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How to prepare romantic evening: The management for men of

you hung up. And did not pass second as you were captured by panic. About horror, you invited the lady to yourself home though you swore in advance that you will begin to do it never. Why? Because on the apartment as if the whirlwind rushed, and in the refrigerator the mouse hung herself.

Do not despair. Many got into such situation, and everything is all right, coped! Follow their advice.

Take a view of the dwelling. Dust and wash up a floor, wash the smoked kitchen curtains. Clean the scattered things, throw out all that rolls long ago and disturbs - will become and is more spacious, and is purer. You will tell that in the dark it is all the same not visible? Remember - the smell is very important for the woman. Try that at you smelled of freshness and purity. Hang up a pure towel in a bathroom, wipe a mirror. In a word, remember in what places the woman is late most longer, and properly wash up them. Let her know that you were prepared.

Yes, do not forget to replace bed linen.

Before a meeting not bad and itself to put in order - to be washed, shave, put on a fresh shirt, clean socks and the smoothed-out trousers. Present yourself the hero of the Hollywood movie, be sprinkled a little by toilet water, wink at the reflection, and you - out of competition! But it is worth starting this important step after you clean the apartment and, certainly, you will make a tasty dinner!

Yes, yes, this most terrible. Make a deep breath.


Also go to shop. Go - go, it is not necessary to order food from restaurant, otherwise the woman will understand at once that you are not ready to try for the sake of it.

Do not seek to strike the guest with the culinary skill (if you not the chef, certainly!) . Prepare something simple and noncaloric, you know that all ladies try to watch the weight. Whenever possible add the products containing aphrodisiacs though the glass of red wine and fruit can perfectly cope with this task. There are websites with recipes of barchelor kitchen, look for dishes there. If you are afraid not to cope, call the sister or the fellow worker - they will explain everything on fingers. Only do not go too far in spices - you do not want from - for pepper to feel a firedrake! Also prepare ware, let for emergency there will be couple of plates and glasses - be fully equipped.

Think up beautiful names for the dishes, it bewitches female heart. You speak “Darling I prepared for us paste a bolognese“, but do not mention at all that it is only macaroni and forcemeat, tomato, stewed with a couple, and bay leaf. Temptation salad, dessert “1001 nights“ … Show the imagination!

Add romanticism. Turn on the neutral music, air the apartment, and then light candles, an aromalampa. If it is absent, then boil a dried peel of orange and 2 - 3 kidneys of a carnation or a little cinnamon on slow fire - your house will be filled with warm, pleasant aroma. But only be not overzealous! Buy a rose, put it in a high vase or, as a last resort, a bottle (only before it wash away from it a label).

And in general, do not worry. The lady will come to spend time with you, but not to investigate your house therefore present her heat and care. Follow advice and derive pleasure from evening!