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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 23 - 24? “Larry Kraun“, etc.

If cannot be taken quality, then it is possible to try quantity. Such task was set to themselves by the Russian film film distributors, having planned for July 21 a premiere of 10 new pictures at once, which will leave 8 in a wide release. The overwhelming number of debutants belongs to the USA (5 movies) and France (3 movies), with the minimum participation of Canada and Japan. As for a genre component, this week the preference is given to comedies, zhutika and drama tapes. And now is more detailed:

1. “Larry Kraun“ (Larry Crowne, 2011)

the Actor and the director Tom Hanks did not appear on screens within two last years (the latest actor`s work of Hanks - the mystical thriller “Angels and Demons“ on the work of Dan Brown of the same name), and did not touch direction even since 1996 (the musical melodrama “What You Do“). The Larry Kraun project in which Hanks acted in both forms at once is more interesting to those, having put a tape and having played in it a leading role. Moreover, it is listed producers and scriptwriters, thus, carrying out functions “the person - an orchestra“.

After “Forest Gump“ the status of “the most typical film American“ was assigned to Hanks. It also appears as it in the new work in Larry Kraun`s image, the seller dismissed from a familiar spot due to the lack of the higher education. Now Larry is forced to change abruptly the life again to become the successful and significant member of society.

The company to Hanks is kept by other highly paid star, Julia Roberts, and in general the picture represents mix of the melodrama and comedy where all on slightly - slightly - romantics, grief and the amusing moments. An exceptional case when at the head of an echelon of film novelties the next blockbuster based on violence, blood and special effects is not necessary.

2. “Storm“ (The Tempest, 2010)

the Woman - the director Juli Teymor became famous for

already twice: in 2002 when put “Frida“ with Salma Hayek, and in 2007 when her musical interpretation of creativity of “Beatles“ under the name “Through the Universe“ came out. Both tapes you will not call financially successful in any way, and “Through the Universe“ - so in general badly devastated pockets of producers (17 million. dollars of world collecting at the budget in 70), however both tapes deserved recognition at the audience that is sometimes more expensive than money.

“Storm“ in many respects repeats destiny of the previous project of Teymor. In - the first, it is very free screen version of the last work of Shakespeare. Therefore, all heroes say in a rhyme what already does this film product specific to broad display. In - the second, a picture it is also sure rolled in hire, only this time collecting made less than two percent from expenses, and the spectator rating - is couple units less, than at “Through the Universe“. Generally, accident.

Did not rescue the project and large-scale special effects in 300 Spartans style, and a decent cast where Helen Mirren, Russell Brend, Chris Cooper, Alan Cumming and Alfred Molina entered. There was visually beautiful, but absolutely empty and tedious movie. Shakespeare krutanutsya few times in the place of the final resting place.

3. “My boyfriend from a zoo“ (Zookeeper, 2011)

Americans got skilled at to shoot family comedies where at a shot with living actors there are speaking animals drawn on the computer. We remember “Doctor Dulitl“, “Garfield“, than “Alvin“ with his chipmunks and couple more of tens muffled projects is cheaper. Get acquainted, on the way adventures of the attendant of a zoo to which animals help to arrange private life.

The new movie of Frank Korachi, whose star flew up together with the comedian Adam Sandler whom the director removed in the works three times - “The singer at a wedding“, “The mother`s sonny“ and “Click: With the panel on life“. In this case Korachi`s destiny grinned. At all my love to popkornovy comedies and the lovely fat man Kevin James has to tell that this comedy appeared not so ridiculous. And secondary. And places of silly. And, as usual, slyunyavo - sentimental to the final. Generally, all set of stamps. To children still early, and adult already late.

4. “Ms. Nikto“ (Miss Nobody, 2010)

the Picture of the director Tim Cox is a peculiar grant on a survival in the world of “office plankton“. However, the majority of councils which are presented in a tape in practice cannot be used. That is, of course, it is possible, but you will be responsible for consequences. The matter is that the main character performed by Lesley Bibb (“Shopaholic“, “The man of iron 2“) moves ahead on an office ladder in very original way: it eliminates the competitors. Literally.

The audience crushed the debut movie of Cox, having reproached creators with a genre collapse. The picture is declared as “the criminal comedy“, however there also hardly with crime, as well as with humour. On the one hand, all situation is fabulous and difficult imaginable in reality, however authors did not manage with due feeling of a step to execute this “dance with a tambourine“. As a result it turned out boringly and it is squeezeed out. For the big screen - obvious “not format“.

5. “2199: A space Odyssey“ (Space Battleship Yamato, 2010)

Here we also lived

up to those times when technologies allowed Japanese to recover the space animes at cinema. And this violence of star fights rather fine looks. If to draw parallels, then it is necessary to remember “Armageddon“ of Michael Bae with which at the Japanese fantastic project much in common. Up to the leader of Aerosmith group Steve Tyler who was not ashamed to execute solo in a habitual manner. The song, by the way, too is quite good.

A fantasy with the Japanese color - an interesting show in itself. And when everything is removed with feeling, efficiently and scope, unprecedented for the land of the rising sun, it is simply impossible to pass by. The only thing that strains - characteristic game of Asian actors who like to roll up eyes in a rush of emotions and to break hands. Smaller brother of the Indian cinema. For the rest attempt worthy and deserving viewing.

6. “The nightmare behind a wall“ (Derriere les murs, 2011)

the Only three-dimensional movie of this week is the French mystical thriller with Laetitia Kasta in a leading role. The similar mix, at least, causes suspicion, considering that French were never strong in this genre, and the Caste - yet that actress. Here she acts as the writer of the beginning of the twentieth century who went to the village to write the next novel. Also it was added to bloody boys, more precisely, than girls who suddenly began to disappear from local families. It is impossible to tell that too intriguing tie. It is recommended to firm admirers of mysticism and the pyshnogrudy model.

So the list of the main film novelties which will try to collect crumbs from a table of the second part “Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows“ looks. Besides the above-stated six movies, will offer the viewer this week the American youth horror film “Howl Bansha“ (Scream of the Banshee, 2011) and French a dramedy (mix of the comedy and drama) of “The last mammoth of France“ with indecently grown plump Gerard Depardieu. The Canadian film figures will present the view of a youth hip on court of audience - hop culture in a dancing tape “To light the world“ (Beat the World, 2011) . And on snack a touching story of friendship of the boy and a pelican in the French movie “Pelican“ with participation of the Emir Kusturica.

It is obvious that the adult audience will stretch on Hanks and Roberts`s tandem in the romantic tape “Larry Kraun“ whereas the youth gravitates to viewing of “Storm“, the comedy “My Boyfriend from a Zoo“ and the Japanese space action “2199: Space Odyssey“. Next week three Hollywood projects, including the next marvelovsky blockbuster “First Avenger“ applying for leadership in cash desks are released at once.