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Why in Russia everything becomes through a bum and how it can be avoided?

In all honesty, many if not all citizens of Russia are sure that at us everything becomes through a bum. At least, in a lobby of the Kremlin or a rural pigsty this subject sounds constantly. The problem of the device of our Russian life through a notorious fifth point concerns all: from the president to the shepherd of collective-farm herd. Which quantity, by the way, will be balanced from soon - for falling of a livestock of cattle directly in the face of the public which is still wishing milk.

Roads are constructed through the fifth point, by houses for fire victims - 2010 too through it, darling. The elections which degenerated in primaries are similar to motor ships with the windows opened during a storm … Generally, what concern, all at us through “ento the place“.

And all got used to it long ago, and now only state.

- Lech, you go on elections?

- Yes well them in … I will better have a sleep. Or beer I will pull.

Pull, Lech, pull. So far you were not pulled off from a sofa and not sent to bring down the wood and to implement production plans of the country. However, you will bring down trees on a habit through a bum too, but by means of the Friendship chiansaw.

By the way, the good name for chiansaws was thought up. Creative it. Vzhik - also made friends strong - firmly.

If in our country though once something became normally, then living witnesses it did not have any more. The appeal to archives does not give the clear answer to this question.

There is a sailor Zheleznyak who if still someone remembers it, “went on Odessa, and left to Kherson“. However at such geographical cretinism nevertheless broke white and approved the Soviet power within the area of military operations which is released to it. And would go as it is necessary, also it is unknown where the mother - history would turn.

Or Nikita Khrushchev promising to construct communism in twenty years for all. Was mistaken a little. Constructed for forty, but only for the.

Or Peter I who was cutting a window to Europe, but forgot that through a door it is somehow more convenient to enter. Including for owners. Who gets into a window, from their point of view? Only Russians because they have all through this place. Europe is aware three hundred years.

The tsar - the bell which never struck an alarm. The tsar - the gun which never fired on enemies. We do ammunition then to blow up them in Udmurtia or in Bashkiria and to enjoy free fireworks. And what to them in warehouses to be unused?

Ancient Russian entertainment: to throw to a bear into a den a smoke grenade and then to look what from this will turn out. Any German or the Englishman knows the answer to this question. The Russian person knows too, but passion to experimenting at us in blood.

Communism was thought up by Germans, but Russia was chosen as the experimental ground.

Well, here the chain of reasoning is clear.

- it is a pity for England. - it is a pity for Germany. Switzerland - especially. There are deposits. And, here - Russia!

And Lenina through a front line. Too it is somehow curve it to us. And here both are glad, and let`s scorch to and fro. Civil war then will call this matter in textbooks.

Our person can be born in St. Petersburg, be christened in Petrograd, marry in Leningrad and die again in St. Petersburg. And all this, without leaving the communal flat on Vasilyevsky Island.

What was experiment on renaming of the cities!

The rivers turned from the North on the South to learn what will turn out. “Kuban water - the rivers where Bolsheviks order flows“! Troops drove through epicenter of nuclear explosion on Totskoye testing range to learn impact of radiation on staff. Not on people, everything - is a pity for their. And on staff.

Yes, this there were experimenters. “Not that present tribe“. Now as. Mace few times to puff, on “Guelder-rose“ to sweep with two spare behind. To create the front from scratch, and then to declare itself the commander-in-chief. And it is correct. The front - that is, and the glavkoverkh, on a white stallion caracoling ahead no. Disorder.

A white stallion - a basis of patriotism and stability of the state. Of course, if only under a saddle and under bridles.

However, about stallions is in the Horse Breeding of Russia magazine. Here about, why in Russia all through a bum. There is the real national idea: to refuse this addiction. At first to recognize at the official level. In the Kremlin. In Georgiyevsky the hall. To the president. To tell all over the country via the TV on all channels:

- More we through an ass will not live!

To cut off all plain truth at once. And to become history the first Russian governor who showed a right course to the people. Lying on a sofa and scratching that place... Through which it is impossible to live already more.