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As I baked pizza

Pizza … History of its production carries us to times of ancient Greeks and Romans when on open flat cake, and even earlier just on a chunk of bread tomatoes and cheese … were baked in traditional option

From sources can be recognized by history of the ancient Persian Empire that the soldiers of the tsar Darius Veliky (521 - 486 B.C.) who got used to multi-day transitions prepared a special kind of bread on which they put cheese and dates on the flat boards. The similar dish, with the most different additives, was known also to ancient Etruscans.

It seems to me, this dish became international for a long time. And each hostess will have

the crown recipe, excellent from traditional of the book! I Remember

how I did this pizza - it seemed that everything is very simple and easy …

my first pizza was on yeast dough, but the result at all was pleasant to nobody … to

the Middle of layer normally propechenny, and edges fried a - la a cracker.

Already having absolutely despaired to make good pizza in house conditions, I waved on it a hand and from time to time just one my good acquaintance bought such exotic in shop … by

But once, having learned that I bought pizza in shop, strictly told by phone, “take a leaf, the handle and write. You will prepare as I speak to you, and any more never you will want some pizza from shop!“

Yes, I obediently wrote down and prepared according to its recipe … I so liked result that already many years this dish decorates our festive family feasts as my company entertainment! Changed players of some layers and its best option turned out! I will be glad if someone needs this recipe as it was useful to me once.

So, we make pizza!

For the test:

200 - 250 gr. oil or margarine - to soften,

200 - 250 gr. sour creams.

to Stir and knead flour. Dough has to turn out a strong consistence. To create a ball and to put it in the refrigerator,

for one or one and a half hours, and it is possible also for the night - the longer costs, the is more tasty then it turns out! For now we make stuffings!

For the first layer - we fry onions with forcemeat. However, I so did not do for a long time - is rather heavy for a stomach. To be pleasant more the salty cucumbers which are beautifully cut.

Or is possible the fried onions with sausage - too it will be good.

The following layer - we cut tomato, or we water with ketchup - on the fan.

Now onions are fried with mushrooms. If we take champignons in banks, then only onions are fried and mixed with mushrooms.

It is time to take out dough? Began! We roll on a baking sheet in half-centimeter with thickness and we do by a fork punctures.

we display layers consistently Now. Generously we strew with grated cheese - the more, the more tasty! We add a little mayonnaise and parsley greens. We bend edges like an envelope open. Once again we do by a fork punctures and in an oven this beauty! we Bake

to a beautiful ruddy look, it minutes 20 - 30.

Remarkably on taste! I recommend to all - all - all! By a holiday or to other good occasion a tasty entertainment!

And if incidentally you had dough, then it is possible to bake nice cookies. For this purpose also we roll and we cut a glass or figured molds, and also we do punctures by a fork. We bake to a zarumyanivaniye. eat

I on health!