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Where to go in Udmurtia to recover mind and body? On the holy sites!

the Ordinary therapist, in the most usual city hospital, having wearily looked through my card, sighed:

- You drank tabletochka?

- Drank.

- And procedures finished?

- Ugu, - I made a helpless gesture.

- Then - only on the holy sites! Medicine here … you understand.

Good doctor … And the rights it appeared!

Sacred source in Zuev Keys of Karakulinsky district:

Near the Lower Kama Reservoir - grace. The steep slopes covered with wild strawberry. Chirring of grasshoppers. Any shashlychnik. And improbable pacification.

According to local legends, at the time of Ekaterina the Second, two monk, Flore and Laurels, lodged in local places and conducted selfless life. They died in one day and with honors were buried by locals.

Nowadays there is a chapel Flora and Monastery which is locked, but it always remains in the doorway: that is, came, opened, prayed, swept for itself a venichok and again closed.

Near a chapel - a sacred source.

It is good that our group went with truly believing person: Larisa Valeryevna supported in a prayer and dipped those who tarried. Among us there were even Muslims and Protestants. But they firmly proceeded in a chapel, smiling: “God - is uniform!“. And everyone prayed in own way.

The first men were dipped: only noise of the overturned water and silent prayers was heard. But when guys took off from an izba - they had very vstryopanny look, though happy. Further inside girls went, and guys began to read to “Pater Noster“ loudly.

Having remained in a shirt and a cross worn on the neck, I entered water and understood that it is better to escape, than with own hand three times to overturn on itself a bucket of ice water. (Air temperature was approximately equal to water temperature!) But on the way there was a following shivering person, and I, having narrowed eyes, poured out on itself 10 liters of silver grace. Feeling - as if you were given scrap on the head! And it is necessary more and more time. Without having allowed itself to come round, I scooped the second bucket. And here for the third time the hand just refused to be raised. I heard as someone a bass shouts “ŕŕŕŕŕ!“. Then understood that it I shout. Proskrezhetala: “For the sake of the Father, both the Son, and the Holy Spirit!“ It is noisy exhaled and dived under heavy rain of holy water.

After got out of an izba, in a body improbable ease was felt. The soul sang and danced. Happiness overflowed. Adult men and women rushed to run, jump, roll on a meadow as if children, embraced and shared with each other food stocks.

It was more difficult to rise uphill to the bus the loaded flasks with holy water: overcame mosquitoes and legs grew heavy. But this feeling of internal harmony - the clear head and clean heart - everyone remembered for a long time …

A little - Diveevsky Serafimovsky convent in the village Norya of Malopurginsky district: Monastic gate are open for

for all comers. Come, as a rule, to time of posts - to live so much how many it is necessary, young and old alike, even with babies. Go to confess, prichastitsya, have a talk with the father and to help monastery, executing obedience.

In the territory of the monastery there is a hotel with 5 - timestny cells, iordan for water consecration, the Bow cross. Daily - church service. Every evening - religious procession. Every morning - prayers and the acathist to Seraphim of Sarov.

Shrines: In the Peter and Paul temple of the monastery are: particle of the Tree of the Lord`s Cross; particle of a cloak of Spyridon of Trimythous; particle of relics of Maxim Serbsky; particle of a coffin of Tikhon of Zadonsk; particle of an attire of Afanasy Afonsky; particle of a coffin of the prelate Germogen Moskovsky; particle of relics of the prelate Gregory the Theologian.

Excursions: the Pilgrim service at the Udmurt Diocese will organize trips to the monastery. The closest dates of trips: On August 1, on September 4, on October 2.

Sacredly - Uspensky convent in the village. Transportable Votkinsk area:

the Monastery is famous for special bell selection of Voznesensky of the temple. There is a hotel for pilgrims. Come usually for 3 days to recover, hold a post or to be anointed.

Services pass 2 times a day: 08. 00. - morning, 16. 00. - evening. After the termination of morning service are made: a prayer about health, about rest, a baptism, wedding.

Shrines: “Old icons“ - sculptural wooden images crucified on Christ, Bozhyey Materi and John the Evangelist`s cross which are esteemed as wonder-working. According to the legend, they came on the river Kama against the current at the end of the 19th century and were placed in a wooden chapel on the river bank. It is especially esteemed by pilgrims 200 - a summer Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God.

Excursions: the Pilgrim service at the Udmurt Diocese will organize trips to the monastery. The closest dates of trips: On July 24, on August 28, on September 25, on October 16.

Sacred source in page. Transportable Votkinsk area:

the Nonfreezing curative source at which the swimming bath in honor of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God is equipped.

The source is in 4 km from Sacredly - Uspensky convent. A footpath to it - almost impassable. To pass by bus or own car - it is unreal. In the winter the road appears if it is laid by a tractor. In the summer pilgrims reach a source on foot more often.

Travel on the holy sites will demand from you the huge force and a serious spirit. Perhaps, at the end of travel you learn to accept people such what they are. Or to you one of strange Charisma will open. And, maybe, you will find the spiritual mentor, or recover from an old illness.

But the main thing is what you will find in own heart. Therefore look for God, first of all, there …