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How to decorate a garden?

of Service of landscape designers became unusually popular recently.

Real masters can turn in few hours the ordinary-looking started earth piece into a work of art which will not only look beautifully, but also to surprise with the originality. But the prices for such services bite. And it is much more pleasant if the site and the house are equipped with the hands. There are several simple councils which will help you to think up decorative compositions independently.

In - the first, prepare the garden, a kitchen garden or still an undeveloped piece of the earth and define that specifically you would like to change. Think over planning, objects which you are going to add, prepare the territory. Clean garbage and all unnecessary or disturbing objects, such as watering hoses about which it is easy to falter. Prepare materials, brushes, paints, say, all that will be required to you for creativity. If the whimsical inspiration does not come in any way, look through magazines about the different countries, suddenly on one of pages you will see the embodiment of the dream!

In - the second, find assistants. Tell a family about the ideas, show sketches, and somebody will surely agree to help you! It is especially interesting when children help - their ideas are the most original. Also be not surprised if as a result it turns out absolutely not that you conceived!

And, at last, start! Be not afraid to experiment and embody the most doubtful ideas. The your creation will be more original to look, the it will be more pleasant to admire it and to remember process of creation. Do not forget about harmony and rules of a proportion, otherwise the composition can look too bulky or, on the contrary, to be almost imperceptible.

One more important thing which should be remembered is that plants demand leaving. If you decided to decorate composition with flowers, to plant a bush or a tree, be ready to keep them in an order. The main thing, maintain accuracy and neatness of all composition. A lot of time will not occupy it, just do not forget about the creation and look after him with love.

There are several simple ideas which will push you on creation of the real masterpiece.

Old things can receive the second, and even third life, here everything depends on hands into which they fell. Rummage in a closet, a shed, on an attic: even the old chest or the rusted toy train can become the center of composition!

For example, can paint an old metal watering can with bright paints or to paint on any motive and to put in it some climber (grapes, an aktinidiya, a peahen, haricot, peas). In a watering can nose it is possible to fill up several seeds too. When escapes grow up and will go down on the earth, and then will blossom, your watering can will turn into an unusual decorative pot.

Barrels, tubs and buckets will be useful too. Paint them on the taste, cover with protective structure for a tree, plant in them small cherries - and in the spring your garden will turn into the Japanese corner with the blossoming Oriental cherry.

Multi-colored stones will be excellent addition to any composition. Them it is possible to lay out paths, to frame bushes and beds, to place in the center of the Alpine hill. Hand to children of a brush and acrylic paints, let draw in the pleasure, and then each stone will become memorable.

Stubs an interesting form are capable to turn evening tea drinking into romantic evening. Hammer small carnations in several places and when darkness goes down, pin on them candles and set fire to them. The old tree will turn into the mysterious inhabitant of your garden. To it the dried-up apple-tree which is time for cutting long ago can keep the company to . It will serve as a framework for climbers, night small lamps, bright feeding troughs.

And the last. A sure sign of success are the interested views of neighbors through a fence and frequent guests.

Dare, at you everything by all means will turn out!