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Where the interesting museums disappear? Bennokbern of

we Leave gate of the Styolingsky lock with two-minute delay. In thirteen minutes - our bus. To get on a stop, it is necessary to go down from the Esplanade, further across Bellingeych grazed which passes in Mar pleys to turn left on the Ford of the street, the first turn on the left on Bowe Street which is also called Saint - Mary Vind. It is already simple further, to the right on Earvin pleys which has to bring to Bernton Street, in principle. Somewhere there the desired stop also is.

Google mep takes away on all nine minutes, Trevelayn Skotlend - ten. Three more minutes in a stock. However, we are not that in the unfamiliar city - in general the first day in Scotland. The task is facilitated with what should be turned on the Ford of the street before a nice public garden, at the corner the Ford and Bowe two guns, and at the end of Earvin Pleys - church are established.

Still it is necessary to take in attention that they go all on the wrong party here, not only desperate reckless drivers, but even drivers of buses, strangely enough. However, as it became clear further, local drivers of buses - they are the reckless drivers and is.

Were in time, however. We go on city streets which name is written Stirling, Styoling is said, and in Russian almost all for some reason call it Sterling.

The stop where to us to leave, is called in honor of the Saint Ninian, in the 4th century who was christening some Picts and forced to construct them, at least, one church.

Tried to cut off and slightly did not get lost at all. Minutes ten wandered, then all - got out to some recovered street. The passerby whom we asked found it difficult to explain, Glasgow Road it or not, but we all the same go further. Soon to us as an award - a brown road sign. The center of heritage of Bennokbern - 100 yards.

White one-storeyed building. We were a little beaten out from the schedule, we hurry therefore only for a moment we note that on beds instead of flowers - a heather, and under a birch - birch mushrooms. However, then it became clear that aspen mushrooms.

The companion who met us on an entrance had one cannot say that strongly hospitable look. The knight in a topfkhelma, two thirty about growth moreover raises a two-handled sword. As a reliability stroke - an elegant nalatnik considerably izvazyukan, it is visible that the person ransacked, at least, half-days on a bog.

The terrible knight and remained to stand in an uncomfortable position, and much more friendly attendant led us somewhere in the distant end of the building. Imagine - the cinema hall all decorated with bright medieval standards, we together and for us show the movie. The movie short - minutes twenty, but fascinating. Here and ranks under construction of the resisting armies, tension preceding a battle by skin it is felt, both a fight fever, and blood, and shouts, and, of course, Robert Bruce splitting with the axe a helmet and a skull of sir Henry de Bokhan. In end - the British who are vainly trying to get out of a small stream who are heated prick and cut the won Scots.

In general, kind such movie. Impression - unforgettable. “Brave heart“ at the end of which there is a plot on the same subject and did not stand nearby.

We leave movie theater, we wander about halls, it is rather even to museum rooms. Almost opposite to the terrible knight the blood-stained dagger hangs on a wall. If not it, then same Robert Bruce pinned up in church during John Comyn`s negotiations. To whom to another God-fearing Scots of it would not forgive, but same Bruce. Before to begin on - serious fight against British, it was necessary to eliminate other applicants for leadership and for a crown.

Nearby a sketch, not less impressive - young Robert Bruce on a lap, Isabella Makdaff, the countess Buchan assigning a crown to him to the head. By tradition the count (mormaer) Fayfsky had to make it, but he was at that time in captivity at British, and its duty was fulfilled by the sister.

There are and still figures which you will distinguish from the living person not at once. It is possible to be photographed near Robert Bruce sitting on a throne or among the Scottish knights discussing some important document. Very vividly, by the way, discussing.

Some exhibits are recommended to be touched. It is necessary to try on knightly helmets in any way - for this purpose is and topfkhelm, and even the copy of a helmet of the king Robert - without visor, but with a crown and a heavy kolchuzhny barmitsa batsint with a visor in the form of a pyosy muzzle (hundsgugel), and. It was succeeded to take in a hand James Douglas`s board - the white field, a blue strip, white asterisks. Bloody Heart as you remember, on the coat of arms Duglasov appeared later.

The coats of arms of the main characters of Bennokbern - on both sides - are hanging on walls. From Scots, except the king and lord James - Thomas Rendolf, Robert Keith, Edward Bruce. The suspicion, as banners of a cinema hall - not just like that, and copies of the real standards of medieval lords begins to creep in.

In glass show-windows plastic figures reproduce scenes from the main battles of War for independence. Styolingsky Bridge, Folkirk and, of course, Bennokbern. Separately - a duel between Robert Bruce and Henry de Bojanom. However, actually the duel, per se was not, at the beginning of battle unexpectedly two cavalry groups faced, here during this skirmish unfortunate sir Henry also was hit the axe on the head from the king of Scotland.

Despite the modest sizes of the museum, there is a lot of exhibits. Chain armors, boards, swords. Under a ceiling - arrows. When you look - anything special, but on a photo the full impression is made that they fly, and even not really comfortably to be in the rain from arrows.

In the hall where walls are ornamented by figures of kings and lords, and the ceiling is decorated with the peaks suspended to it, having oddly something in common from Vastseliina, in a place of honor - a spider. It appears, a spider - not just like that, right there and the explanation. When in 1306 - m Robert Bruce who is twice beaten and outlawed disappeared on the island Reslin and fell already into blank despair, an example of the spider who over and over again was persistently restoring the torn web inspired him and gave strength for further fight.

Crowded with impressions, we go outside. In total - the museum small, at us remains still time to reach on the avenue to a monument which it is proud rises in a distance. Robert Bruce on a horse, in knightly equipment. Shaven Robert Bruce, this portrait is depicted on the Klaydesdeylovsky twenty.

The bus in the center oddly stops directly near the museum. While we wait, we manage to consider aspen mushrooms and to estimate heather beds. At least, five different types of a heather, one of them blossom at present - originally and picturesquely.

Fight at Bennokberna took place in quite big territory, the resisting armies actively moved. On my, very approximate, to estimates the museum is in that place where the Scottish army at the beginning of battle took positions. Either James Douglas`s group, or Edward Bruce`s team.

By the way, among other things, in the Center there is a nice little shop of souvenirs. As we did not promise to save time and money, and all - got three cards and couple of magnets on the refrigerator.

Though the museum (it is more correct to speak - the Center of heritage) both small, and all exhibits - remarks (copy), it has some magic attractiveness and it was remembered specifically. Even while these five days already were overflowed with impressions to the brim. It is unclear, as it is possible to visit Styolinge, or even in Edinburgh, and not to reach Bennokbern`s museum.

It is somehow a pity that it does not enter in one of tourist routes, the website has no too. There are pages on the city website of Styolinga, on visitscotlland and at National fund, but all somehow not really distinctly, and it is possible to find, having only specially tried.