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Whether it is worth buying apartments in five-storey buildings?

at the time of Nikita Khrushchev when in Moscow began to build the first five-storey buildings, believed that they will serve no more than 25-30 years.

However time showed that viability of “five-storey apartment blocks“ was strongly underestimated. To this day live in them, and this living space still are in demand. It is interesting why? Let`s understand on the example of Moscow.

Apartments in five-storey buildings make considerable part of the Moscow secondary market of real estate today. Houses of old panel building are concentrated mainly in the east and the capital South. In Moscow area the share of apartments in five-storey buildings is much higher, than in the capital.

Five-floor houses - five-storey apartment blocks are characterized both physical, and an obsolescence. Planning of placements to them for housing inconvenient, is absent the elevator and a refuse chute, ceilings low, bad a hydra - and thermal insulation. You would like to live in the room of 14 m 2 and whether can take place people in kitchen of 6 m 2 much ? Whether in that case it is worth buying the apartment in the five-storey building, or it is better to save money for the house in a new building?

If to be honest up to the end, then at five-storey apartment blocks also certain advantages are had. These houses are, as a rule, located far from noise of big highways in quiet dormitory areas. In these parts for last years the comfortable infrastructure was created: it is a lot of greens, cozy court yard, in prosperity gardens, schools and policlinics. And the most important - is not present such high density of settling, as in new residential districts when more than 9 thousand people are the share of 1 km 2 .

Psychologists note that people in such situation behave inadequately, and at times and is aggressive. As for inconveniences of planning, in five-storey buildings it is possible to carry out a reorganization, having removed internal partitions and having made desirable repair.

And still, the main interest in apartments in five-storey buildings in Moscow consists in reasonable price for a wide range of buyers. Till 2008 the housing in five-storey apartment blocks, despite poor quality, was bought up in flight. During crisis demand for them fell therefore there was an essential adjustment of real estate prices of this category. Today interest in five-storey buildings returned again, first of all on one-room and three-room apartments. And if the first buy young couples or childless families as starting apartments, then the second go for families with children. The three in the five-storey building turns out cheaper than the two-room apartment in a new building. For families with adult children or elderly parents is a time the only option to solve though somehow housing problem.

So what prices for apartments in five-storey buildings in Moscow? According to the leading capital real estate agencies, the cost of one square meter in a five-storey apartment block makes about 118 thousand rubles. In new buildings it is 15-20% higher. For example, near Polezhayevskaya metro station the one-room apartment in the five-floor panel house for 5 million rubles was offered for sale. To Izmailovo a small-sized odnushka (30 m 2 ) cost about 3,7 million rubles.

In Moscow area prices for apartments in five-storey buildings are even lower. In Podolsk it is possible to buy the one-room apartment for 2,5-2,8 million rubles, and in the city Roshal (145 km from the capital) - all for 750 thousand rubles.

Arguing on whether it is worth buying in Moscow apartments in five-storey buildings, it is possible to mention also that some buyers specially try to discover shabby housing, counting on its demolition and the subsequent moving in new buildings. However it is not so simple to buy the apartment in five-storey buildings of the taken-down series (1MG - 300, To - 7, 1605AM and II - 35) - inhabitants wait for favorable moving.

In general today purchase of the apartment in the five-storey building, probably, the most available and easy way of the solution of a housing question in Moscow. However, some wealthy citizens consider such acquisition as investment.

But the vast majority simply live in five-storey buildings, feeding hope that their demolition will take place sooner or later.