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Energy saving in Russia or How to fight against own people?

under the flag of energy saving in Russia go in recent years unsolemn war of the state with own people. It sounds paradoxically, but it is simply impossible to explain with anything else the events. Here only two examples which more - affect each person less.

One of the most advertized measures for energy saving is replacement of glow lamps by compact energy saving lamps. Let`s consider more attentively against whom this measure is directed?

Streets of the cities, production, warehouse and other non-residential premises are lit with arc mercury or sodium lamps for a long time. Office rooms at a dawn 90 - x years of the last century together with European-quality repair got lamps with tubular luminescent lamps. They are the same energy saving lamps, only other design. Thus, the only large consumer of glow lamps - the population .

It is known that about 20% of all made electric power are spent for households, and on lighting of the modern dwelling no more than 20% of consumed leave. That is the share of glow lamps in structure of energy consumption makes no more than 4%. It is tempting to reduce, probably, this figure five times, but what price?

Now in the market it is very difficult, and in Astrakhan, for example, in general it is impossible to buy an energy saving lamp of the Russian production. The vast majority of lamps in the low and average price range are from China. Service life of such lamp from 2 to 6 - 8 months. The lamp worth 100 - 150 rubles due to economy of the electric power at best hardly - hardly manages to beat off the cost then departs to a garbage can. Having screwed an energy saving lamp, it is possible to forget about a dimmer, that is a night lamp for the child and the romantic atmosphere for darling, she does not love frequent inclusion - switching off, revenging for it catastrophic reduction of service life, and at all does not want to be lit at the lowered tension in a network that not a rarity in many villages.

And what to do with the fused lamp? The ordinary glow lamp can just be thrown out without any consequences. And here the luminescent lamp contains mercury . The system of collecting and utilization of the fulfilled luminescent lamps in Russia just is absent and will not appear in itself as this kind of activity from the point of view of generation of profit is unpromising. The only option - to create collection points on the state money or to raise a payment for utilization from the consumer. Both options are equally fantastic. If just to replace all available glow lamps on energy saving without taking measures to utilization, then more than four tons of mercury a year will get to environment.

Thus fashionable replacement of glow lamps is carried out due to destruction of own electrolamp industry, increase in expenses of the most unprotected part of the population at purchase of such lamps and increase in emissions of toxic substances in environment. And, above all - all these efforts are senseless as they are nullified by universal distribution of the outdated and power inefficient industrial equipment and the power lines allowing big losses of energy which nobody is going to replace.

There are no words, it is possible to recommend application of such lamps, to stimulate their application with explanations or any other measures, but not to leave the choice - at least strange. The consumer, be at him an energy saving or usual lamp, completely pays all consumed electricity. Moreover so that is enough not only for production and transfer, but also for awards, dividends, kickbacks and other innocent pranks.

And now let`s pay attention to the front of fight of the state against car owners . According to requirements of Technical regulations “About requirements to automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and ship fuel, fuel for jet engines and to fuel oil“, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in February, 2008, since January first, 2011 in Russia production of AI gasoline - 80 is stopped. The similar ban concerned also production of AI gasoline - 92, but his death is delayed until the end of 2014.

If to look at a percentage ratio of various gasolines in structure of consumption, then in 2007 the AI gasoline share - 92 made 62%, AI - 80 - 24%, AI - 95 - 14%. But it is even more interesting to track change of structure of consumption in dynamics. According to data of Rosstat, in 2010 AI share - 92 increased up to 72%, AI - 80 decreased to 14%. The AI gasoline share - 95 practically did not change, and there are no prerequisites to the fact that it will significantly change in three next years. That is requirements of technical regulations forbid production of fuel by which there go 85% of fleet of vehicles of the country!

And with AI - 80 all are not so iridescent. Moscow, perhaps, will also not notice disappearance of this gasoline. But in the remote place, in towns, in villages the share of the old cars calculated on this type of fuel is very big. And again - old cars, and in a state very quite good still, are usually operated by elderly people, pensioners. Besides, consumers of AI - 80 is cargo and intracity passenger transport. Transfer of engines of such cars to AI gasoline - 92 will not lead to anything good. Usual consequences are an overheat and progar valves that attracts expensive repair.

It turns out that in a pursuit of illusive environmental standards, with the stroke of the pen the government left a huge number of pensioners without traficability and almost all other car owners plans to put off from cars in three years. And all this to look in the opinion of foreigners the progressive country. The keyword here “ to look “. But somebody took an interest and whether there is to someone a business to our attempts there?

And again - all this is senseless as reduction of emissions due to application of eco-friendly types of fuel is crossed out by other innovation - a duty of drivers to turn on a passing beam at the movement. It is proved that at the same time fuel consumption increases at least by 1%. In country scales in a year not less than 200 thousand tons of gasoline in addition are spent for the included headlights.

Of course, me will tell what increase of traffic safety, even one saved life, it is impossible to measure by figures of expenses. But there is exit in use of day running fires on the basis of light-emitting diodes. At the same time energy consumption decreases almost by 10 times. However on one domestic and the majority of import cars there are no running fires. And their independent installation is treated as modification of a design of the car and attracts a penalty and a ban of operation.

If to think, then such examples it is possible to bring much. And not in concrete examples business. Here the main thing - a scandalous gap between interests and vital values of a ruling clique and the people of Russia.