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Room azalea in the house. Subtleties on leaving of

the Azalea - Sims`s (rhododendron simsii) rhododendron, family Heather, a small evergreen bush up to 50 cm high

Leaves korotkochereshkovy. Flowers are collected in inflorescences, can be terry and single (3 - 5 cm in the diameter). Color of an azalea can be white, pink, saturated pink, red, violet, and also two-color and in a speck.

An azalea rather choosy plant, but if to follow simple rules of leaving, then the plant will please you not one year.

Care of a plant

the Azalea loves a cool. Optimum temperature of maintenance of a plant should not exceed +18 degrees. Temperature stimulating blossoming of +12 degrees. But it is not necessary to be frightened that to create such temperature in the apartment not really. The main that needs to be made, it just to replace watering of the Azalea with ice. I.e. more often to lay over a plant ice. Ice will create a cool, and when thawing, to water a plant.

In the fall, a plant it is the best of all to expose on a balcony or a loggia. At decrease of street temperature buds will be tied. But you remember that the Azalea will not transfer fall of temperature lower than +5 degrees. Therefore do not forget to bring a plant home in time.

The azalea needs bright lighting, but hit on a plant of direct sunshine can ruin a plant. Place, whenever possible, a plant at east or western windows and the problem with illumination will be solved.

An azalea a hygrophilous plant, but suffering from excessive humidity during the winter period therefore moderate watering is necessary in the winter. In the period of a summer heat, besides a plant obkladyvaniye ice, frequent spraying is necessary. However it is worth knowing that the Azalea needs to be sprayed the settled water, and it is better boiled because the plant very much does not love hard water.

At change of the Azalea it is necessary to consider that the root neck cannot be covered with earth, otherwise the plant can die and the main thing not to damage roots. It is better not to touch an earth lump around roots, and just to pass a plant in a pot, big diameter (3 cm from previous) and to fill up emptiness with fresh soil.

Make multiple copies the Azalea poluodrevesnevshy shanks in peat mix with sand at heating of a substratum (takes roots difficult).