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How quickly to learn a foreign language? Part 2

we Will distract a little. In due time for preparation for examination in English of the international sample recommended us the book of doctor Wilfred Fanc and Norman Lewis “30 days to improve the speech“.

How you think what authors of the book offer Americans for increase of intellectual level? They recommend every day - in literature, - and broadcasting - to find 3 new words in a body, to learn what they mean and to think out offers with their application.

You see - “at them“ absolutely other approach including to training. The system with storing of words quite is suitable for learning of foreign language, the truth? Some training courses use a similar technique. It is effective, I do not doubt! Especially, if someone - as in the book “30 days …“ - for you is at this loss for words and will make on them exercises.

I recommend to pupils a method of our Russian polyglot (and to teachers I recommend it to control process). Unfortunately, about it I heard from what others have told and I cannot call its surname. I studied on this system - and as I am grateful to it! For the lexicon I from teachers - foreigners got in due time the nickname “Ms. of a Vokebyyulara“ (lexicon). Daily, besides training, half an hour in day read literature in a foreign language, write out new words and learn them. In half a year of such readings your knowledge will shake people around.

In the same Shkolezhizni. ru I read about “intelligent cards“ for fixing of a lexicon. It is recommended to make of each group of the words “tree“, inscribing each word and representing the picture. The author says that at us the method for some reason does not enjoy popularity.

Storing of the word by means of the picture is known personally to me from the first class. Only it was used in Russian. If you draw a tree, will find or will draw the picture for each word - it will already be enough that firmly to remember it. What is the time will leave on creation of such card? Let`s transfer a question to another dimension: how many pages of the book you will manage to read for the same time? How many times at the same time you will face the word which was written down as new recently? To remember the word, it is necessary to face it five times in practice - to hear or read. Here to you two methods - choose.

In due time I used a similar method too: wrote down each new word on a small card with the translation on a reverse side. Carried cards with itself and repeated words. But then understood that at daily reading in it there is no need - enough same notebook.

All the same you remember only those words which then you will spontaneously face several times.

Well, and, at last, the last - our poor teacher. What it has to be? If you the pupil strong - “quality“ of the teacher has no special value. Just it will be for you the additional disciplining incentive. Of course, it is more interesting to be engaged with the creative person working with soul, but it is not formal. But harm as write in some sources, the bad teacher will not bring.

If the bad pupil - then from the teacher knowledge of language, how many patience, knowledge of psychology, some experience are required not so much and - here it is important that the teacher put heart and soul. Never understood teachers who could tell about the pupil that he is “stupid“. It is impossible to help sincerely the person if you so treat him.

If the teacher refuses the bad pupil - be not sorry, he all the same would not help him. Level of knowledge of the teacher? It depends on your level. The main thing that it was not lower. “Aerobatics“ is not obligatory. The more the teacher knows, the more difficult for him to realize as the pupil can not understand something. Read the classic - before revolution by teachers children very often had students.

It seems, I told everything. For those whom my article tired and he could not read it entirely, on points I sum up the results .

1. Remember! The success of training depends first of all on you (80%), but not on the teacher, a technique or the textbook.

2. If you decided to learn a foreign language - be ready to long terms of training. At least three years twice a week with performance of homeworks. And it will be only a basis for your further improvement.

3. Besides occupations with the teacher, read any book in a foreign language with obligatory invoicing and learning of new words - every day 45 minutes: half an hour - reading with invoicing, 15 minutes - learning of the written-out words.

4. the Recommended textbooks - are not really basic. But nevertheless I recommend developments of the Russian authors (native speakers not always know that it is necessary to explain to the foreigner), publishing houses of Soviet period (then textbooks wrote not for the sake of money) with addition of audio-and video records and materials from modern techniques. (Oh, I am afraid that for this point I will receive “on a kumpola“ from young colleagues!) Perhaps, it is council more for those who think to learn language independently.

5. Use the slightest opportunities for obtaining practical skills. There are special colloquial courses (from 2 - x weeks and more) in the countries - native speakers. You will find the information about them in the Internet. Approximately in 2 years of training you can go on them. Learn about the prices in advance to reserve means.

6. training at school age - not is better to begin because the child is more capable but because is to a lump it to force. It is much more difficult to force itself. If there are no problems at school - begin training from 12-13 years when it is already possible to choose the serious textbook. All the same you want to begin a bit earlier - then I recommend the textbook under Valentina Skulte`s edition.

7. the Best teacher - that which is pleasant to you. Can happen so that else in the recent past the good teacher with a set of merits simply himself “developed“ or, despite brilliant knowledge of language, is not a good teacher. Choose as soul - you will not be mistaken including in its professionalism.

That`s all. Good luck to you!