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How men estimate women?

Everything began with usual dialogue: “Watch what beauty“, “Who? This? Are you kidding!“ Told and reflected. And, as a matter of fact, how I define, I like the woman or not? The assessment takes seconds, and usually it is enough one look that the opinion developed. But of what it consists? It was necessary to drag out a little process in time and to deal in detail with each criterion.

Lovely ladies, I ask you not to take offense - all this occurs at the subconscious level and “upward“ only the short assessment is given. If you are too vulnerable and romantic, then it is not recommended to read further!

So, we order to conscience, politeness, gallantry, a correctness and philanthrophy to shut up, we get curiosity and we begin.

The analysis took a lot of time, and in the end I was almost shocked by volumes processed information and a detached practicality of the subconsciousness. At this level there is no love, only naked calculation. Thousands of parameters are sifted by cynical subconsciousness on search of deviations and discrepancies to personal preferences. Everyone is treated apart and sets with others.

Each woman is considered as the potential companion and mother. It is not necessary to consider it as possible change or still something. More likely, it is a survival instinct. It is located more deeply, than morals and other personal characteristics, and it is impossible to operate it, as well as blood circulation or salivation, for example.

Many “appraisers“ take part in the analysis, but very first there begins the analyzer of genetic compatibility . Yes, be not surprised. As it works, it is difficult to understand. A smell, power, set of external data - it is not clear, but works. And he tries to reduce possible deviations from some mythical standard, such average person. Full are pleasant thin, high - low, nervous - quiet and so on. Even if the spouse or the spouse do not approach under these criteria, it is possible to estimate his real preferences on favourite actors or singers of the person.

Existence of such analyzer is logically clear. For this specific person it narrows the choice, but increases probability of a survival of all mankind. He reduces different genes, and for a survival wins against the strongest fight.

Further, already at higher level, the analyzer of potential opportunities enters . The general assessment of a condition of the person, is calculated readiness for joint life and the birth of the general children and so on.

General assessment . Age, growth, volumes, type, social group, potential. Naturally, there is some range of the acceptable values. Also automatically the forecast for the future becomes. Here the main role is played any more not by(with) genes, and experience, and the systematized supervision over life are more often unconscious more likely.

Health . Each trifle is estimated. Everything begins with gait and a manner to move. Easy, heavy, smooth, sharp and so on. Conclusions about a condition of the copular device, about a tone of muscles, about possible injuries and other problems are drawn. And further from top to down. Dim hair or gray skin - it is possible, problems with health. The dim or unnaturally shining look - it is possible, problems with mentality. The abundance of cosmetics - tries to hide defects or there is no taste. And so on.

Adequacy . Again appearance, is only a little from a different angle, clothes, a manner to move and communicate (if it is possible). Exactly here attempt to define, a mask to us becomes show or it and there is a real face. Approximate I.Q. With a big difference in intellectual development will difficult communicate and find a common language.

Compatibility . Everyone has the ideal - the preferred hair color, a voice timbre, a smell, attractive traits of character and other criteria. If the woman palms off a mask, then let will be ready to possible disappointment further.

All stages are processed at the same time therefore, having even received categorical refusal in one of parameters, work is continued. Because here time is important. It is necessary to inform still of conclusions consciousness, to give them on worry to reason, morals and other “top“ analyzers. And suddenly it is destiny? And she will not wait.

You ask: and how the opinion is developed if there are not enough data, for example, only on a photo? Experience! It “finishes drawing“ missing elements. And the woman, not important, plastic surgery the matter is that is “more artificial“, the make-up or the photographer, the stronger is mistaken experience and the more disappointment at personal meeting.

All this demands computing resources of a brain, and it ceases to be enough for some functions. Probably, noticed what at a meeting with the person who can potentially be pleasant i.e. is not eliminated the very first analyzer, there is a failure in breath, in the movement and there is an involuntary wish to look away for reduction of a flow of information?

Of course, it is only key parameters, actually them it is much bigger. And I only partially described the lowermost level of the analysis, without mentioning an exchange of energiya and sincere experiences at all.

And not only men estimate women, counter process goes too and not less intensively. Such is our nature. So quietly answer with a look by sight, be oneself, and everything at you will be good.