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How to be if the question began - to continue to do the conceived serious work further or to postpone for later

All Hello!

Today, me such one interesting thought which gave a reason to writing of this on the of unusual article visited. Decided to share here the thoughts with you and to carry her for discussion. Perhaps, you are with me and agree. It probably concerns more beginners who decided to begin the business on the Internet.

How to be if the question began - to continue to do the conceived serious work further or to postpone for later or in general to throw begun in a long box. What farther to do if there is not enough experience or at all it is not in this or that question?. And that if to try to make conceived in practice.

If you suddenly had such questions in undertaking of your any new idea or the next idea which you plan to realize, but so far the answer cannot find from - for not manors of experience or absence in general that.

Do not despair, this quite normal phenomenon and it is explainable from the philosophical point of view. Time you look for the answer means to the solution of the task set for you, you develop, and time develop - means there is your personal growth.

Well and if you grow to mean you live. As you understand that just like that nothing will occur, without doing anything. Or you will endow the precious time in search of the answer necessary to you, or it is necessary to endow money.

But if you have after all more free time than spare cash, then in my opinion there are at least four versions of the solution of the matter.

The first option is to find the expert`s person in this sphere who understands the matter and to get at it exhaustive advice, but it is better if this person is your acquaintance or you will find this person according to recommendations of your close friends or relatives.

The second option is to find a thematic forum in the Internet and to try to look for the answer or to ask a question concerning your subject.

The third option is to look for literature and to try which - what to emphasize for itself even if and not in full, but some important information.

And at last the last option is ….

Well what here to guess.

Act, try and everything at you will turn out!

It is not possible to know everything, it is necessary to everything studies. Without the first step will not be 3 - y and 5 - oh steps. We with you not “specialists“ and once all the same it is necessary to make it if you of course have a purpose, but that, at last it is better to understand for himself it or it is worse, only practice, but also in some degree will show council of people close to you if they are konechnoeksperta in your questions. But I will repeat again - “Only practice will be able to show and give the exact answer to your question“. The definite answer will be such is - it is necessary to WORK!

It is impossible to exclude any of the options offered by me above. Because one option supplements another and the more will be at you such options, the it is more than chances to receive the correct answer.

If all of us were sure for all 100% that we would do that the world then stopped and it would not be interesting to live, but when we is constant, we learn something, we look for something or we do, we thereby stimulate with the actions of.

In fact, I am a person the practician, I should check everything on own experience and to be convinced how it actually everything works.

How many people will be also opinions so much, and there has to be also the personal opinion checked in own practice to which people will listen then. Here only then they will follow you.

If so it happened that you decided to give preference it - a line to business, you have to know everything about this business and then I am sure that at us everything will turn out.

That all your conceived occurred much quicker, it is necessary to find adherents with whom your interests are crossed, so to speak, it is necessary to get on Wednesday your interests ivaritsya in this juice so far you will not understand and when you already have an extensive experience behind shoulders, you polyuby want to share the experience with other people and they will surely follow us. You will already be in the opinion of others an expert in the matter.

Here is how I to myself see our development. Anyway communication when we communicate, in communication we give rise to truth is peculiar to the person.