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Summer happiness of the glutton. What it? Long ago noticed

Ya that we, gluttons, are happy every day in a year.

... To make the menu of a dinner for tomorrow, with feeling to choose products, to spread out spices, to inspect the refrigerator regarding unexpected ingredient which will impact to a habitual dish new relish, to smile - and to begin to prepare.

In the winter the food has to be difficult, nourishing, with a bright smell that after an everyday family dinner everything it became warm and cozy in the house even if behind a window of cold and a bad weather.

The spring food is an awakening. First soil vegetables, first fruit and berries. The spring does not give much, but it promises. Promises heat, blossoming and fruits, summer thunder-storms and languid evenings. For the real glutton the spring is a temptation which should be able to resist. Not to rush on early gifts of the nature, and just to invite the necessary product to a table in due time.

First okroshka, first green Russian cabbage soup, first sweet cherry and strawberry, first cucumber, new greens, carrot, beet! Wishes can be made though every day. And they will surely come true, the main thing - not to forget that each new product eaten this year will bring good luck.

In the summer we, gluttons, simply lose the head with happiness and we arrange improper orgies, the freshest vegetables which it is impossible to refuse are available to us. Tomatoes, translucent onions, peppers, cucumbers, young garlic, redisochka, vegetable marrows, eggplants, greens. How it is possible to resist against this magnificence? How to choose the recipe giving chance to each miracle of the nature to get on a table? Ah, life is so fine, and the summer is so rapid. It is necessary to be in time all.

The good, correct glutton at first will wonder, than he would like to enjoy today. The stuffed peppers in tomato sauce with onions and carrots? Salatik from fresh beet with garlic and olive oil? Young kartoshechka with butter and greens? Ragout from vegetables? Siliculose haricot? To choose so difficult. But it is necessary to concentrate, close eyes, to make a deep breath - and to honestly answer itself that will be for dinner today. This most difficult, and other trick.

I like to go to a market behind production, to look at beautiful, juicy vegetables, to choose the most suitable. Let they will be not such faultless as their neighbors, the main thing in our business is a mutual sympathy. The seller, the buyer and goods have to be pleasant each other, only then the transaction will be successful.

By the way, it is impossible to go shopping hungry, it is necessary to be supported at least slightly with a small golden grenochka with cheese on which and the thin slice of tomato powdered with black ground pepper and fresh greens asks.

So, we go from a market with full bags of the fresh, beautiful, filled with the sun vegetables. Houses them should be spread out: onions separately from potato, ripe tomatoes to the right, strong, ripening on the left, garlic in a dry box of a table, a morkovochka in the refrigerator and to leave eggplants and peppers on a table, serious processing is necessary to them.

Eggplants love oil, they absorb it with greed therefore we will train them without oil. Absolutely. It is simple to wash, cut the edges, to cut accurately on plates and to send to sunbathe in an oven. Thickness of a plate can vary from centimeter to 3 millimeters, but an optimum cut - a half of centimeter, neither it is more, nor it is less. Then baklazhanchik propenutsya, will become plastic and soft. That it is also necessary to us. Before procedure I salted plates and black pepper, so, for entertainment. A product Presnost - not our style.

Very important remark: it is the best of all to bake eggplant plates when the house there is nobody. The working oven during a heat often irritates members of household, it is worse than that red rag. In the winter - that they react to additional heating positively.

we wash Green Bulgarian peppers, we clear of sunflower seeds, we dry on a towel. Any firm cheese should be cut and put on a plate closer to a plate. We spread pepper on the hot frying pan watered with vegetable oil. Let poshkvarchat it is a little. Eggplants propeklis to translucent softness also cool down meanwhile on a separate dish. We overturn peppers, once again we overturn so that not ruddy sides were closer to a hot surface.

Now cheese time. It should be thrown quickly in a semi-ready perchikovy interior, more deeply that cheese did not follow. We cover all this disgrace, let will gambol a couple of minutes.

And now quickly - quickly is, enjoying each piece of a gentle pepper in which fragrant cheese spreads the juicy lake. Salt, pepper and other spices are not necessary here, unless only a little soy sauce.

And eggplants stand aside meanwhile, are waiting in the wings. And correctly do, they require the real inspiration. Having supported with fried pepper with cheese, it will want new feats.

the Cleared walnut nutlets slowly and thoughtfully fray with olive oil, garlic and fresh greens in a mortar. It should be smelled, once again to smell and, having sighed, to be accepted to eggplants. On each plastinochka to lay out sauce from nuts, garlic, greens and oil. To turn in a roll. To chop off a toothpick. To lay in a deep pan and to put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Here also cool summer evening came, it is a high time to support an organism by a delicate taste. We get eggplants. Elastic, fleshy vegetables absorbed in themselves oil, the stuffing developed the necessary taste, fingers smell of parsley, the sky dark and is covered with stars.

A glass of cold white wine, in a hand a toothpick with a masterpiece of culinary art, the expiring fragrant juice. Even if I would not be a glutton, I to her precisely would become, having tried cold eggplant rolls - they are such tasty.

And tomorrow new day, it is possible to make siliculose haricot in sauce, fresh tomatoes garlic and sour cream salad, vegetable baked pudding, to extinguish cabbage …

Here it, summer happiness of the glutton.