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Magic gold of a sculpture began to see clearly in the meat blocks which are growing white snow - marble blocks. The little, ugly Tuscan studied in Girlandayo`s bottega, then in Lorenzo Velikolepny`s gardens; small, persistent, whole day ready to work - began to see clearly it marble power, integrity of the mystical grain put in each marble block then to present us with the wood of sculptures - shining with mysticism of an essence, secrecy of secret of the universe of

bearing to us in images, forms, frescos Not without reason we remember it by name - Michelangelo


of Tishin Bogopoznanya behind Leonardo`s creations; silence of the Last Supper; the mystic Dzhiokonda - this enormous infraikona, luchashchy light force. Color and a treatment of light and shade - as sides - two of uncountable - the highest alchemy that through souls, lonely and majestic, reveals secret great transforms: how to move above and above, without going astray to

Are expensive, iskhozhenny to Leonardo.

the Gold coins received of Leonardo`s

, observing bees - these gold, flying flowers; Leonardo designing the new device whose appointment is not clear yet. Leonardo`s

- the sum; not the sum even - and the sum of the sums; a human mystery,

given in one person


Semantic fields of El Greco Having lowered dense, velvet curtains, the artist with the extended, bilious face by the light of candles, creates violent cloths in the afternoon.

Was - secrets of a kritsky iconography when in catacombs, in dark niches eyes of Saints flashed; was - the Italic doctrine, and now - the ancient city of Toledo, shod, Mauritian

of an Eye of Saints, imprinted by the mystical Greek flow belief juice, Landscapes of Toledo, the greens going tapes of years, stone bulks of church and buildings burn unknown acid of soul of

looking at them ; threads of shine,

stretched from pictures in obscure eternity to


the Dancing Bruegel`s peasants the sweat smell - but not opposite - an integral smell of sound bodies, mighty workers of the field Is felt. The country holiday is juicy and beautiful, not without reason baking sheets on which bear pies are huge; the country holiday is plentifully flavored with hop, and beer yantarno plays, attracting the new comer.

Well, strain - and you will enter a cloth, will take part in a feast and dances; or you will see the games of children dressed by a pleasure aura or It is enough to see pictures, and the garden of old it, the bright world will reveal to you, without having concealed any nuance.


In a transparent sphere two long, are pale - pink figures; and the stack is huge - as the whole country. The wanderer does not come anywhere, and holes on a lap of his trousers remind petals of the broken faience. Sgushchenye of hellish chasms - a huge knife dissects a design from two huge ears, and the polecat reads, having set up accounting points on a nose.

Bosch`s Self-portrait. Thin lips - not lips, a surgical cut.

Lunar animal.

the Carrier of secret what to decipher never.


That it is impossible in reality - it is possible on paper.

Impossibility of retreat increases hopelessness. But to recede to eat

where - to the star worlds of imaginations.

Long pores to Piraneza over a new leaf.

Slowly arise the columns twined power of bearded mosses, difficult, labirintopodobny systems of transitions, ladders hang in mid-air

I our world hung over a chasm - but it hesitates, hesitates, the new engraving, mysterious as a dream, silent as the ocean, rough as hardly twirled tornado


the Dream gives rise to strange constellations - from a perch a tiger, from a tiger mouth - a rifle was not yet The bee flies about slightly cracked pomegranate, and the landscape develops in Voltaire`s face Thin legs of elephants will hold, having collected the mystic spidery force, weight of their bodies, and the dead vykruglyatsya from the earth whether again finding flesh

Should decipher Distance pictures?

Or just to look, look at them, looking for compliances to the thin lines of thought which are often twisted in the head so, as you will not sort - reality it? Dream?


Juiciness of terrestrial juice - the fruits of bodies yielded by Rubens. Redundancy of life, the symphony es - figurative contours; the coming to life density of myths

Twilight Rembrandt, patches of light on copper, and night watch goes, goes, conforming to the neukosnimy rules, and gentle Danaya accepts in herself Goldberry of a rain

Pearl light of Vermeer - always given in the same foreshortening; and landscapes of small Dutches - it is so exciting to ride porcelain wind because ice of channels is reliable, and the perfected skates sharply shine

In the morning nightmares which were condensed by Goya will leave, but there will be sheets testifying: the dream of reason is fraught the Richness of picturesque gardens promises

able to see panoramas of miracles - the Verses exceeding what the ordinary reality can offer


pass into engravings - the engravings faceting reality, changing it; engravings, whose semantic chords will allow to hear what no speech will give

Compasses and a cloud, a flower and a dream, mathematics and poetry, tinctures of alchemy and dream of a philosophers` stone - the realities connected in the sum by engraving skill of Blake - the bloated, poor Blake, with each leaf celebrating an impregnable victory over inert, inert reality