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Who ruled the nations of Britain? Picts (Fortri) of

of Missile defense this period it is better known, than about the 5th and 6th century. But too there are strange failures in chronicles. Piktaviya gradually turns from confederation into federation, rather centralized state.

If in figure brackets no comments are a rule of this king. poppy Beat with

of Bride (was born - 622, rules 672 - 693). Briton, son Beli of I, king Alt Klut. Mother is the sister Talorkana, the granddaughter of the king of angl. Possibly, Bride poppy was Beaten was the king Fortri and achieved that this kingdom became the leader of confederation, and Caledonia was removed on boondocks of history. This process not peacefully happened, it is known of bloody battles between the southern and northern Picts. Bride won cattle at Dunnat. In 685 - m to year epoch-making fight at Nekhtansmere (Dunnikhena) happened. The army of Picts under command of the king Bride without remainder crushed angl, their king Egfrit died. Thereof defeats of an angla lost the leading positions on the Island, now saxophones became the most abrupt.

Taran poppy Entify (693 - 697). Nephew (sister`s son) Bride. It is overthrown.

Bride Der`s poppy - Or (697 - 706). Overthrew and expelled the stepbrother Taran. Was one of two guarantors (together with the Supreme king of Ireland) observance of the Code of Adomnan (“The law on the innocent“, is signed by many governors in 697 - m). The obligation not to kill during military operations of women, children, priests and still many categories of civilians was the main contents of the code. Won angl in 698 - m

Nekhtan against Der`s poppy - Or (706 - 724 - 728 - 732). Lost battle to angla at the Magician Manonne, after that tried to be on friendly terms with them. In the conflict between the Roman and Celtic Christian churches Nekhtan supported Rome and forced piktsky priests to observe instructions of the Pope. In 724 - m Nekhtan went to the monastery, is formal - voluntarily, but actually - under pressure of the nephew Drest. After unknown kidnapped the son Dresta, Nekhtan was transferred from the monastery to prison, but managed to run and in 728 - the m was restored on a throne. But in Piktaviya there was already a civil war, four applicants for a crown. Nekhtan died in due time - in itself, or all - Oengus helped - it is unknown.

Drest poppy Talork (724 - 728, died in 729). Insistently advised the uncle Nekhtan to go to the monastery, and then and in prison defined. Quietly Drest all the same could not govern, was overthrown in 728 - m to year, but did not cease to fight for the power. Died in battle at Dramderge where his army was crushed by Oengus.

Oegnus (Engus, Onuist) poppy Fergyus (732 - 761). Came from a notable Irish family. At first was, apparently, an ally (the vassal?) Nekhtan, specifically helped him in return of a crown. In 728 - the m won against one of applicants for a throne - Alpina. In 729 - the m crushed Drest`s army Talork`s poppy. History muffledly expresses - whether Oengus was faithful to Nekhtan up to the end, or led own game and was at war with the king. In 732 - m, after Nekhtan`s death, competitors at Oengus were not. In 736 - the m crushed Dalriada`s army, then sent a pursuit to Ireland of the king of cattle Maredakh. Captured Dalriada, at first put the dependent king Eogan there, and then ousted him. Oengus`s creation - Great Piktaviya Ot of the Sea to the Sea. Was at war with Alt Klut, but it is unsuccessful - defeats in 750 - m and in 756 - m. At Oengus Saint Andrey became the patron of Picts. Lived more than seventy years that seldom to whom managed in those days.

Bride poppy Fergyus (761 - 763). Oengus`s brother.

Kinaed (Kenneth) poppy Feredakh (763 - 775). Grandson of the king Dalriada Selbakh Ferkhar`s poppy. Lost battle to the distant relative Aed Find therefore Dalriada left from - under the authorities of Picts.

Alpin poppy Feredakh (775 - 780). Brother.

Talorkan poppy Oengus (780 - 782). Great Oengus`s son. The fact that the king`s son - under piktsky laws scandalous usurpation became the king. Suspiciously quickly died.

Dabkhotlagg (782 - 782). It is not known, but too quickly died.

Drest poppy Talorkan (782 - 787). Son and grandson of kings of Piktaviya. Obvious attempt to change a succession order.

Konall poppy Taygd (787 - 807). At it Dalriada becomes Piktaviya`s vassal again. During the same period Vikings begin to attack lands of Picts and cattle. In 805 - m Konall poppy Taygd took away a throne from the king Dalriada Kaustantin and began to be considered as the king of both kingdoms. But in two years Kaustantin with Konall poppy Aedan won against Konall the union Taygd`s poppy, he died in battle.

Kaustantin poppy Fergyus (807 - 820). Obviously Scott on the father and by name, and therefore that with 792 - go on 805 - y was Dalriada`s king. Konall poppy Taygd took away from him this crown, but in two years Kaustantin paid off him also itself became the king of Picts. In 811 - m, after Konall`s death Aedan`s poppy, Kaustantin made Dalriada`s king of the son Domnall.

Oegnus poppy Fergyus (820 - 834). Kaustantin`s brother. In 832 - the m when Picts and cattle battled against angl, against the blue sky appeared a white cross of Saint Andrey - the birth of a flag of Scotland.

Drest poppy Kaustantin (834 - 837). Again the king`s son became the king. Picts got used to it already a little, but all the same it was not pleasant to them.

Eogan poppy Oegnus (837 - 839). Drest`s cousin. In 839 - m bloody battle happened, Vikings crushed Piktaviya`s army. The king Eogan, his brother Bren, Dalriada Aed`s king Boant`s poppy died and it is a lot more notable Picts and cattle.

Uuard poppy of Bergot (839 - 842). After Uuard`s death power in Piktaviya was seized by his sons that contradicted piktsky rules of a succession to the throne. However, if they had real military forces, the law could and be ignored.

Kinaed (Kenneth) Smely poppy Alpin (was born 810, rules 843 - 858). Scott, Dalriada`s king. The grandson of Eokhayd Yadovity and the piktsky princess Unuistikka - the lawful applicant for Piktaviya`s crown, especially after death of representatives of the senior lines. Kenneth explained to Uuard`s sons that they are not right. (Won battle? Killed on a feast? Expelled? Contradictions and unclear hints in chronicles). Dalriada is finally attached to the kingdom of Picts. Kenneth poppy Alpin managed to make the peace with Vikings though it and had to concede them part of the territory. Kenneth Smely was at war with angla, burned Dunbar. Built the palace in Forteviota. Approved the centralized judicial authority in Piktaviya. Published many laws, progressive for the time.

Domnall (Donald) the I poppy Alpin (was born 812, rules 858 - 862). Continued strengthening of judicial system in Piktaviya.

Kaustantin I poppy Kinaed (862 - 877). Kenneth Smely`s son, occupied a throne contrary to laws of Picts. At first entered into alliance with Vikings, then quarreled with them and was at war. Won a victory, but lost the second fight and died.

Aed Belonogy poppy Kinaed (877 - 878). Died in battle with Grigory (Girik).

Grigory (Girik) poppy Dangal (878 - 889). It is unclear, in what degree of relationship was with a ruling dynasty. Won against Aed Belonogy. The king was not, nevertheless really governed not only Piktaviya, but also Alt Klut - on behalf of Eokhayd. Successfully battled against Vikings. Transferred the capital of Piktaviya from Forteviot to Scone. It is stripped of power by Eokhayd and Donald, and soon died.

Eokhayd poppy Rahn (878 - 889). The son of the king of Strathclyde (Alt Klut) and the daughter Kenneth Alpin`s poppy, the lawful king of Picts by ancient rules. The real power was in Grigory`s hands. Eokhayd by means of the cousin Donald got rid of guardianship, but Donald dismissed also him.

Donald II poppy Kaustantin (889 - 900). Helped Eokhayd to get rid of Grigory, and then overthrew Eokhayd. Donald was an ally of the king of angl and saxophones Alfred Veliky, it is a lot of and quite successfully battled against Vikings. But lost them battle at Dannottar where died. The king Donald II got the nickname “Madman“. The fact that it, having overthrown the cousin Eokhayd, left that in live can be the cause. But most likely, Picts with cattle could not forgive it increases of taxes. For the rest it was quite sensible person and the quite good king.

Starting with Donald II, the right for a crown began to be transferred only on the man`s line. It is considered that at Donald the kingdom of Picts began to be named Alba.