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Heat. What do I am eager to satisfy with advantage with?

Summer. Heat. We sweat - we lose moisture - skin dries - it is broken vodno - salt balance - many small wrinkles appear. Nightmare! What to do?

To drink. In the summer “the water mode“ is especially important. For those who are not really thirsty simple water there are many recipes of summer drinks. They make up for loss of liquid, fill us with energy, give us vitamins and other useful substances.

The most known of them - kvass . This word has roots both in Old Indian, and in Indo-European, and in Slavic languages. But now both the word, and drink remained national only with us.

Recipes of its preparation great variety. The most known and widespread - grain. In it there are a lot of vitamins of group B which are necessary to an organism, especially female. If to add blackcurrant leaves to grain ferment, then we will receive already other kvass - “northern“.

And still it is possible to make cowberry (I recommend to hypertensive persons), lemon, revenevy, berry, apple, honey both still, and still, and still … Today, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to find any recipe interesting you. From kvass, except the real “live“ vitamins, we receive various enzymes (are formed in the course of fermentation). They not only are useful to a digestive tract, but also participate in suppression of any inflammatory process.

“the tea mushroom“ is known for everything to is kvass, only tea too. Drozhzhepodobny mushrooms and bacteria of which the mushroom body consists make slightly aerated turned sour - sweet drink. Except fine taste, it possesses antibiotic properties and at the regular use reduces arterial pressure.

And here the word the fruit drink originates in Byzantium and in translation “water with honey“ means. It is the refreshing drink from juice of berries, fruit and even vegetables with addition of honey or sugar. I think, berry and fruit fruit drinks are rather known, and here from vegetable I suggest to try beet. Minerals, easily acquired iron and natural sugar are a part of beet juice (but beet and beet juice are contraindicated at diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path - be careful).

I advise to adopt couple of recipes of drinks which are especially useful to children. Apple - honey water

of 500 g of apples to cut

segments (without seeds), to fill in with 1 liter of water, to add 5 tablespoons of honey and a dried peel of 1 lemon. To boil on weak fire of 20 minutes, to cool, filter. Yaichno`s

- honey drink

4 yolks to mix

with 2 tablespoons of honey and to part 1 / 2 liters hot boiled water. To add water very slowly not to make yolks. To add juice of 1 orange to the cooled mix.

Drinks can be cooked also for on sparkling water (I ask not to confuse to “factory“ aerated water - from it harm more, than advantage, especially to children). I take table mineral water or drinking aerated. Very tasty and not standardly. Recently made for herself discovery - took tonic as the aerated basis of drink. Very much it was pleasant. Try.

Fruit drink

of 1 kg of fruit, 1 l of juice, 1 lemon, 1 l of sparkling water, sugar - to taste.

To slice soft apples, plums, pears or other fruit thin, deleting a core. To put in the enameled ware, to sprinkle lemon juice, to sugar. To allow to stand 1-2 hours in the cool place, to add juice and sparkling water.

the Hungarian lemonade

On 1 glass - 5-7 cherries, 1 teaspoon of icing sugar, 50 g of ice cream, 100 g of sparkling water.

To spread out pitted cherries on glasses, to strew with icing sugar, from above to place ice cream and to fill in with the cooled sparkling water.

Strawberry drink

for a dessert. 100 g of strawberry, 5 tablespoons of sugar syrup, lemon half juice, 2 glasses of sparkling water.

To cut berries on several parts, to lay out in the enameled ware, to add syrup, lemon juice and a little sparkling water. To leave for half an hour, then to add sparkling water, to stir and pour on high glasses. It is possible to add food ice.

Cocktail crimson with honey

of 200 g of juice of raspberry, 75 g of honey, 1,5 g of lemon acid, 130 g of sparkling water.

To dissolve honey in raspberry juice, to add lemon acid and to stir. Then to add sparkling water. To give cooled with ice pieces.

I want to pay your attention that mineral water makes up for losses not only moisture, but also sodium, potassium, calcium. The balance of these elements is very important for warmly - vascular system.

What else it is possible to receive from summer drinks? Beauty! Remember that external beauty is regulated first of all from within. Women of each people have recipes of drinks for appearance. For example, in Russia till the 18th century of the woman appreciated not only food properties of curdled milk and sour cream, kvass, oat flour, vegetable fats and juice, but also applied them as external means for appearance of the person. I want to praise separately carrots - our plain girlfriend and the assistant. The beta - carrots carotene in an organism turns into vitamin A which is necessary for work of one and all mucous membranes. It is extremely important for eyes, hair and skin, bones and teeth and reproductive organs.

Here several recipes of summer drinks with carrot juice .

1. To squeeze out juice of 500 g of carrots, to add juice of 1 orange and a half of a lemon, a spoon of honey and a half-glass of kefir. It is good to displace and cool.

2. 100 g of carrot juice, 100 g of cucumber juice and 50 g of juice of a celery.

3. To shake up 200 g of carrot juice and 100 g of tomato juice, gradually adding 5 glasses of milk or curdled milk, salt, pepper to taste. To cool.

4. To squeeze out juice of 300 g of carrots, to mix from 100 g of cream, sugar to taste.

Leave a little such cocktail on a bottom and use it as the nutritious and rejuvenating face lotion.

We will sum up the results. What gives us the summer menu of “the third dishes“? Compliments of guests, gratitude and love of relatives, health to all family, and to us - beauty. That is that “little“ that is necessary for each woman for happiness.

We will be so happy!