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How to feed titmouses?

How to get a pet and to do without the problems connected with it?

As, not especially straining, to make a discovery?

Not for any article manages to think up the suitable name in the form of a question. Rules, of course, demand, but sometimes the question is necessary directly - in to drag. So, three names of article - as compensation and rehabilitation.

... Often it is necessary to go to the grocery market. Not to be lost in doubts and not to run into low-quality goods, I do all purchases in certain places. I know shop assistants on names. Meat and forcemeat are at Larisa.

Larisa, when forcemeat makes, separately packs a skin and too puts in a bag. It is clear - meat was weighed by all piece, the skin already belongs to me. But I did not think of it at once and told that it is not necessary to me. And Larisa special to equip not a warehouse for storage of skins therefore she to me advised to feed titmouses.

Not especially reflecting, I spread a skin on a window sill - the holy duty is fulfilled.

Soon and the titmouse flied. At first, however, there were problems with a landing, a titmouse big, and a window sill narrow. Somewhere from the third attempt it was possible. It was still inconvenient to undress it a skin, to tear off pieces. Therefore next time I beforehand laid the table - cut on pieces, centimeters five on ten approximately. Four such the titmouse will swallow pieces - and will be sated.

With a landing it was impossible to help. But after a while the titmouse itself was trained, now quietly from the first comes in the land. However, it is only one, this titmouse and if others arrive, then it is difficult them, poor.

The titmouse of the person is not afraid, behaves on a window sill quietly. Or understands that from - for glasses it will not be got all the same?

But it is possible to consider a bird behind a window well and in detail. Over time I came to a conclusion that it is not a titmouse, and sinichk, that is a male of a titmouse. Much more largely than other titmouses, possesses a determinate character and plus still naturally rascally has an appearance.

I at that time wrote the next article on stories of Scotland therefore christened it Archibald, and even - Archibald Svirepy.

Over time I managed to allocate also the second titmouse, there is enough - regularly arriving for lunch. It much less Archibald, besides is much more graceful. A proper name to it to think up it did not turn out therefore we consider that Archibald`s girlfriend. By the way, this girlfriend so plainly still did not learn to sit down on a window sill. At first half an hour thinks, is solved, and then is all the same rare when it is possible from the first attempt. Once was a case - it already almost villages, but slipped, directly - failed down. We have a high second floor, I was seriously disturbed, opened a window, but, seemingly, everything ended safely.

Still another time too there was a reason for concern. Somehow I come on kitchen in the morning - Archibald sits on the next roof and looks at our window sill purposefully. Noticed me and began to be spacing out - asks. At that time nothing suitable was - neither skins, nor sausages overdue (their titmouses love too). Sorry, the friend, you will hunger a little. Then Archibald on a window sill dived, sits and besides looks at me. It was necessary to cut off doctor`s sausage - smartly too, but it is visible that it is necessary to the person. Especially as earlier behind it such begging was not noticed.

Archibald behaved unconventionally - is did not become, two pieces of sausage (a circle half) grabbed and departed on - fast. More that day did not appear. Again the concern for the girlfriend - is clear that Archibald for her elicited sausage - ached, or happened what?

Day through three the girlfriend appeared again, it seems, nothing, behaved, as usual. With a landing on a window sill of a problem were, but it is not news.

Our titmouses culturally behave. The window sill is pure. Or rather, was pure until the wife began to allure other companions - vorobyyov and pigeons. The matter is that not always available skins are and as soon as bread on a window sill appeared - sparrows and came in large numbers, eight people at once. Too it is a pity for them, of course. Especially noticeable the heavy share of this tribe became after on a window sill expired cottage cheese was exposed. This entertainment did sparrows to such an extent good that directly in the eyes they became round, downy and happy.

But titmouses do not eat either some bread, or cottage cheese. Once Archibald`s girlfriend managed to sit down on a window sill, and meat there nothing was, then she and a piece of bread swallowed - not for nothing tried. But Archibald from - for bread, of course, will not begin to be troubled.

Colleagues say that from - for titmouses of this look in some residential districts it is impossible to sleep - such noise and hubbub they arrange. Ours - are not present. Archibald in general silent. The girlfriend or other their relatives occasionally, is, will shout, but is not really loud, and only one time.

Yes, Archibald`s girlfriend though not really dexterous, but white and fluffy, and Archibald in appearance - directly - the robber operetta.

When my spouse for the first time saw how Archibald sits down on a window sill, outright she was frightened. I could not measure plainly so far our Archibald, but in general titmouses of this look reach the size of 66 centimeters from a beak to a tail, and wingspan - meter forty. To land on a window sill, they should fly up closely, to be developed and keep sharply on 30 - a centimetric strip. Wings at this moment completely block all window, and from this party they besides the frightening purely white color.

From above wings light-gray, and the dominating color all the same white. A beak at them too impressive, huge, centimeters ten, yellow, with a red point.

I, of course, rummaged then on the Internet that somehow to identify our pets. In Russian they are called silvery seagulls , and in English - Herring Gulls, that is Chaika herring. It is possible when on a window sill of a skin come to an end, they should catch herring in the sea. Though somehow I am not sure that it still is found in the Gulf of Riga if only a sprat.

I hope, I managed to answer the first two questions. Now discovery.

The quote from Wikipedia: “Evolution and systematic position of a silvery seagull are up to the end not found out and now are a subject of disputes among ornithologists“ . That is scientists cannot still understand from whom there were silvery seagulls what species of seagulls they treat whether also seagulls it in general or are only slightly similar. But so was until recently.

It is at the moment already completely clear that silvery seagulls - a kind of titmouses. It would be more correct to call them “Sea titmouses“, or, it is more pseudoscientific - “Parus Moritimus“.

Larisa told that skins are intended for titmouses. Who arrived - that and a titmouse, at least even sea.

Only to support Archibald, his girlfriend and relatives, it is necessary to buy specially skins with a thin layer of fat now. But they very much cost little, and Larisa, the coauthor of a discovery, still does a discount to me.