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Occupation purposes bodybuilding?

of the Purpose in occupations by bodybuilding

1. What forces you to come to the athletic hall?

2. Why one throw in a month of occupations, and others are engaged in years?

3. Why one manage to achieve result while others do not achieve even small success?

4. Why, sometimes, it is so difficult for you to force to go itself for training?

5. Why I creep in thoughts: “And can pass? I was so tired today!“ it is difficult to

to answer immediately, isn`t that so? If earlier also did not think of it.

We will not speak about techniques of trainings, about the choice of the optimum training program and correctness of food. About it is told and written very much already.

Having re-read thousands of articles and tens of books on training - as to understand them? Absorption of information does not guarantee result yet. How to understand what suits you and what advice to follow and what to avoid?

Sooner or later it is necessary to stop search and to begin to work! Distinguish process of knowledge acquisition and process of knowledge, i.e. acquisition of knowledge on the basis of own experience. It does not mean that it is necessary to test everything on itself and to study nothing. Study on others mistakes, try to choose from literature what suits you!

All receptions described in literature, techniques is tactics. It makes sense if you have a Purpose. The purpose for the sake of which you are engaged. If you have no Purpose, then most likely, you will not achieve significant results, even being read and educated in the sphere of bodybuilding.

Unfortunately, nine of ten body builders train, without having before themselves any Purpose.

What there is a communication between the purpose and results? What is the prime cause of why the person is engaged why one manage to achieve results, and another is not present?

We will try to understand what is the main thing for success in bodybuilding and in general in any undertaking.

Valentin Dikul about it told: “The only thing - it it is necessary to have iron will power, iron character and the purpose which really wants to be reached. And then very competently and gradually to try to obtain it“.

Think: And whether you have a purpose of occupations, or at least you thought - why they are necessary to you? What moves you, forcing to go to the hall again and again?

Let`s try to define that PRIME CAUSE which induces the person to do miracles and to achieve desirable results, and in any field of activity!

We will begin with motivation. What moves the person?

The person has some idea of the future which it would be desirable to reach. These are your dreams. How to make so that dreams became reality? In many respects it is defined by ability to motivate itself on future state.

How to define as far as the level of motivation corresponds to the level of your purposes?

- If the person often happens in situations when manifestation of force is required, then motivation to become strong will be high.

- If is necessary for you confidence in any situation that, having connected confidence with good physical shape, you will give to exercises the high importance, and respectively and motivation for occupations. For example, work of the bodyguard.

- If occupations are defined only by desire to have a beautiful torso to be attractive to girls, but you practically do not meet them, or have no opportunity to show the figure, then it for you will not be possible to be a motivator for occupations by bodybuilding. But here if you work at the beach and every day with an open torso, then occupations are important more.

Try to decide on what you want to reach, being engaged in bodybuilding and that to you these results will be yielded? In many respects it defines success and your results?

We will consider some reasons, from - for whom you could begin to train:

1. To become strong

Ask a question - what for? Sil not always argument. If desire to solve problems with the help of force - your main installation, then you remember: against force there will always be other force. Presently not force defines result, and ability to get out of difficult situations without the use of force.

Whether you had to observe how the person, sickly on appearance, can put into place the spindle-legs, and even the whole crowd. Strength of mind more important property for the solution of conflict situations. Wadded legs in such situations - happen also at musclemen.

2. Desire to look beautiful on the beach or where or still where you can flash the rolled torso.

Though is hardly a strong motivator on a hard work with iron. Way to a beautiful body long therefore occupations have to, in - the first to give pleasure, and, in - the second, to satisfy to your desire.

We will consider a situation: the beach, girls, and you with a powerful torso. Yes it is beautiful and, effectively. But 2 - 3 minutes of your communication also come into effect your internal contents. And if the imbalance is observed: external - internal, that, as a rule, preference is given the second.

3. Lifestyle

you are engaged as it means your lifestyle.

- work as the bodyguard, security guard, etc.

- the athlete (fight, boxing, hockey, etc.)

T. e occupations by bodybuilding are a necessary component of your major activities in life.

4. Maintenance of a muscular tone. In this case you for certain will have

exercises with a weight of your body, or with easy scales. Usual squats, push-ups, pullings up.

5. Health.

Yes occupations help health. But in this case the technique directed to health is necessary. First of all it is the correct technology of performance of exercises and any chemistry which also will undermine the same health.

6. It to be pleasant to girls.

is pleasant to Girls force and reliability of men as in each woman the need for safety - physical and psychological is put. Men with whom they I have a rest soul, with which it is easy and reliable are pleasant.

Welcome it one of the reasons which most often pushes on trainings.

7. Communication with friends, adherents in a gym.

Yes it is argument. Through sweat, efforts the friendship gets stronger. Relationship through common interests which are transferred also out of hall limits is established.

8. Participation in competitions.

Though if you think of it, you have, for certain, an extensive experience behind shoulders on a rating. And vryad - whether it was that reason, from - behind which you the first time went to a rocking chair.

9. For pleasure.

the Muscular fatigue allows to feel a body. Who knows - that will understand what is it.

10. Feeling of weakness and disrespect of. you Believe

that having pumped up there will be a respect for you. But whether so it? Confidence can and will add, but business most likely not in force.

11. All go and I will be!

Friends go to shake, and you do not. Therefore you decided to resemble for the company too.

12. Set of muscle bulk. This reason is very extended by

too. You want to increase the weight of the body.

13. It is a shame to you that you are a weakling.

Agree, people to whom zhmyosh a hand and it seems that you greet the fragile girl meet.

14. To kill time

it is simple to You to be engaged there is nothing, and you kill time, communicating and in parallel shaking in the hall.

Often in halls the contingent of musclemen who go to poobshchat and time to carry out meets. They stick out in the hall for hours. And as a result, watching them within several months, you see that they and 5 kg did not throw a bar, about increase in muscle bulk in general the speech does not go.

The valid results can be achieved only when you move to the purpose.

The PURPOSE - your main driving force which will not allow to give up occupations which will give to occupations interest will fill you with energy, will give force.

Your purposes of occupations will define a training technique. You should not spend your time for the wrong technique which does not bring closer you to the purposes is useless.

Spend better some time for considering - why you need it? If you consider that on it there is no time or not sense, reflect, what is the time you will spend for occupations, for the road to a gym eventually to understand that - the sense special and was not.

In the conclusion I would like to tell, perhaps about the most important.

You think that formulated the purposes and everything, the most important is made? No, your purposes have to correspond to your true desires which are not imposed from outside namely your personal desires.