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What is known of Windows?

Always try that in my compositions the percent of the historical truth was high. In this case it is impossible - few authentic data, it is too much assumptions. Than only I can also justify myself - serious scientists - historians also wander in darkness. One of them blabbed out: history of vend depends on to what theory (what school) this separately taken scientist adheres. Earlier most of scientists adhered to one of three theories, now - another. Earlier they wore square-toed shoes, now - with sharp. Approximately the historical science so develops.

It was difficult to decide on so difficult subject. But Venta so left marks on the map of Europe, arranged such lawlessness that to be silent further becomes impossible...

All know that after falling of Troy Trojan prince Aeneas emigrated on the West, settled with small group in the center of the Apenninsky peninsula and founded Rome. The fact that other notable Trojan, Antenor, with group of allies - paflagonets, escaped after defeat, went to the same party is not so widely lit with mass media. But it was hooked closer, on the bank of the Adriatic Sea. Venetam, area where they lived - Veneto, and one of their main towns - Venice also began to call descendants of this team.

Veneta were skillful dealers. Their commercial relations stretched to Baltic (amber) and to actually Atlantic Ocean. After a while the part of venet moved in nodal outlets, and occupied extensive spaces there. One big colony of venet was on the coast of the Baltic Sea, its territory - a strip Lubeck-Gdansk. Other trading station - the peninsula Armorica (Brittany) - initially, of course, its main function was export of tin from Britain and nearby small islands. Then demand for tin fell, but other objects of trade appeared.

Over time commercial relations weakened, colonies separated from the mother country. But each of three venetsky tribes was rather strong and in itself.

Veneto`s province was a part of the Roman state, somewhere years for hundred B.C., but soon after disintegration of the Empire of a veneta found independence again. Venetian republic, doges and so on.

Veneta of Armorica were subdued by Julius Caesar. The famous Roman commander had to work fairly - they were rich, had powerful fleet, the strengthened cities. Plus still British allies. But legions won, veneta lost both the territory, and a name.

The Baltic colony, in general, prospered. Demand for amber if fell, then is insignificant. The trade trading station grew in the whole breeding union, extended the influence on the neighboring territories. Neighbors called these people differently, depending on phonetic features of language - a veneta, a veneda, Venta, Wanda, vandals.

Somewhere at the end of the 2nd century across the territory of vened walked Gotha. These misters were transported from Scandinavia on the main part of the continent, spoiled to veneda of blood and went further to the South. Gotha, of course, enemies, robbers and in general robbers. But such way of life seemed to many young veneda only correct. This part of vened was sketched in the history under the name of vandals .

Vandals - separate history. It should be noted only that in time plunders of Rome they, unlike other conquerors, did not allow arsons, slaughter and senseless destruction of works of art, and morons they were exposed for the fact that they professed the Arian version of Christianity.

Veneda northern lived more - less decently still long time. They formed the state rather serious for those times - the Vendsky power, and even the Baltic Sea was called the Vendsky gulf. However, about the state - it was, of course, the confederation, with periodically falling off parts, but also it was considered abruptly, empires did not appear yet. Generally, veneda on development were ahead of Germans a little, it is them and ruined. Charles the Great began to build the empire, and at vened the period of feudal dissociation began. However, the emperor of francs generally fought against saxophones, and venedsky princes were allies - either Karl, or saxophones, everyone chose that he is pleasant to him more. Some became vassals of the Empire, and subsequently - East - the franksky kingdom.

Charles the Great`s empire long did not exist, the Sacred Roman Empire became the leader of the Western world. Veneda existed to themselves slowly, were at war with someone from the German princes, with someone also even friendship entered in allied.

The main lines of vened at this time - obodrita which founded the cities of Lubeck, Mecklenburg, Schwerin (names modern), veletaba (also lyutich or vilets) and the luzhichena.

In 1147 - m to year the German feudal lords, with a noble purpose to dodge from participation in 2 - m the Crusade to Palestine, decided to organize the Crusade against vened. The enterprise is enough - strange. In - the first, a veneda - for a long time Christians. The paganism, however, not up to the end izzhito, but is a matter of time, but without throwing. In - the second, the gevelsky prince Pribyslav (Heinrich) was an ally of the margrave Albrecht Medwedja, and the prince of obodrit of Niklot - the count Adolf Golshteynsky. But somehow gathered and went.

The crusade did not crown loud victories. Nevertheless soon after it the states of vened became gradually, but quickly to lose independence. Some obeyed to specific German possessors. Those from venedsky princes who kept on a throne became counts and dukes of the Sacred Roman Empire, through several generations onemechitsya completely.

Now an ostropolitichesky question - whether veneda Slavs, ancestors of Slavs, relatives of Slavs or some absolutely special people were ? In general, the science history of the reasonable answer to this question cannot give, besides, inevitably there was a mixing by a number of the living people, plus transfer of names. At least, at kept national consciousness so far luzhichan, the Slavic component is present specifically, and Germans, since 11th century and poseychas, call venedam of all in a crowd of the Slavs and non Slavs living in the territory of East Germany to them.

The sad termination of history was told us by Heinrich, the priest from Albert`s team, the bishop of Livonia who is considered as the founder of Riga.

In 1206 - m to year other priest, Daniil, found the lock of vend at distance of 90 km to North - I will sink down from Riga. Venda strongly were delighted to appearance of the priest. Daniil christened them and returned back home, but soon in the lock of vend the small garrison of knights - sword-bearers was placed. Venda and to it were delighted, strangely enough. But there were on that reasons.

Lived, so Venta initially in Kuroniya (Kurland). As they got there - there is no mention, but too the place where it is possible to extract amber. Spiteful kursh did not give to Windows of life, and eventually, and in general banished from a familiar spot. For memory there were a river Venta and the city of Ventspils. Venda moved in the vicinity of the hill Cuba - at the moment it is the center of Riga, the hill is razed at the end of the 17th century. But also there the damned kursh got them and forced to be evacuated further away - to lands of lett. Letta, though not such harmful as kursh, but too offended new neighbors. So friends - crusaders were to Windows just by the way.

Here one more: if Venta at once, without doubts and with pleasure accepted the priest - it turns out, they were already familiar with christian teaching. Perhaps even, they were Christians, but among them there is no priest left dawned God`s Grace - it is now conservatives do without those, and then it was bad.

Sword-bearers, so stayed some time with vend while near the Nut mountain their own lock was under construction. But also then, after housewarming, Venta remained not allies, not exclusive vassals of the German knights. In general, the army of the Award which had here the base and conquered northern Latvia and a half of Estonia made several thousands of soldiers. From them Germans - three - four tens, the others - bodices, letta, Venta.

There were these Venta Slavs or the western bodices, or still someone - is unclear. But here in 1218 - m to year the Russian army purposefully besieged the lock on the Nut mountain, and if sword-bearers did not appear in time to the aid in time, badly it would be necessary to Windows.

But and so Venta slowly disappeared from history. Perhaps onemechitsya, or letta assimilated and was them not too - that much. Left the only for memory it is red - is white - a red flag...

I stand on top of the Nut mountain (Riekstukalns). Alas, from the fortress of vend only the mountain also remained. And that actually hill, not especially and high. At the left - park, the artificial lake with swans. On the right - a majestic castle Venden, one of the main Latvian sights. However, now this city is called Cesis.