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How it is necessary to accept gifts correctly? All of us love

when we are given gifts. However gift to a gift discord. Whether always the gift is pleasant surprise? Whether what we are given is frequent, we wish to receive? And what to do if the gift which to you was presented is not pleasant, does not approach or causes unpleasant feelings and sensation of fear?

In a word, today we will try to understand how to react to receiving bad or good gifts from relatives and acquaintances that to offend nobody.

1. Always to thank

What presented to you in gift, do not forget to thank the donator. Do not hesitate in rough expression of the delights and joyful emotions if the gift is pleasant to you.

If the gift for any reasons does not suit you, smile gently and politely thank the donator. But you do not speak to the person who presented the unnecessary or not pleasant to you thing that the gift has some shortcomings, in your opinion at all. You can not only offend the person, but also put him in an awkward situation: he, maybe, sincerely wanted to please you, and at him it did not turn out - as a result he will be upset and will be upset more you, believe.

2. A gift from the spouse or the spouse

If he, at last, presented you that you so long waited from it and already and did not hope to receive, but at the same time very long and hinted much and literally elicited this gift, then react very violently. Do not hesitate to squeal literally from delight, to throw the arms round a neck to darling with kisses and exclamation: “Darling, as you guessed?!! I dreamed of it so long ago!!! And - and - and! As I love you!!!“

Surely call several girlfriends and tell them that the husband presented you such first-class thing, make it so that the husband overheard as you praise his gift before girlfriends by phone.

Your gratitude to the husband for this gift can stretch for several days: try to be cheerful and cheerful and not to try to sort out the relations at this time, prepare its favourite dishes, do not reproach him once again. In a word, let he will understand that you as a result of receiving similar gifts stay after that some time in a condition of some euphoria.

3. A practical gift of the mother-in-law or mother-in-law

From the husband`s mother you can receive as a gift a frying pan, the recipe-book or something like that with a hint on her son and on yours, in her opinion, a duty or shortcomings. Do not do the offended look, accept a gift with advantage. Even if presented you a thing, useless for you, tell that you will surely find for it application. You will have an opportunity to answer the same: to present to the person what, in your opinion, is not enough for it for full and happy life.

4. Indecent gifts

If someone from acquaintances presented you something from goods sex - a shop, treat it with humour. Smile, redden and tell that such amusing gifts you were not given yet.

In a word, all in economy is useful.

5. Live gifts

Usually if you want to present to the birthday man as a gift some animal, then in advance agree about it and discuss all nuances.

If such gift as a little fluffy kitten, appeared at you on a threshold unexpectedly, do not drive the donator at once away, complaining that you have an allergy. Accept a gift and surely feed and caress it.

When the donator will leave, you will be able to give a kitten in a good and caring charge, for example, to mother or the sister. And to the person who presented a kitten, tell: “It such the lassie, such small and pretty, but I had such severe allergy, I had to give it to mother / sister. But you do not worry, she very much loves animals“.

6. An unwanted gift

If you received a gift from the person to whom you do not trust, (your secret enemy or the ill-wisher) and this gift find offensive and even offensive, at you always an opportunity will be negligent to throw it in a recycle bin. But before it is worth thinking of sense of this gift. Whether there was in thoughts of this person an open desire to spoil to you mood or he tried to reconcile somehow with you with the help of a gift? And here question: what gift needs to be considered offensive? Voodoo doll? Snake or frog?

7. Whether too expensive gift

It happened to h2 to you to receive a gift which price is unfairly high, and the proximity of the donator to you is rather far? What to do in this case: to accept or refuse - to solve to you. It is important to understand, than the person who presented you this gift was guided: sincere sympathy or desire to embarrass you and to make you to it obliged. Be ready for such gift to answer adequately.

As they say in the Russian proverb, “all gifts love otdarka“. Therefore do not forget to show reciprocal generosity in relation to donators and in turn present them what they, in your opinion, deserve.