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Silver spirals of a blizzard represent the city festively - mysterious, is richer nyuansirovanny. The arches and arrows blossoming in air white and blue roses and - nevertheless - an early potma; knots of lanes, squares almost backyards … People - as hyphens - so drew them Mark; people, as if the spaces which are pressed down by the massif. passing

From the lane to the lane, the person also did not notice how it was the hostage of early darkness; the traffic light zastruitsya red, and somebody crossed the road, curtailed … And suddenly saw a temple bulk against it is white - the dark, diagonal sky … Light burned in windows, but the temple seemed strange, mystical, on seen - Protestant can be not similar? somebody thought approaching. It climbed the high, already partially brought steps, pulled the handle of a hard door …

I became - deafened: sinevato - gray light, and in it exfoliated and wound, in it roared and gukat: people dragged iron, dropped bars, weights. It stood, shaken until the athlete with the torso shining, intertwined with muscles approached it: You want to be engaged? - asked.

- That?

- I speak: you want to give how many - that time to the body?

- to the Body? I to admit thought of soul.

- Ah it … Here for a long time our club.

- Yes. I see. I got obviously not there.

- And still - if you already here whether you want to examine our hall, machines, iron? Suddenly you will become interested? This

seemed to it entertaining.

It went for the athlete, surveying machines - the incarnate surrealistic designs made beautifully, partly reminding; saw persistent, joyful work of athletes, and thought of how everything is strange as it is ridiculous …


Oceanic work of a blizzard covered the city a mystical veil. Two friends - and snow bleached eyebrows both and moustaches of one of them - went to old, cozy movie theater “Forum“ it is uncomfortable to watch the Italian movie about the young king to whom it was so uncomfortable skvozyashche on the earth and a throne. - Listen to

whether there is a movie of such efforts? - asked one, overcoming a snowdrift.

- There ingenious camerawork. And in general …

In the foyer - a matter of course - heat; eyebrows become wet, points mist over.

- On milkshake?

- Is possible.

the Full pianist in black and the elderly, thickset, bald violinist played something classical.

- you do not know, what is it?

- Not - and … On Mozart probably.

the Call jingles.

- we Will go?

- Aha. Having mutno left

- white glasses, go to the hall.

the Drama in green, lilovo - violet tones is developed slowly, zhivopisuya Ludwig Bavarsky`s life where there are enough stars and failures - or all it one continuous failure.

In the foyer the pianist and the violinist drink tasty milkshake.

- Seemed Egorov two days ago, - the violinist speaks. - He asked about you.

of an Eye of the pianist flicker fialkovo.

- Well, you will see still - say hello.

the Blizzard works behind walls of movie theater hard …