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Midday sun. Coffee? Yes! In hot time doctors recommend to exclude

from “a drinking diet“ of coffee and black tea, having replaced it with green tea.

I love green tea and in an okhotka I can drink it with pleasure. With it the heat and in it many antioxidants which slow down aging process is really easier transferred. But, as my son spoke in the childhood, I am “kofeynitsa“. I love and I appreciate coffee and I drink it much. How to be?

Exit two: to follow advice of physicians and to refuse coffee or to cook coffee according to “summer“ recipes. In Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco coffee is drunk during any heat, and and we heat, and cold. Than we it is worse?

Especially it are pleasant to me:

Mokko - flip . It is good to mix a cup of cold coffee, a crude egg yolk, a sugar tablespoon. To add a glass cold milk.

the Cooled black coffee with cream or ice cream
. To make black coffee, to put sugar to taste and to cool in the refrigerator. To pour in cups, to add 2-3 teaspoons of cream or ice cream.

Drink with mineral water for all family . To add 3-4 tablespoons of honey and sugar to 0,5 l of hot strong coffee (to taste). To cool. To add a glass of cold milk and a glass of mineral water.

Coffee soft drink . And 20 g of milk to add 50 g of peach or orange juice (instead of juice it is possible to take 30 g of any syrup) in a glass unsweetened black coffee. To cool strongly.

If you plan to sit with a couple of girlfriends or, despite a heat, in the summer evening to you guests gather, “summer“ options of cocktails and drinks are also for them.


Fruit . To pound 1 egg with sugar to taste, to add 0,5 l of milk and 0,5 l of fruit juice. A tax cooled with ice cubes. Very tasty with peach, apricot, crimson juice. Especially helps out when among guests “I“ am driving or admirers of sobriety.

Lemon . To pound 1 yolk with sugar to taste and juice of a half of a lemon. To fill in 3 / 4 liters of white dry wine and it is good to shake up. To cool, add ice.

Egg . To carefully pound 2 eggs and 2 yolks with sugar to taste, then gradually, all the time stirring slowly, to add a glass of milk and a teaspoon of lemon juice. To pour in 250 g of cognac. It is good to shake up and before giving to keep in the refrigerator.

I recommend to finish reception of guests so with the coffee drinks loved by me.

Coffee drinks

of Coffee with yolks and cognac . To shake up a yolk with 1 tablespoon of sugar. Constantly stirring slowly, to pour in 1 - 2 teaspoons of cognac, then coffee. To give hot or cold. Cold coffee is drunk through a straw.

Cold coffee with cognac or liqueur . To put several pieces of ice in a glass, to add a tablespoon of good cognac or a shot glass of liqueur. To fill a glass with the black, strong, defended in the refrigerator, transparent, sweet coffee. To drink cold through a straw.

Mokko in Turkish . To pour mix of sugar and coffee in equal quantities into quietly boiling water. In several seconds to remove from fire and to cool strongly. To put a tablespoon of ice and a teaspoon of good cognac in each glass, to fill in with cold coffee.

I think, it will be pleasant to your guests.