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Floor tile: what to choose?

the Reliable, durable, elegant floor tile is popular not only with designers, but also with many ordinary consumers.

Wear resistance, unpretentiousness, richness of flowers and invoices does it by ideal material for finishing of floors in country houses and city apartments. What to choose from the rich range presented at the Russian market?

Before we will add some more words about merits of a floor tile. To it neither resistant dyes, nor chemical reagents, nor moisture are terrible. It does not burn, is not subject to rotting, does not emit toxic agents. If the floor tile was laid correctly, then on durability it will not concede to concrete.

Unlike a laminate, a carpet and a parquet, the tiled covering of a floor is not jarred on, does not fade, under weight of household appliances and furniture is not pressed through. At a right choice of a floor tile, thanks to richness of invoices, forms and color variations, it can be used in interiors of any style.

The floor tile has only two shortcomings .

In - the first, high heat conductivity. It means that it quickly cools down in our not hot climate. Agree, that is pleasant to go without footwear on a cold floor in a bedroom or in kitchen not really-. It is possible to solve this problem, having arranged system of a heat-insulated floor under a tile: punched film or cable for the city apartment, or water for a country house.

In - the second, laying of a floor tile is long, labor-consuming and expensive, and also demands a careful preparatory work.

How to approach right choice a floor tile? The simplest - to get acquainted before purchase with its technical characteristics.

It is, first of all, resistance to attrition . In this parameter all tile, except especially steady porcelain tile of full pro-paint, is subdivided into five classes PEI.

First and lowest (PEI I) is a wall tile which, naturally, on the floor is not laid - the decorative covering will quickly be erased.

Production of the second class (PEI II) is suitable for rooms with small intensity of visit, for example for bathrooms and loggias.

The choice of products of the class PEI III will be suitable for kitchens, corridors and drawing rooms. The others can be applied even in public and commercial institutions with high attendance.

The second important characteristic of a tile is the moisture absorption coefficient expressed as a percentage. On it all tile is subdivided into classes.

To the third, the lowest carry a wall tile (from 10%), to the second - a tile floor (to 6%), porcelain tile with an indicator of 0,05% belongs to the first class. It is rather new finishing material which maintains the highest levels of loadings. By the form and to a variety of coloring and invoices it is the same tile, but the iploshchadok on country sites can be used even for a paving of paths, finishings of facades, etc.

With moisture absorption connected one more characteristic of a floor tile which should be considered. It is its frost resistance . The tile capable to maintain negative temperatures, can be used safely in cold rooms and for external finishing works. The floor tile which is not possessing this property on cold can crack.

External finishing of a tile is characterized by in friction coefficient . At opaque it maximum, at glossy - on the contrary, the smallest. Its rough surface will be a right choice of a floor tile for a hall, kitchen or a bathroom. It is necessary for safety - on a surface of such tile more difficult to slip. And the brilliant glossy tile loses the gloss over time.

Several words about laying floor tile. In the beginning it is required to remove an old covering from a floor. Then on the cleared surface do a bulk floor or a cement coupler. When the basis hardens, begin laying of material on tiled glue. Flatness of intertiled seams is set by special plastic crosses. When glue grabs, seams fill with a special zatirka, contrast on color or in tone to a tile.

As for the cost of a floor tile, it can be divided into three price segments: lower - from 300 to 400 rub for sq.m, average - from 400 to 800 rub for sq.m, top - from 1000 rub for sq.m

Leaders in the field of production of a ceramic tile and its design are considered the Italian and Spanish producers. They have still the richest choice of a floor tile for kitchen, a bathroom, a drawing room, a bedroom and other rooms in the house. Their production remains a standard of style and quality. But they had worthy competitors represented by the Belarusian, Polish, Chinese and Russian companies recently. Their bargaining chip - the democratic prices at quite wide product range and its quite good quality.