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Man and woman. Why our relations became market?

Enjoying in the warm summer evening in the company of close friends at small and cozy Italian small restaurant, I heard such dialogue:

- I want to live for myself now and to do what is pleasant to me what at me well turns out because it gives me the chance to be realized as the personality. And I need the woman who will help me, to support me and to share my belief, - he said.

- I will live then only for myself too. I am not ready to be put in the relations with the person which can end with nothing, - she answered.

- When the relations between the man and the woman managed to fall to market? Why two people loving each other sit the vis-a-vis and bargain? - in soul I was indignant, is what time sign? Or so was always?



The fact that the woman in any times sought to find the successful man, and to men liked beautiful women - will consider, is caused by the nature and lies deeply in our genes.

Probably, so was at all times. He told

: “I want to find to myself the wife beautiful and harmonous, with a braid to a belt, with forms magnificent and seductive that put on - lovely sight, and prepared - tasty, and character it was kind and appeasable, and all damned forgave me, and waited for me resignedly at a window“. She thought of

: “I want to meet the good fellow strong yes stately, on the person pleasant, by character quiet and kind, on gifts yes on caress - generous that behind it absolutely safe and that the man with hands got, in vain down the street did not gad, to the house bore everything, small that liked to potter with aunts“. Now it is fashionable

over time it took shape:

It: “I - a beautiful and young body for various pleasures - look for the wealthy sponsor for the easy relations on a constant basis“.

It: “I - wealthy and very busy man of average years - look for the girl for rare meetings, for a trip on rest, is ready to be the sponsor. Professionals, you pass by“.

And that as a result?

the Beautiful young young man looking at young and charming creation and shuddering from thought “At me will not drop down for

for it money!“, passes by if it is insufficiently self-assured.

The young snob, the son of wealthy parents, carelessly addresses it: “The child, let`s light tonight!“

the good-natured person who Grew fat and still trying to look younger at whom, perhaps, under the threat of the second or third marriage, something will make a purring sound it it seems: “And what such beautiful girl …? “ Will also call by all means to Paris, Nice, Florence or, at the worst, in Sochi. I look for

of Whom? With what purpose?

It looks for the man, one, without family, without addictions, without material problems, with the car, with the apartment in the center, nice, not boring, not greedy, not the impotent man loving children and ready to marry it at her first desire.

But here question: what is she ready to offer in exchange?. The life, love, care, understanding.

And what it differs in from what hundreds of other applicants can offer? Yes especially anything.

Eventually everything is solved by feelings, blood chemistry, breath coincidence.

Then why to look for surely the sponsor? Why to begin to bargain from first minutes of communication?

Why it is impossible to call it simply: “I look for love“? Or began to look for the soulmate already not fashionable?

Why to look for someone, by all means coinciding for 99,9% with the big practical list of the declared characteristics and rules?

At the end to understand that lived life near the stranger to you the person?