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What is the state? The reasons of emergence and the device

All recent came to this life when the world was already created. Till our birth the planet was divided between the states. They control the territory and the population, will organize and structure what surrounds us. They issue laws and force them to execute. And we should accept these rules of the game, good they or bad.

We can change the country of accommodation, but in reality one rules will be replaced by others, and only by means of auto-suggestion it is possible to prove that these “new“ it is better. Only over time there will be a reason for discontent again. Someone will not like foreign policy of the country, and to someone roguish dealers in the nearest market or inaction of the authorities concerning emigrants.

Before breaking and accusing, let`s for a start try to deal with a question...

What reasons of emergence of the state?

Present to

that all are equal and identical. Everyone grows up bread and vegetables, holds cattle, sews to itself(himself) boots and clothes, molds ware from clay, and at a leisure solders the radio receiver. Then trains children, extracts metal, saws the wood and does itself furniture, builds the house and self-medicates. Doubtfully? Yes! In the world there are so much fields of activity what to capture all is simply unreal. It is possible to try, of course, but also abilities it is necessary to have to all this.

Therefore the idea of division of labor is quite logical and specialization is one of bases of modern society. And than already specialization (to a certain level), especially society and the more so at us chances to survive is developed. Why “to a certain level“? You need the doctor - the specialist in the left nostril? Here I about it.

But plunging only into one sphere of life, we automatically give all the rest to someone, hoping that all of them will make as it is necessary. And here once it can turn out that with arrival of winter at you from clothes only the Panamanian and sandalik, and your child - the school student instead of mathematics and physics perfectly knows magic of the voodoo and the theory of cultivation of a kangaroo behind a polar circle.

Calling logic in assistants, we come to a conclusion about need of control and adjustment . Someone has to watch a little from above, to see an overall picture and in time to tell: “Children, so it is impossible“. And except a personal survival and prosperity, there are more global problems. Life will not leave chance to the next generations “here and now“. The homeland is not only a family, it both the territory, and all people with which we are connected by common language, culture and history.

Need for a uniform measure of work became the following reason . If on your earth only carrot grows it (is exaggerated), and there is a wish for some bread and shows, then the first thought - to exchange one for another. Time - other such option will pass, and then will just refuse to you and it is necessary to think out more difficult schemes: carrot on beet, beet on cabbage, and it already on bread. At barter of chances of development there are no non-productive fields of activity just. Any scientists with abstract, at first sight, researches. Any education. Culture at the level of “I will amuse for food“.

Therefore needs a measure, i.e. money . And money of a sample, uniform for the state, with the only source of production that did not forge and there was a possibility of control of a ratio of quantity of money and the made goods.

Except distribution of duties and a uniform measure, there was also a need of protection of the territory of accommodation , and it is possible only together. To one village not to be protected from hordes of the enemy and not in power to contain army and to control borders. And business even not in the obvious enemy who can aggressively rattle the saber, threatening to enslave all. The enemy can get softly, unostentatiously, getting further and further into an area of our dwelling, propagating and slowly forcing out indigenous people.

Everything listed above generated one more reason of emergence of the state - need for the general rules of conduct . Not all could protect themselves or defend the ideas of life with a sword in hands. Therefore the general laws governing human relations were necessary.

As you can see, the reasons there is a lot of therefore emergence of the state was only a matter of time. Of course, creation did not happen in a uniform rush of citizens as the embodiment of the general idea. Individuals throughout the whole centuries - princes, tsars, commanders acted. One were absorbed, others were won.

As is arranged the state?

Can argue much on equality, democracy, but actually everything is constructed according to the hierarchical scheme around.

Unlike fauna where on hierarchy only small groups are constructed (a family, pack, a swarm), the person is forced to create larger associations, entering additional levels of subordination. And association of people at any level is the pyramid put from certain layers. It is not important how these layers are called at the moment and in the ideology dominating at the moment, the essence from it does not change.

On the top there is a group of people who define global policy. It is unlikely they are popular and known, do not show them on the TV and in news. It is not excluded that this group is over the concrete state, such “Earth cooperative“. It is logical, all of us on the planet are so connected that it is already impossible to huddle in a territory piece. Look around, look at surrounding things - design Italian, the owner of a trademark in America, it is made in China with use of the Polish details and the German metal and the Russian tree. Streams of finance and goods surrounded the planet, a course the stranger of currency defines your standard of living. Someone it drives. There cannot be such structure self-organized.

Slightly lower - the chief representative of a ruling clique, an embodiment of the power, often nominal. Someone has to smile, shake hands, sign important pieces of paper and inspire the people. If the leader real, then to him it is very difficult (and to the state from - for it too) to avoid distortions in development of the country. Practically all know, “as it is correct to live“, but the world is much more difficult, than it is visible to us through our point of view. Our opinion is influenced by education, culture, experience, the hidden rushes, the chosen profession. Getting on the top, it is difficult to avoid probation to make “everything correctly“.

Below (on structure, but not on influence) - the small group defining the main directions of development of all pyramid, of course, taking into account global policy, creating tendencies of changes. I doubt that this group is uniform, most likely, it is several clans uniting people relationship, the common financial interests or political ambitions.

At the following level - legislature, the reformative directions and tendencies in the physical embodiment in the form of laws and financial streams for the lower layers.

Are the executing and controlling layer below. Police, prosecutor`s office, tax, army and so on.

On a penultimate layer - the bulk which embodies solutions of a top executes laws and is the main producer of material benefits.

In the very bottom - individuals deprived of civil rights who do not execute laws of the state, deny laws of society or stopped being the persons useful to society.

If to compare the structures existing at various times and modern, then amazing similarity is found. Same layers and division of the rights and duties. Same “power vertical“. Only in modern conditionally democratic pyramid permeability of layers is higher, than in slaveholding or, for example, the Indian exclusive.

Each person is a participant of uncountable level pass - pyramids: occupies the level in own family, at work, in condominium, in the city, but all these pyramids - part global state and planetary.

Be continued.