purses of buyers. All know it: these are those text blocks introduced in pages of the websites or search engines. Blocks contain the short description of goods or service and the reference to the website of the seller. This reference long time also haunted me.

How there is a calculation between the advertiser and the advertizing platform? Payment for clicks (transitions), on scientific - CTR (Click - Through Rate). You put 100 dollars into the account of Yandex, the Runner or Google, wrote the announcement, and if the inquiry of the user corresponds to subject of the announcement, the searcher will bring him near search results. Then the potential client will click the link, and at you will write off for it a certain sum from the account.

But! The buyer can buy nothing! Suddenly at you on the website “the design which is not selling“? On the one hand, the provider of a contextual advertizing is not guilty that you not Artemy Lebedev, and with another - there is no wish to waste money. How many drops out sometimes the “left“ announcements which you will click just from interest. And someone loses real money! Badly. At the same time the advertiser in a prize always: he receives money for the account at start of the company and writes off them for cliques, forcing the seller to pay extra. Losses of the buyer in this peculiar game for three zero: it will spend money only in exchange for other value. Only the seller flies by.

There is a method of payment for the real buyer (that is the one who bought a thing in shop or paid service), but a method, understand, theoretical. And matter not only in loss of the lion`s share of the income for advertizing platforms (conversion of the visitor in the buyer always small), but also in lack of clear and reliable technical ways to trace such buyer. I passed to the website, put the order in a basket, and then gave money to the arrived courier. As this transaction will be checked, for example, by Yandex if the owner of the website makes a helpless gesture and will tell supposedly yes, the order the buyer made, and then changed the mind. Not to get army of agents who together with couriers will hang around!

Thus, two parties - the advertiser losing money on visitors - baby`s dummies, and advertizing providers suffer. The last lose trust of users to the offered instruments of advertizing. Now such refusal of “context“ is especially popular: all announcements are sklikivat by competitors, and to potential buyers anything and do not manage to show - that. Refusal logical also deserves fixed studying.

But there is in this case also a third party. We, buyers of goods and services. We need to make the market of a contextual advertizing fair. As I already wrote above, the text of the announcement contains the reference. The reference which can be allocated with a mouse, to insert into an address line of the browser and, having pressed the Enter button, to pass to the website. And if the concrete model, some yaytserezka Megasuper 9000, but not any other interests? So you in the announcement see the name of goods? Here also enter it into search in the website in the Internet - shop.

Yes, it is more difficult and less convenient, than just to click the link and to get on the necessary page. But in the latter case you behave as “the bad buyer“ and increase entropy of national economy (as involuntarily you play on the party of advertisers). Besides, you spent someone else`s money, without having given anything in replacements. Will instantly earn prichinno - investigative communication, and the Law of a karma will immediately punish you. Yaytserezka will break in two weeks and it is necessary to run on service - to the centers, or will bring not that model, and to you to cut eggs in salad already tomorrow.

So, do not click the announcement, and copy the link in an address line of the browser . The shop will not spend money for nothing, you will get on the page of shop, to searchers it is quite good too - money - that on the account at them lies.

Hm, lie and are not replenished. It turns out that we came over to the side of the seller, and we should play for ourselves. It is good to be absolutely objective, we will arrive as follows. If you really bought goods in this shop, then come back to the page with the announcement and click it.

This will be honest also in full accordance with method Payment for Payment (money for money) and the concept of the Responsible consumer.