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Island of Crete: in what local color? Advice to travelers of

Crete represents the island covered with hills and mountains on which vineyards, olive and orange trees grow and in places goats and sheep are grazed. Perhaps, you will not find any empty field on the island, free from any plodovo - vegetable culture.

The most popular cultures for cultivation: orange trees, they yield a harvest two times a year, olive trees fructify time in two years, still here it is favorable to grow up grapes.

Local color

Cretans lead quiet and measured life. It is terrible to imagine, but work of bank employees on the island comes to an end at 14:00, and the eternal siesta begins then.

One locals are engaged in gardening: grow up different types of crops, and then sell the harvest in the markets or on roadsides of roads. Others grow up goats, sheep, rabbits, poultry, then sell meat, milk or do cheese.

But 80% of Cretans are busy with travel business: keep hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops or sell excursion tours.

What is surprising: coastal hotels can quietly adjoin to private lodges and economic sites. You can even find out that near your hotel are peacefully grazed several sheep or goats, and on the next fenced site olives or grapes grow.

of the Road

of the Road of the island is a continuous serpentine, they run between hills and continuous turns, steep slopes and descents lie in mountain gorges. It is necessary to be very careful driver and it is good to know the district to go on them independently since far not everywhere there are indexes. If all of you - come to rent the car, then the navigator is better to take in the car.

What to visit?

Certainly, your round - the guide will offer you the most popular excursions.

Surely visit : The Knossos palace, the historic cultural center in Heraklion, old military fortress and by all means go to Retimno on the lake of Santorini.

Excavation of the Knossos palace on which reconstruction Cretans work to this day will help you to plunge into history and mythology of Ancient Greece a little.

As for walk on the cultural center of Heraklion, will show you monuments of old architecture here.

Retimno you can reach fortress independently, the beautiful view of the city and port opens from there.

Excursion to Santorini, probably, the most interesting and fascinating, I would tell that exactly there and it is worth going first of all. When I for the first time saw Santorini, I had a question: It not here incidentally shot the musical Mamma MIA!?

You should see the beautiful island of a volcanic origin with a peculiar architecture, the island on which locals move on burros, the island where pistachios and grapes grow. You will be able to visit the beach with volcanic black sand. In a word, receive the most fascinating impressions.

Where and what to eat?

In Crete it is a lot of any cafes and small restaurants at which you will be fed to a state everything, I cannot any more!, portions and truth huge.

If you want to try the freshest seafood, then go to port small restaurants and be going to lay out for a lunch or a dinner up to 100 euros for two.

Early in the morning in port the fish market begins to work: fishermen sell the catch which is very quickly sorted by owners of these small restaurants.

Imagine on the show-window which is laid out by ice, most various seafood: shrimps, squids, lobsters, crabs, spiny lobsters, sea cuttlefishes, oysters, octopuses and various fish. And you can choose something from this variety on the taste, and the cook right there will make to you a full-fledged lunch or a dinner. For dinner will offer you wine, aperitif, juice, mineral water, at the end will give desserts. I recommend to try a traditional Greek dessert - panna cotta.

There are also more democratic options: the cafes suggesting to have a bite pizza, sandwiches, pancakes (them call a kreper here ) with a different stuffing.

From kinds of the Greek fast food meet (or ) and ; the first - a peculiar Greek shawarma, the second - brochettes with different garnishes.

I recommend to try local pastries and sweets also. Tiropites - traditional Greek puff cheese, spinach pies and other various stuffing.

of Entertainment

can remain

on the beach in the Afternoon, to go to excursion or to an aquapark.

To have a good time in the city in the evening, to sit at small restaurant and to listen to live music. Night life begins in city clubs after one o`clock in the morning, here it is possible to dance Sirtaki to exhaustion, twist both the Greek, and European music.

Souvenirs for memory

Is unconditional

, olive oil! In Crete make several it grades. It is important to know that on packings there has to be an inscription Extra Virgin and acidity from 0,1 to 0,3% is specified - it is considered the best and qualitative oil. The price for liter makes from 6 to 10 euros. In the same place it is possible to buy tinned olives.

Confectionery. In confectionery shops can buy coffee, tea, honey, nutlets, dried fruits, baklava, a rahat lakoum and other sweets as for itself, and as a gift to relatives.

Potter`s production. On the island several large potter`s enterprises and small private potter`s shops, here - that you just are and you will find unique products which are issued limited circulation, most often in several copies.

Except ceramics, it is possible to get products from a tree, a stone, bronze, alabaster figurines, and also gold and silver jewelry.

Leather products. Besides benches potter`s, pay attention to shops of furriers. Here you have an opportunity to buy handbags, belts, purses, footwear from 100% of genuine leather, manual manufacture and is very inexpensive: from 16 euros for a thong and from 35 euros for a handbag.

Cosmetics on olive oil. to Some ladies, perhaps, will like olive cosmetics: shampoos, various creams. The piece of olive soap will be the easiest gift for acquaintances or colleagues.

Textile products. your mother will be pleased for certain by a linen cloth with the pattern embroidered on it in the form of olive branches or linen napkins and kitchen towels with a beautiful embroidery. Still it is possible to meet various woven rugs of handwork on sale.

Besides, here it is possible to acquire original clothes from cotton: Greek dresses, tunics, sundresses.

Alcohol. On the island many vineyards grow, there are both private wineries, and small state zavodik. It is better to buy wine in an original packing and before purchase to taste.

If you go to excursion to the lake of Santorini, then for certain pay attention to feature of santorinsky vineyards: the small bushes growing on the volcanic soil. I recommend to buy a wine small bottle on Santorini, in Crete you will hardly find it.

Well and of course, fans of hard alcoholic beverages will be able to appreciate crayfish - the Greek vodka.

Furs. In spite of the fact that in Greece of the real winter does not happen, fur shops an obvious surplus there. And in Crete there is no shortcoming of fur salons, if necessary to you can pick up a product through the catalog and order delivery from the continent. Will surely offer you a free shop - round on fur salons of the island.

It is important to remember that upon purchase of fur products it will be necessary to declare them at the airport that it was not necessary to pay a tax on luxury at departure from the country therefore all checks keep .

Also be quiet, all purchases to you it is right there wrapped and will pack very carefully: in paper and a vesiculate film that on the way nothing broke and it was not rumpled.