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How it is correct to sunbathe?

Summer, sun, sea, beach... and, of course, chocolate suntan as part of successfully spent summer. Isn`t it?

But in a pursuit of bright impressions protection against the sun is necessary. Going to the beach, you remember that abuse of sunshine can cause a skin burn, thermal and sunstrokes. According to doctors, suntan can provoke emergence of cancer diseases and presenilation of skin.

How to minimize harm from suntan?

1. Time of suntan has to increase gradually, taking into account individual shipping of sunshine. It is the safest to begin from 5-10 minutes on the open sun and further rest in a tenka. So at you more equal suntan, without skin peeling will turn out.

2. Use sun-protection creams with the high content of the SPF and/or UVA components which block impact of ultra-violet radiation on integuments. The numerical indicator of SPF and/or UVA is higher, the protection against burns is more reliable (within admissible time of stay on the open sun). Choose sunblock cream taking into account your phototype of skin.

Before suntan it is impossible to use creams on the basis of vaseline, glycerin and other mineral fats, essential oils, spirits, toilet water.

3. That your skin not an oblezla, sunbathe in the period of low solar activity, namely: in the morning till 11 o`clock or after 16. Avoid suntan during the period from 12 to 15 o`clock, at this time the sun is too active.

4. Having overheated on sand, you do not hurry to plunge into cold water, before it is necessary to cool down a little in a shadow. After bathing it is necessary to be rubbed off by a towel, droplets of water focus a sunlight as lenses that leads to burns.

5. Being right in the sun, put on a hat or a hat, it will protect you from an overheat. Do not neglect sunglasses, eyes are also sensitive to influence of ultraviolet rays. It is not recommended to read books on the beach: ultraviolet rays negatively influence sight.

6. Sunbathing lying, enclose something that it was slightly raised under the head.

7. It is impossible to sunbathe on an empty stomach or right after nourishing food. To your organism will be more comfortable if you start process of suntan one or one and a half hours later after food.

8. To a campaign on the beach it is possible to eat something salty, to drink tea. Having a rest on the beach, satisfy thirst with drinks with sourish taste (for example, water with a lemon) or mineral water. It is not recommended to drink ice drinks if, of course, you do not want to get sick.

Ice cream at all the remarkable tastes cools an oral cavity and nasopharynxes, and provokes development of acute respiratory diseases.

In order to avoid negative consequences for health refuse acceptance of alcohol during suntan.

9. The dream on the beach is fraught with burns of skin and sunstrokes. If all of you - the fan to have a sleep in the fresh air, let near you there will be the one who will wake you or in time will turn your sunbathing body on other side. To the stranger from the next plank bed on the beach it is not interesting at all, you sleep or already in a faint...

10. In case of thermal or a sunstroke it is necessary to transfer the victim to a shadow and to try to bring him round. When the victim regains consciousness - give him waters. In case of need urgently call the ambulance.

Remember that long stay on the sun negatively influences a condition of skin, reduces its protective properties, elasticity and smoothness, worsens appearance.

Rest pleasant to you!