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Daewoo K11. Why for modern military the double-barreled gun was necessary?

What we know about South Korean firm Daewoo? Matiz and Nexia cars, microwaves, washing machines, well and … all it seems. And the fact that this firm releases also the weapon … very good small arms - it somehow is not advertized. Though …

Army “double-barreled gun“ of Daewoo K11 also stirred interest in this party of production of Daewoo firm.

So, of Daewoo K11 - two-caliber small arms under a standard cartridge of NATO 5. 56õ45 mm and 20 mm army grenade of air explosion. Separate riflescopes for firing by a bullet or the grenade. “On-board computer“ for an exact aiming the grenade .

And why all this is necessary?

And here why. During large-scale military operations of World War II effective tactics of city fight was defined - the weapon emplacement is surprised the grenade, then survivors try to obtain from small arms. Subbarrelled grenade launcher now, standard weather-cloth of any army assault rifle. However precisely to hit the grenade the necessary nail, it is necessary to be just the expert!

Trajectory of flight of the heavy grenade more difficult, than nastilny trajectory of a rifle bullet. Therefore modern grenades for subbarrelled grenade launchers do for so-called “air explosion“, the grenade on approach to the purpose explodes in air. However the radius of defeat of modern 20 mm the grenade of only 3 - 7 m, applies them at range to 300 m, and at such distances it is very heavy to get the grenade even to a circle with a diameter of 3 m. It is reached only by long trainings, but in fight where there are a lot of the distracting factors and the account of time for an aiming goes sometimes on fractions of a second, it is correct to aim not always it turns out.

One more nuance. Length of a trunk of the subbarrelled grenade launcher is always less than length of a trunk for bullet firing, and the heavy grenade begins “to fall“ the easy, flying with greater speed bullet much earlier. Therefore for more nastilny trajectory of flight of the grenade it would be desirable to make on the contrary: to make length of a trunk of the grenade launcher is longer, than for firing by a bullet. It increases efficiency of defeat of the purposes which are behind shelters at the long distances inaccessible for a shot from the short-barreled subbarrelled grenade launcher. Therefore as a part of each modern assault division there is a certain fighter armed with the automatic long-barreled grenade launcher for exact defeat of the far purposes. However … In near fight to shoot back from such grenade launcher - is more expensive to itself. Splinters of the grenade will spare nobody …

Solve this problem differently. Evropeysko - American, NATO, approach to this business was expressed in creation of a modular design, strelkovo - the granatny XM complex - 29 OICW German Heckler firms - Koch. The long-barreled automatic grenade launcher “is got“ from above the assault rifle Heckler - Koch G. 36, but not from below, as subbarrelled grenade launcher. Above the grenade launcher - special aim optics with a range finder and the computer for exact calculation of flight of the grenade.

Of shortcomings at such bulky design it is full: hard, inconveniently and a bullet it is possible just to forget about exact firing, the optics for bullet firing is combined with “granatny“, but the preference is given to firing by the grenade. However, despite all these shortcomings, leisure Americans counted that efficiency of defeat of the moving targets hidden behind obstacles by the infantryman who is armed with such here “double-barreled gun“ in comparison with a complex the rifle M16/subbarrelled the M203 grenade launcher will grow even by 5 times.

And here South Korean armorers solved this problem a little in a different way, is orientally wise also on - South Korean technologically. They united the long-barreled grenade launcher located over a bullet trunk in one shooting “combine“. Called this “mutant“ of Daewoo K11 . The bullet assault rifle is made according to the classical scheme: shop ahead, handle of management of firing behind. And here the shop for grenades is located behind the pistol handle. And it is not modules, but the monolithic, non-demountable double-barreled two-caliber weapon. Control of firing is exercised by means of a special rychazhk from a uniform trigger. Optics separately for a bullet and for the grenade that allows to fire very precisely both a bullet, and the grenade. To reduce the weight of it here of “combine“, trunks are made of the titan, a receiver - of a lung, but a strong alloy.

Taktiko - technical characteristics of Daewoo K11:

Calibre: 5. 56kh45mm NATO + 20x30 mm of pomegranate.

Total length: 860 mm.

trunk Length: 310 mm (bullet of 5,56 mm); 405 mm (grenade of 20 mm).

Weight: 6,1 kg (with optics, shops and batteries of food of a range finder and the computer, but without ammunition).

Maximum effective range of firing: 300 m bullet (5,56 mm of NATO); to 500 m of pomegranate (20 mm).

Capacity of shop: 30 cartridges of caliber of 5,56 mm and 5 grenades of caliber of 20 mm. by

For firing by grenades use three main types of ammunition - oskolochno - the demolition grenade with a programmable detonator, the cumulative grenade for defeat of lightly armored equipment and the training grenade with a passive military unit.

The electronic control unit of fire includes a laser range finder, the wind sensor, the ballistic microprocessor calculator of a trajectory of flight, the switch of the modes “day“ (optical) both “night“ (infrared) and the battery of food which is built in a butt.

This complex began to be delivered to elite divisions of South Korean army in 2010 Year military department gave on its field tests. If to pass these tests successfully, it is supposed to introduce K11 as standard arms of the South Korean infantryman.

For comprehensive tests this army “double-barreled gun“ was bought by the Ministry of Defence of the United Arab Emirates, having paid for each such rifle about 14000 American dollars. For comparison, the export price of the last modification of the American assault rifle M16 does not exceed 600 dollars.

What else to tell? The South Korean army is considered one of the most efficient in the world now. Most likely, with such modern weapon it will be that still very long.

P. S. All materials for this article are taken from open sources.