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Child - free. Egocentrism or understanding of responsibility?

the Term child - free (“free from children“) arose in 1970 - x years allegedly within activity of the National Organization for Not - Parents (the USA, California) which does not exist today any more.

The term gained fame in 90 - e years when Lesley Lafayette, the school teacher, created virtual community the Childfree Network. The community Childfree gained wide popularity at once. Its participants opposed the way of life to traditional and fought for the rights of childless families, considering that they are discriminated by the state.

The people who consciously refused to have children existed earlier. So, for example, to child - free carry Leonardo da Vinci, Copernicus, Coco Chanel, Greta Garbo, Catherine Hepburn, Elizabeth I, Louis Armstrong, Issak Newton, Platon, Friedrich Nietzsche and it is a lot more other great uncommon persons.

From modern stars in child - free was written down: Hugh Grant, Mickey Rourke, Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Ballok, Angela Merkel. Unfortunately, to confirm or disprove these statements there is no opportunity.

child phenomenon - free, certainly, exists, and in the modern world including in Russia, continues to develop actively. Today the share of lonely Europeans makes about 40%. For example, in Munich, the most prosperous city of Germany and the third by the number of inhabitants (1,3 million) of 50% of the population childless singles make. In Russia, statistically, more than three and a half thousand active child - free. On the scale of our country it is a little, but the tendency goes to increase.

Novelty of our time is that adherents of philosophy of child - free began to unite in groups, to declare actively the position, to propagandize it and to speculate, trying to influence the power. Foreign participants of the movement child - free consider unfair uniform system of the taxation when from their money educational institutions and programs for children and large families while they will never use these resources are financed.

The Russian movement child - free is not beyond yet forums where the collected negative emotions often are just splashed out, however participation of the people who already have children whom “roditelstvo“ disappointed is characteristic of these discussions.

The reasons to make a choice for child - free at the modern person, especially the woman has, enough but always egoism is the cornerstone. So, are the most common causes:

desire to have the high social status: successful career, stable financial position;

fear of pregnancy and childbirth: toxicosis, pain, completeness, extensions;

lack of a notorious maternal instinct: the feeling of irritation from other people`s children, fear to be a bad parent, fear of responsibility;

unwillingness to change a habitual way of life, to refuse luxury goods in favor of the child;

ideological reasons: the world is not worthy my children, or the world is so imperfect what to doom other soul to tortures just a sin.

According to sociologists, among child - free most of educated and successful people. As a rule, they make good money, hold high positions, they are healthy physically and mentally, they are intellectuals, are interested in policy, art, history, have a wide range of communication, read much, go to concerts and to theaters, travel. All this is thanks to time exempted from cares of posterity.

Among child - free is a lot of so-called civil marriages. They love freedom and do not wish to connect themselves by any bonds. At the same time in most cases in child vapors - free reigns harmony, and they more often than couples having children are sexually satisfied. They are disturbed less often by depressions. At the same time of child - free are characteristic individualism, an egocentrism and nonconformism.

However not all child - free are lost for society from the point of view of replenishment of a gene pool. Many are not adherents of this “belief“, but only sympathizers. Often the question of a child-bearing is not excluded completely, and postponed for later term that previously “to get on feet“. However if desirable social level is not reached, the child`s birth, most likely, will not take place. Women who are afraid of childbirth and worry about the appearance, often consider option of education of adopted children. But there are also inveterate child - free which are solved on sterilization.

Increase in number of people, not persons interested to have children, is provoked by economic instability, lack of effective social programs for parents, irrespective of their age and a social status.

It is accepted to help with Russia only to the disadvantaged. It is considered that rather successful citizens do not need support.

Practice shows the return.

The child`s birth - the most important step to family lives. Can consciously undertake this responsibility not everyone. It is rather, unconsciously. Just because so it turned out.

But whether there will be such child desired?